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Disability Services

Disability Services

It is the student's right and responsibility in college to request accommodations, as privacy laws actually restrict the sharing of certain types of information with others—including parents—without the student's expressed, written consent. The staff of the Office of Disability Services is available to assist students during their transition to college and throughout their Oberlin experience.

Our role is to facilitate access to all programs, services, and activities that are provided at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music while encouraging and helping students to develop student self-advocacy.

Since different rules govern disability services in college than in K-12 programs, IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, no longer applies. College students have no Individualized Education Program; therefore, accommodations at the college and conservatory may vary from those you may have previously received in high school.

Visit the Disability Services website to learn about who we are and the services we provide.