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Apr 26, 6:30 PM

Senior Recital: Xue Ju, composition

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A senior degree recital of original works by Xue Ju, composition.


FRAGRANCES (2017) 30'                                                                                                     Xue Ju

         Bamboo Jasmine 5'15''                                                                                                  

fixed media

Paul Çelebi, piano

         Rosemary Mint 2'10''

Eli Geruschat, marimba   Kelsey Sham, harp

         Japanese Cherry Blossom 4'20''

Shiqi Yang, violin I   Hsuan Chen, violin II

Jane Larson, viola   Julie Holzen, cello

         Ocean Breeze 6'15''

Sam Hoffacker, percussion   Aidan Wiley Lippke, guitar   Kelsey Sham, harp

Shiqi Yang, violin I   Hsuan Chen, violin II   Jane Larson, viola

Julie Holzen, cello   Colin Roshak, conductor

         Spiced Pomegranate 3'30''

Eli Geruschat, marimba   Paul Çelebi, piano

         Apple Cinnamon 2'20''

Aidan Wiley Lippke, guitar

         Nag Champa 5'30''

fixed media

Sam Hoffacker, Eli Geruschat, percussion


- Intermission -


Abstraktes Bild (2018/Première) 5'

fixed media

Hexin Zhang, flute


The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (2016) 13'

Dustin Lin, clarinet   Eil Geruschat, Justin Gunter, percussion

Paul Çelebi, piano   Jiaqi Yu, violin   Nick Politi, cello

Colin Roshak, conductor


Invocation: Blessing the Boat (2018) 12'

film with recording

performed by Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble 5/2/2018

Jingyuan Wang, Xue Ju, director


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