Ready: Prepare and Explore

Thinking about life after Oberlin can feel overwhelming. It’s never too soon—or too late—to take advantage of your Career Development Center. Whether you’re a First Year thinking about choosing a major, or a Senior in the midst of your job search, you will find people and resources at the CareerDevelopment Center to help you on your way.

Getting Started: Here you’ll find all the basics about using the Career Development Center, including drop-in meetings with Peer Advisors, how to schedule an appointment with a professional advisor, what to expect at your first appointment.

Researching Careers: There are a many different options for Oberlin students, some of which you may not even know about. Use our online resources to gain a better understanding of what’s out there.

Your Career Network: Networking doesn’t have to be hard. There are hundreds of alumni on Wisr and thousands in LinkedIn, many of whom are willing to have an email, phone, or Skype conversation with you. Anyone that you meet and interact with has the potential to become part of your career network.

Experience Through the Oberlin Community: Community service, academic research, and music performance are just a few of the ways you can gain experience and learn skills in Oberlin and the surrounding communities.

Application Materials: Look here for information about how to craft resumes, cover letters, and other application materials.

Interviewing: Interviewing is an acquired skill. Learn more about the different types of questions you might encounter, and how to prepare effectively.