Educational Technology

Oberlin College has a great number of resources for faculty and students who wish to use technology in their teaching or learning.


Specialized and professional level software including ArcGIS, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, ERDAS Image, DNAPlotter, SPSS, Hematography® Plus, ProTools, Labview, Sibelius, and STELLA can be found in various labs around campus. Some labs are open to all students, while others are used for teaching specific courses or research. Oberlin also has a site license for the online video training library

Central Location for Course Information

Blackboard provides a central location for day-to-day academic information. Its extensive online environment includes a site for each course and many campus organizations. Faculty can set up the structure of their course site, deliver content and allow students to interact with each other and with the instructor.

Spaces and Equipment

Most classrooms have built-in equipment for screen and video projection. Some classrooms include multiple projectors, document cameras, surround sound, or iPod docks. There are also many specialized spaces such as small group study areas that have large screen displays and a shooting studio with a green screen.

High-end video equipment is available to students and faculty teaching specific courses. Those not in the courses requiring such high-end equipment still have access to a considerable inventory of consumer level equipment.

Educational Technology Support

A good starting point for educational technology support is the Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching (OCTET). OCTET also engages with faculty to investigate novel and alternative strategies for teaching and learning.

Visit OCTET's website, contact them via phone at (440) 775-8345, or via email at for more information.