Conservatory Admissions



Applicants who wish to prepare for careers as professional musicians need only apply to the Conservatory of Music. For information about how to apply and the required application materials, please select the appropriate link below:

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Music Applicants

Current Oberlin College Students

Information for Double-Degree Applicants

Separate applications are required for the Conservatory of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to the Conservatory of Music Application, see above, double-degree applicants must also complete the College of Arts and Sciences Application, available on the Arts and Sciences Admissions web site. A student may apply to both divisions and await the outcome of both applications before deciding in which division(s) to enroll.

Graduate Programs

Artist Diploma Applicants

Master of Music in Teaching (MMT) Applicants

Master of Music in Historical Performance (MMHP) Applicants

Master of Music in Contemporary Chamber Music (MCCM) Applicants