Oberlin Summer Picnics

Oberlin Summer Picnic Oberlin Summer Picnic Oberlin Summer Picnic

What are Summer Picnics?

In cities across the country, students and their parents are invited to join local Oberlin alumni for an annual Summer Picnic.  Summer Picnics are an Oberlin tradition that allows students and their parents to meet local alumni and to ask questions about campus and student life to those who have experienced it firsthand!

The 2014 Summer Picnic schedule is in the works. Contact your Regional Alumni Club for more information or to volunteer! We hope you can join us at a Summer Picnic celebration for the incoming class of 2018!

June Picnics

  • New York City — Saturday, June 21, Prospect Park, Tennis House South
  • Baltimore — Sunday, June 29

July Picnics and Gatherings

August Picnics and Gatherings

Past Summer Picnics