Community Based Work-Study Program

The Community Based Work-Study Program (CBWSP) offers students who have a Federal Work-Study award as part of their financial aid package opportunities to work with one of the Bonner Center’s community partner organizations. The program supports students in connecting their academic journeys with career exploration in nonprofit and public sectors.

If you would like to apply to work with one of the Bonner Center's CBWSP partner organizations, please take the following steps:

  1. Follow the links below to learn about sites that match your interests. Organizations that are actively hiring will have their CBWSP positions posted on their pages as "Needs". You may reach out to the site supervisors directly or respond to the Needs in the system.
  2. Complete the CBWSP application form which is required for their participation in the program:
  3. New student hires who are being paid through Oberlin College for the first time must submit the following documents to the Student Employment Office before you may begin working:

For information or if you have questions, contact Tania Boster, CBWSP program director, .

Organizations Affiliated with CBWSP

America Counts

America Reads

Backspace at the Bridge/Oberlin Public Library

Bill Long Foundation

Bonner Center for Service and Learning (BCSL)

FAVA (Firelands Association for the Visual Arts)

Kendal at Oberlin

MAD Factory (Music, Arts, Drama)

New Agrarian Center at George Jones Farm

Ninde Scholars Program

Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra (NOYO)

Oberlin Choristers

Oberlin Community Services (OCS)

Oberlin Early Childhood Center (OECC)

Oberlin Heritage Center

Peace Community Church

Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Oberlin Chapter

Information for students

Options on how to receive your pay:

Are you planning to work for the first time at Oberlin? If so, you should complete all three of these forms and bring them to the Office of Student Employment or the Office of Financial Aid.

**Only complete Section 1 of this form. Do not forget to bring the proper documents so Oberlin can verify your employment eligibility. A complete list of acceptable documents can be found on page nine of the I-9 eligibility PDF. Photocopies of documents are not acceptable.

Information for Employers


Tania Boster
(440) 775-5390