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Kulas Recital Hall

Kulas Recital Hall
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Concert Details

Nov 29, 8:00 PM

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble: Stephen Aron, director

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Four Duets, Op. 34                                                      Ferdinando Carulli

      No. 1 in D Major                                                                  

      No. 2 in F Major

      No. 3 in G Minor

      No. 4 in D Major

Caeli Massey, Arcangel Velasquez, guitar


Six Variations, Op. 63                                                        Mauro Giuliani

Abigail Hakel-Garcia, violin

Collin Sterne, guitar


from Mountain Songs (1985)                                                Robert Beaser

      Barbara Allen                                                                           

      Fair and Tender Ladies


Aram Mun, flute

Stephen Fazio, guitar


Tango Suite (1984)                                                              Ástor Piazzolla


      Andante, Rubato, Melancolio


"The Raging Ragazzos"

Brian King, Mohit Dubey, guitar


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