Oberlin Cares - Alumni Day of Service

This spring, take part in an extraordinary annual event that will unite Oberlin alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff around the country in volunteering for an important service project that gives back to the local community: Oberlin Cares - Alumni Day of Service.

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Every alumni club is encouraged to participate in a community service event on that day. Clubs can select their own projects to work on that are specific to their alumni and community needs. This year, we hope to expand our list of participating cities.

So put on your old Oberlin College t-shirt, grab a pair of work gloves, and help take the celebrated Oberlin community service spirit to the streets!

Examples of Service
Animal Services & Rescue: Community:
Animal shelters Mentoring
Transporting animals Neighborhood clean-ups
Education: Environmental:
Academic tutoring River & park clean-ups
Rehab education center  

2014 Days of Service

Saturday, April 19

Saturday, April 26

Saturday, May 3