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Photos by Melody Peltoma Weaver—click to enlarge and download.

Our 5th Reunion celebration took place May 23-26, 2014!

We hope you were able to return to campus during reunion weekend to connect or reconnect with classmates and to experience what continues to make Oberlin a special place five years (more or less) later. It was a wonderful weekend. Some highlights included meals with faculty guests, the Champagne Luncheon, and the long-standing tradition of Illumination. Of course, there were many other special events throughout the weekend, plus time for just hanging out on Tappan Square or any number of favorite Oberlin locations.

Our final summary of cluster events may be viewed here.

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Class Officers and Reunion Planning

Your Class Officers were:

Marie Barnett '08, president
Caitlin Seeley '08, vice president
Derry Kiernan '09, president
Matthew O'Connell '09, vice president
Taylor Soderborg '10, president
Brandi Ferrebee'10, vice president

In addition to this page, the 5th Cluster Reunion has a group on Facebook. If you would like to catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a while, why not join us there? Please feel free to post your personal photos or memories on the group's page, or simply leave a message on the wall to let us know what you are up to these days.

Oberlin College Alumni: Class of '08, '09, '10

Downloadable Documents

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