Conservatory Admissions

Campus Visits

Campus Visits

Thank you for your interest in visiting Oberlin. We would be pleased to have you on campus for a visit! Below are some suggestions to help make your visit as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

Conservatory Information Session & Tour

The Conservatory Admissions Office offers an information session and tour most weekdays at 11 am and 3pm. During the first portion of this session, an admissions officer will meet with you to discuss general information about the Oberlin Conservatory and programs, admissions procedures, and be available for any questions you may have. Afterwards, we will take you on a tour of the conservatory facilities. The information session and tour, together, generally last about an hour.

Please use the visit registration form to register for the conservatory information session and tour.

We discourage visiting campus during periods that are academic breaks, such as fall break, spring break, etc. During these periods, we may offer reduced session times, and students are not able to attend classes and will likely be unable to meet professors. Please check our academic calendar for details on these dates.

Please note: Our tour only covers the Oberlin Conservatory facilities. If you would like a general tour of campus that includes housing, dining, and other campus buildings, please also register for the college tour. Double Degree Program applicants may also consider attending the College Information Session.

Self-Guided Tour: If you plan to be on campus a day or time when a guided tour of the conservatory is unavailable, you can still see our facilities. Print out our Self-Guided Tour and Tour Map.

2017-2018 Break Schedule

Fall Break                             October 14 - 22, 2017
Thanksgiving                        November 23 - 26,2017
Winter Break/Term               December 13, 2017 - February 5, 2018
Spring Break                        March 17 - 25, 2018

Lessons and Meetings with Professors

We encourage you to contact a professor or faculty member in your field of interest. You can find biographies and contact information on the conservatory faculty and departments website. To schedule a lesson or a meeting with a professor, it is recommended that you e-mail them directly.

Please note: During breaks, regular classes are not in session and many professors may be off campus.

Attend Rehearsals and Classes (including studio classes)

At the beginning of each semester, we update the recommended rehearsal and class schedule. The full listing of available classes can be found online). Reviewing the schedule before you visit will help you determine when you would like to visit. Prospective students have found rehearsal and classroom visits are valuable because they provide a real feeling for the musical and intellectual life of the school.

It is important to realize that while these can be stimulating and valuable experiences, no single rehearsal or class is representative of the campus atmosphere. We suggest, therefore, if time allows, that you visit several rehearsals and or classes in order to discover the range of musical genres, teaching styles, and class formats that exist here. When attending, we ask that you keep in mind the following:

A) Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the rehearsal or class is scheduled to begin. If the situation allows, this will provide time to meet and discuss the class briefly with students. In fairness to the professor and students, please do not enter the rehearsal space or classroom once the rehearsal or class has begun.

B) Stay for the duration, or until a rehearsal break. Classes generally last for 50 minutes, although some are longer (60-75 minutes.) Please check with the Office of Conservatory Admissions if you have questions.

C) If attending a class, introduce yourself to the professor before class to ask if it’s OK to observe and pose any questions you have regarding the course, the department, etc.

Directions and Accommodations (including transportation to and from the airport)

The Office of Conservatory Admissions is in the Conservatory of Music Annex on the second floor of 39 W. College St. The Annex, which houses the College Bookstore on the first level and various administrative offices on the second floor, is across from the Conservatory of Music.

A map of the campus and parking instructions, as well as accommodations in and around Oberlin, can be found on the Visiting Oberlin website. Also, to find directions on how to get to Oberlin College by car, plane, train, or bus, refer to the transportation information website.

Audition Weekend Shuttle: We partner with Airport Oberlin Shuttle Service to provide additional transportation to and from our campus and the Cleveland Airport. Space on these shuttles is very limited, and you should contact the company to reserve space as soon as audition travel plans are arranged. More information can be found on the Airport Oberlin Shuttle website.

Overnight Stays

Prospective students are invited to experience student life by staying overnight in a residence hall with a current student. This is a great opportunity to sample dining hall food, experience the campus community, attend concerts and events, and meet other students at gather places such as the Cat in the Cream coffee house, or the Dionysus Club (the 'Sco) located in the Student Union.

Students who choose to stay overnight should be prepared to sleep on a dorm room floor, and should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and toiletries.

Oberlin offers overnight stays to students participating in one of the events listed below:

College Visit Programs

These programs are sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Admissions Office and include the Multicultural Visit Program, Senior Visit Program, and Regional Fly-in Programs. For a complete list of sponsored programs and further information on available dates and registration please click here.

Auditions in Oberlin

Please note: Students who choose to stay overnight should be prepared to sleep on a dorm room floor and may be hosted by an Arts and Sciences student. As this is not ideal on the evening prior to your audition, we advise that you consider the other fine accommodations in Oberlin for that night. We do not offer overnight stays for Saturday or Sunday nights.

Students who choose to participate in an overnight stay during the time of their on-campus audition should contact the Conservatory Admissions Office at 440-775-8413 or at least 2 weeks prior to their audition date to register.

Arrange Your Own Host

If you know a current Oberlin Conservatory or College student, you may arrange to stay overnight in their dorm room. Confirm that the student is willing to let you stay and contact the Campus Visit Office at 1-800-622-6243 to provide the necessary information. You must also complete the Visitation Permission/Release form and submit it at least 3 days prior to your visit.