About EnviroAlums

As alumni concerned about environmental issues like biodiversity loss, climate change, over-consumption, equity, pollution, population, and social justice; EnviroAlums assists with and advocates for environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship within the Oberlin College and Conservatory community. We define sustainability broadly and recognize the important relationships among social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to provide advisory input to the institution on sustainability, to encourage and support environmental educational venues on and off campus, to nurture environmental stewardship, and to raise funds for environmental education.

Since its founding in 2002, EnviroAlums has broadened its focus to sustainability in all facets of the functioning of Oberlin College and Conservatory.  Working with the Environmental Studies program, the Office of Environmental Sustainability, The Oberlin Project, and Friends of the Oberlin Project among others, EnviroAlums has been a proactive player in the ongoing development of a culture of sustainability at Oberlin. 

The current Steering Committee membership is:

Chair: Andrew deCoriolis
Vice-Chair: Kristin Braziunas

Anders Faijersson Ferguson
Timothy Ballard
Susan Bernat
Andy Barnett
Walt Galloway 
John Petersen 
Paul Safyan
Meredith Dowling
Peter Nicholson
Hanni Muerdter
Molly Danielsson
Abe Kruger

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