Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Alumni Association and creates programs that provide alumni service to Oberlin College. The council includes the most active group of volunteers working for the College. The executive director, who is an administrator of the College, directs activities from the campus. Members of the council return to Oberlin for a weekend of meetings each fall.

The Alumni Council consists of the following groups:

Provisions in the Alumni Association Bylaws allow for at-large members of the Alumni Council— individuals who are not part of a defined volunteer group but whom the board believes would be valuable council participants.

Dates of Upcoming Council Meetings:

  • Fall Alumni Council Weekend 2014 — September 19-21
  • Fall Alumni Council Weekend 2015 — September 18-20

Important Documents for Alumni Council Members

Message to Alumni Council — December 2013

Oberlin Alumni Engagement Summary

Alumni Council Weekend 2013 Focus Group Findings

Alumni Council Weekend 2013 FAQ

Volunteer Expense Form

Volunteer Reimbursement Guidelines

New Volunteer Expense Policy Presentation