Alumni Leadership Council

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The Alumni Leadership Council, established in September 2014, is the governing body of the Oberlin Alumni Association, empowered to undertake and regulate any action of or on behalf of the Association. The members who sit on the ALC represent students, identities, talents, regions, class years, volunteer roles, and diversities of the Oberlin alumni body.

The roles on the Alumni Leadership Council include:

  • Officers: President, Immediate Past-President or President-Elect, and Secretary/Communications Officer
  • Three Chartered Group members (formerly Affiliate Group representatives)
  • One Multicultural Alumni Leadership Council (MALC) representative
  • Up to three student representatives
  • One Regional Programming representative
  • One Class Officer representative
  • Four Committee Chairs: Admissions, Career, Development, Trustee Search
  • Past Presidents of the Association are ex-officio non-voting members
  • Up to 11 At-Large Members representing the diversity of our alumni body including:
    • Minimum 15% Conservatory of Music alumni representation
    • Minimum one International representative
    • Heisman Club / Athletics representation
    • Awards Task Force chair
    • Conservatory Task Force chair

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