Application Form




Name Class

Campus Mailbox #



Major Honors yes no

Title of project

Project adviser:



1. Describe the project for which funding is requested. Be specific about research design and methodology and the measurement of important concepts.


2. Please address the implications of your research for community as you define it.


3. Include a complete bibliography of the 10 most important secondary sources you have reviewed and that inform this research project:

4. What is the present stage of the project? If you are requesting reimbursement for research already undertaken, you need to submit receipts with your application.


5. Provide an itemized budget of the proposed uses of these funds: Be as specific as you can in itemizing your budget. Justify specific items on a separate sheet. Please note that normally the Committee will not fund the employment of other students as research assistants. The Committee will not fund photo copying of honors theses.



6. All research projects involving human subject must be approved by the Oberlin College Institutional Review Board. What is the status of your IRB application?


7. Have you applied for or have you received funds for this project from other sources? If yes, from what sources and what amount has been requested or received?

8. Have you applied for or received Jerome Davis Funds prior to this semester?
yes no

9. Are you on financial aid? yes no

10. Faculty member asked to submit recommendation

NOTE: NO application will be considered without a letter of recommendation submitted by one (1) faculty member. It is the responsibility of the student to request these letters and see that they are submitted.


Completed applications should be sent to Pat Armstrong, Department of Sociology, by Friday, March 10, 2017.