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Oberlin Senior Named Rhodes Scholar

Nov. 25, 2008


Lucas Brown '09 of Leesburg, VA, a sustainability advocate and economics major, has just been named a Rhodes Scholar.  Winner of a Udall Scholarship earlier this year for his environmental leadership, Brown co-founded the Oberlin Ecological Design and General Efficiency fund, which loans money for student-designed campus energy conservation projects and returns the energy savings to the fund as interest.  He also helped found SEED (Student Experiment in Ecological Design) House, a sustainability themed house that was profiled in the New York Times in May 2008.

A jazz pianist, he has worked for Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty '92, and he has served as lead programmer of, an innovative advocacy web site. While at Oxford, Brown will do the M.Phil. in economics.

Learn more about the Rhodes Scholarship and other 2009 scholarship winners.

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