About Around the Square January 19, 2010

President's Office Addresses Earthquake in Haiti

As the scale of devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti continues to unfold, our thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people, especially those who have lost their loved ones and homes in this tragic event. Our hearts also go out to any Oberlin students, faculty, staff members, parents, and alumni who may have relatives and friends in Haiti.

At this writing, we believe no current Oberlin students, faculty, or staff were harmed in the earthquake. If you have information about members of the wider Oberlin community who were in Haiti when the quake struck, please let us know.

We are eager to do whatever we can to help the Haitian people in this time of overwhelming need. I encourage you to share information about ways to assist. There are a number of websites that list ways we can provide immediate support for efforts to aid Haiti. Google, for example, has created a website with useful information.

The people of Haiti have suffered wrenching losses of life, livelihood, and property. They are facing a prolonged and difficult recovery. Any assistance we can offer will help them weather this crisis and begin the arduous task of rebuilding.

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