Admitted Student Follow-Up

Off Campus

Admitted Student Receptions

Admitted Student Receptions are parties for admitted students (both early and regular decision) and their families. We’d love for alums to congratulate students and share their Oberlin experiences.

Historically, these receptions have been held in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Princeton, Washington DC, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. If you are interested in organizing a reception for the admitted students in your area, please contact Jennifer Harris at (800) 622-6243 or at

Phone calls

Around April 1, applicants receive decision letters. At that point, the ARN will mail you decision cards on the applicants you interviewed. We ask that you contact the students who have been admitted to offer your congratulations.

Following up with these students is extremely important. As they have a personal connection to you, you’d be the most effective advocate for Oberlin to them. Please share with students what you loved about Oberlin and answer any questions they might have.


On Campus

During April, we strongly urge admitted students to visit campus. The key program is called All Roads Lead to Oberlin and covers several days in the first part of the month. During this program, admitted students will have the opportunity to experience everything great about Oberlin.

There are tours of campus, classroom visits, panels covering academic and student life topics, breakfasts and luncheons, overnight stays in the residence halls, and evening activities. All Roads coincides with some of the busiest, most spectacular weekends on campus. Current Obies perform countless recitals and shows; faculty give amazing lectures; clubs organize huge festivals.

We encourage all admitted students to attend All Roads, and hope you will do the same.

The Office of Admissions also organizes The Vernon Johns Program, a fly-in program for admitted students of color. We offer the students the opportunity to see campus, interact with current students of color, and experience Oberlin for themselves.