Conservatory Admissions



Audition Requests

Auditions are scheduled as part of the Unified Application for Music and Performing Arts Schools process and will be confirmed upon submission of the application. Please note that the application deadline is December 1 (November 1 for Early Review).

No audition will be scheduled without submission of the Unified Application for Music and Performing Arts Schools.

Audition Categories

The Conservatory accepts auditions in three different formats. Personal auditions are encouraged of all applicants who live within 600 miles of campus or within 200 miles of a regional audition site.

1.    On Campus Audition: Five audition weekends are hosted on Oberlin’s campus each year. The following link contains information about on campus auditions and contains a preliminary audition weekend schedule: audition weekend information

2.    Regional Audition:  Regional auditions are offered at sites in Asia during the month of October and throughout the United States during the months of January and February.  The auditions are audio and video recorded then brought back to campus for the faculty to evaluate. Please note: regional auditions are not heard in harp, classical percussion, jazz percussion, and organ.

3.    Recorded Audition:  If an on campus audition or a regional audition is not possible, candidates may submit a video recording electronically through a company Oberlin Conservatory has built a relationship with a company called DecisionDesk. This online service provides a simple method for uploading recordings via the Oberlin Conservatory of Music Audition Dropbox. videos may be unaccompanied (except for voice auditions) and may be produced with high quality home recording equipment; studio quality recording is not necessary. The following video formats will be accepted: avi, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, qt, and wmv.


Recording Types

Recordings are to be submitted to Oberlin Conservatory through the use of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music Audition Dropbox.  There are several types of recordings that will be uploaded using the dropbox.  They are screening recordings, final audition recordings, and supplemental recordings.

1.    Voice/Jazz/TIMARA Screening Recording:  The Conservatory requires screening recording for the following areas requesting on campus auditions: voice, jazz studies, and TIMARA.  These screenings are required for an on campus audition only and can be in audio or video format.

2.    Classical Piano Screening Recording:  The Conservatory requires a screening recording for all piano applicants regardless of audition type (on campus, regional, or final audition recording), or degree type (Bachelor of Music, Performance Diploma, or Artist Diploma).

3.    Final Audition Recording:  If an applicant is not auditioning on campus or regionally, they may submit a video recording as their final audition to the Conservatory.

4.    Supplemental Audition Recording:  Most commonly this might be requested by the evaluator at a Regional Audition if it is felt the submission of additional audition material is advisable in order to fulfill the audition requirements..

Did You Know

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