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Just for Parents

Just for Parents

Parents and Student During Orientation

Orientation week also includes two days of select activities and programs specifically for parents. Some of these events provide information about financial aid, student health services, academic advising, and insurance. A preliminary Orientation schedule is available online each year in mid-May.

The first-year class deans invite new students, parents, and guardians to consult with them during the summer months if they have topics they would like to address before arriving on campus. Refer to the Class Deans website for more details.


Oberlin has a limited number of places for you to stay overnight or for an extended period of time. However, you may reserve lodging in a nearby or an area bed and breakfast, hotel, or motel by referring to our Visiting Oberlin Accommodations webpage.

In addition, the Oberlin Heritage Center sponsors a bed and breakfast program for parents and families who wish to stay in private homes in Oberlin. The program raises funds for the organization. For details, send an e-mail with “B & B” in the subject line to or call 440-774-1700 (e-mail preferred).


The Office of Student Health Services is a primary care facility that specializes in the care of college-age students. Our team of providers is experienced in treating common medical problems seen on college campuses. We offer initial diagnosis and treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries and appropriate follow-up care.

We encourage students with health problems to see Student Health Services first so that they can find the attention and advice they require. The center is at 247 W. Lorain St., Suite A. You also may call (440) 775-8180.

Routine visits to the center are free for students who are enrolled full time. Other services are available for a small fee. Students may be responsible for some of the costs of complex labs, X-rays, and specialty service costs after insurance has made payment. In order to make each visit as efficient and easy as possible, a student should call to discuss his or her case with a nurse and schedule an appointment.

By allowing Student Health Services to assist students in advance, students will spend less time in the waiting room and be better matched with the expertise of health care providers.

A complete list of our services, location, hours, and other information is available on the Student Health Services website.


Oberlin College has a long history of providing educational assistance. One of the first scholarships established at Oberlin was the Avery Fund, a $6,000 gift donated in 1864 by the Rev. Charles Avery of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rev. Avery wished to help African American students attend the college. Over the subsequent years, alumni and friends have donated roughly $70 million to Oberlin's endowed scholarship funds.

In addition to these funds, the college designates a significant amount from its unrestricted budget each year to provide financial assistance to students. Because of Oberlin's historic commitment to enrolling an economically diverse student body, all of the funding available through the Office of Financial Aid is limited to students demonstrating financial need.

The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide financial resources to students who would be unable to pursue postsecondary education without such assistance. It is a basic premise of Oberlin's financial aid program that the primary responsibility for meeting college costs lies with the student and the student's family.

The college assists in those cases where the family demonstrates that they are unable to meet the full cost of attending Oberlin.

If you have questions about financial aid, we invite you to make an appointment to speak with a financial aid counselor who is available during normal business hours. General questions may be answered at any time.

Refer to the Financial Aid website for more information.


The Oberlin College Mailroom (OCMR) is the place to ship your student's belongings beginning August 1. You may also send your student letters, cards, gifts, and other materials suitable for mailing by using the address format noted below. Each student receives Oberlin College Mailroom Number; ask your student for this number.

Student Name
Oberlin College Mailroom Number (OCMR)
135 W. Lorain St.
Oberlin, OH 44074-1081

In addition, a self-serve FedEx box is situated outside of the college's Student Union, a central hub for student services and general information. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding mailroom policies or procedures, call the Student Mailroom at (440) 775-8115.


The college's Campus Dining Services offers a selection of “Thinking of You” packages for students that you may order for special occasions or simply as care packages. To order a package, complete the online order form and mail it with your payment. The order form and more information are available on the Care Boxes website,


The Obie Dollars Program is a prepaid debit card program that allows students to use their Oberlin College ID card to purchase goods and services both on and off campus. The Obie Dollars declining balance account is encoded on the student’s Oberlin College ID card. Obie Dollars is a convenient and safe way for students to make purchases without having to carry cash.

For instruction on how to participate in the Obie Dollars Program and to make a deposit into your student's account, visit:


We provide a Handbook for Parents and Families of New Oberlin Students. This quick reference book, available by download as a PDF, will direct you to more detailed information about Oberlin. We have included topics we have found to be of interest to students, parents, and families of any new Oberlin student. The handbook features an abbreviated list of key campus contacts.

If you do not know which office should have the information you are seeking, contact the appropriate class dean, who can help you determine how to proceed.


Refer to our list of important offices to learn more about services and resources to help your student.