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Contest: Oberlin Trivia

October’s contest may have been too easy. It only took a few minutes after the newsletter was sent before alumni started filling up our inboxes with answers. (See October Contest Results below) So this time we’re shaking things up a bit with some good old-fashioned Oberlin trivia. We’re even instituting the honor system: computer searches and yearbooks are prohibited. Sorry Oberlin alumni employees (staff and professors), but your college advantage means that you’re not eligible for this contest.

Be the first to answer the most questions correctly and win an Oberlin T-shirt. Send answers to ats@communications.oberlin.edu. On your mark, get set. Go!

1. ______ Hall has a secret stairwell.

2. ____ magazine put Oberlin on its cover in 1967 for starting co-ed housing.

3.  Martin Luther King delivered Oberlin’s 132nd Commencement Address in 19__.

4. _____ ______, now an actor/comedian, fell from the tower of Peters Hall while a student at Oberlin.

5. When news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination reached campus, the bell of Finney Chapel began tolling for the first time since the assassination of _________.

6. The ______ ______ stretches 3.2 miles and is incorporated into the Lorain County Metro Park System.

7. Currency credited to students who eat in Campus Dining Services, which they can redeem at any of the dining halls and DeCafé, is called _____ _____.

8. Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music was designed by _________ _________ in 1964. This is the same designer responsible for the designs of the World Trade Center buildings.

9. The printed student, faculty, and staff campus telephone directory is fondly referred to as _________.

10. _______ _______ in downtown Oberlin has a back room in which orphaned kittens are taken care of.

11. In 19__ a total of nine students completed a winter term project that recreated a slave escape on the Underground Railroad.

12. In 2007, Oberlin was added to the ________ ________ Bicycle Route by the Adventure Cycling Association.

13. The language lab in Peters is known for being home to what kind of animal?

14. In 1860, as the United States was about to go to war, Oberlin hosted the first political _____ ______ ever held on an American campus. The tradition would continue almost uninterrupted for 108 years.

15. The Lord-Saunders Afrikan Heritage House is fondly called _____ ____ .

16. The second oldest residence hall on campus is called ____-House.

17. Although it is only a small mound behind Philips Gym, ______ _____ is one of the highest topographic points in town.

18. _____ and ______ Domes are small, round buildings east of the Allen Memorial Art Museum where the college provides studio art classes.

19. ____ refers to any Oberlin student or alumnus/alumna.

20. The all-you-can-eat facility on north campus is fondly called _______ by students.



October Contest Results


(Pictured in 1968 from left to right: Mark J. Greenwald '71, Patrick T. Broome '75 (team captain), Gregory F. Stone '73, and David W. Cardwell '71)

Although alumni quickly guessed that the photo above was taken at a College Bowl tournament—technically called the GE College Bowl—only a few alumni took a crack at providing the names of the students pictured.

Congratulations, Steve Golder ’70, you were the first to provide us with the correct name of the event. Golder also correctly stated that Pat Broome was the team captain. How did Golder know this? “Pat lived in Noah, my dorm,” he wrote.

Athough he didn’t answer as quickly as Golder, Ken Glasser ’71 receives honorable mention for guessing the event and for providing us with another name: Greg Stone.

College Bowl first aired on radio from October 1953 through December 1955, and became a network television show on January 5, 1959. The program was sponsored by the General Electric Company and became known as the GE College Bowl. It ran 26-39 weeks each year on Saturdays and Sundays until June of 1970.

According to the College Bowl website, Oberlin defeated its opponents, St Louis University at the time this photo was taken, 300 to 85.


Sarp Yavuz '13 contributed to the questions in the January contest.

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