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Oberlin College has long held that educating our students to think globally about themselves and their place in the world is an important characteristic of an Oberlin education. Our curriculum reflects a commitment to thinking and learning about global issues. We have admitted and graduated students from around the world. We have sent our students to study away from campus with the belief that experiencing and understanding another language and culture is an invaluable part of a liberal arts education. 

At Oberlin, knowledge of the world does not begin in a textbook or end in the course catalog about international studies. Both on and off the Oberlin campus, we expect our students to experience, share, chronicle, interpret, film, perform, discuss and celebrate the world.

Students step into a global environment as they exit their residence hall. The college and its Conservatory of Music offer a range of intentional programming—from courses to internships—designed to give students an internationally focused academic, social, and culturally rich college experience. 

International Perspectives

Oberlin's diverse, flexible, and challenging academic environment makes it an appealing place for students seeking varied educational opportunities to explore and develop their interests. Listen as students from Brazil, Uruguay, Iraq, and Korea share their reasons for choosing to study at Oberlin.

Blogs & Stories

Oberlin students' experiences abroad are rich and varied. Read first hand about the international experience through the voices of our student and campus bloggers. We've also collected a range of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and campus members about their international experiences. Read them on our Stories Project.

Featured News

Oberlin students have a range of options to study and travel abroad for educational experiences, internships, research, winter-term projects, and music performance. Read some of the ways Oberlin students learn about themselves and the world through our range of programs:

1) Fulbright Program
2) Study Abroad
3) Winter Term
4) International Experiences
5) Oberlin Shansi

Oberlin Student is Rhodes ScholarMahmud Makhmudov ’16 has been selected as a 2016 Rhodes Scholar, the oldest and best known award for international study. Makhmudov will study economics, philosophy, and politics while at Oxford University.

Asia in America Behind the LensA group of six students traveled to New York City over winter term to interview and photograph Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States. Their project culminates in a photography exhibition.

Far Afield—and a CourtFor some students, bringing their sport to another country wasn’t only a way to stay in shape in the off-season, but it was an integral part of their study abroad experience.

Shansi Narratives: Every year, Oberlin Shansi Fellows write about their experiences, their struggles, and their thrills while abroad.

World Map of Oberlin Study Abroad and Winter Term Locations