Academic Departments and Programs

Academic departments and programs offering specific courses featuring study of the this region include Art HistoryCinema StudiesEconomicsEnglish, Jewish Studies, History, Politics, and Religion. In addition, students interested in Comparative Literature, Comparative American Studies, and International Studies may find curricular offerings dealing with this area of the world. European Languages are taught in the departments of French and Italian, German Language and Literatures, Hispanic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Russian and East European Studies. Search the Oberlin Course Catalog for specific courses. 

Enrolled Not in Residence (ENR) Programs in Europe

Oberlin sponsors its own semester-long program in London through the Danenberg Oberlin-in-London program.

Approved Study Away Programs in Europe

For complete information and details about Oberlin's approved study away programs, please see the Study Away website and the list of Oberlin's Consortial Programs or Affiliated Programs.

Advanced Liberal Arts, Brussels (CIEE)

Czech Republic:
Central European Studies, Prague (CIEE)
The Prague Film School

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)


American University Center of Provence, Aix-en-Provence and Marseilles

Contemporary French Studies, Paris (CIEE)

Critical Studies, Paris (CIEE)

Center for University Programs Abroad

Liberal Arts, Rennes (CIEE)

Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art

Sciences Po Undergraduate Exchange

Berlin Consortium for German Studies
Boston University Programs in Dresden
Brethern Colleges Abroad in Marburg
Duke University in Berlin
German Exchange Scholarship
Junior Year in Munich (Wayne State University)

College Year in Athens

Central European University, Budapest (Bard College)
Central European Studies, Budapest (CIEE)

University College, Cork (Institute for Study Abroad)
University College, Dublin (Institute for Study Abroad)
National University of Ireland, Galway (Institute for Study Abroad)
Trinity College, Dublin (Institute for Study Abroad)

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome and Sicily
Orvieto Institute for Classical Studies
Siena School for Liberal Arts
Syracuse University in Florence
Studio Art Centers International, Florence

Center for European Studies, Maastricht
Social Sciences, Amsterdarm (CIEE)
International Prospectives on Sexuality and Gender (School for International Training)

Central European Studies, Warsaw (CIEE)

American Councils for International Education
Smolney College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. St. Petersburg (Bard College)
Russian Area Studies and Russian Language, St. Petersburg (CIEE)
The School in Russia (Middlebury College)
Moscow Institute for Advanced Studies with the International University of Moscow
The O’Neil Moscow Art Theater


Liberal Arts, Alcala de Henares (CIEE)
Language and Culture, Language in Contexxt, Liberal Arts, Alicante (CIEE)

Business and Culture, Barcelona (CIEE)

SAdvanced Liberal Arts, Language and Society, Liberal Arts, Seville (CIEE)

Studies in Spain at the University of Cordoba (PRESHCO)

The Swedish Program

Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program
British American Drama Academy (Sarah Lawrence College)
Cambridge University (through specified Institute for Study Abroad programs)
Kings College (Institute for Study Abroad)
Laban Centre for Movement and Dance (Institute for Study Abroad)
Oxford University (through specified Institute for Study Abroad programs)
University College London / Institute of Archeology (Institute for Study Abroad)

Summer Programs

Oberlin-in-Italy, sponsored by the Conservatory of Music, is a summer training program in the beautiful city of Arezzo, Italy, for singers, pianists, instrumentalists, and students of the liberal arts.

Oberlin College, along with the University of Oxford (UK), is an institutional sponsor of the Sangro Valley Project and the Sangro Valley Field School in the southern Abruzzo region of Italy.

Winter-Term Projects

Group winter-term projects in this region have recently included programs in Belgium, France, Greece, and Italy.

International Students

Internatlonal students come to both the arts and sciences and the conservatory from more than 40 countries.  Review our map to see the home countries of our current international students.  The Office of International Students is dedicated to serving the needs of international students by offering a full range of services and advice.

Other Resources

Students studying European languages will also find important resources through the Paul and Edith Copper International Learning Center, and the French, German, Russian and Spanish language houses.

Students Organizations

Review our list of student organizations.