Upcoming CLEAR Events

Lab Crawl 2016 is Friday, November 18th!

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Types of Programming and Events

Lab Crawls are a great way to explore math and science opportunities at Oberlin. Labs and research stations across campus open their doors to anyone who is interested in learning about them, and participating students get entered to win great prizes. This event occurs in the fall semester.

Roots & STEM was an events series in 2013-14 on the human makeup of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with special emphasis on women and underrepresented groups in the STEM disciplines. Events were sponsored by Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, CLEAR, and the Multicultural Resource Center.

The Celebration of Undergraduate Research is an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of students who conducted summer research at Oberlin. CLEAR works with the Office of Undergraduate Research and specifically supports the students doing work in the sciences. The Celebration involves a keynote address and research presentations by students in a variety of fields.

HHMI Faculty Workshops, usually held over winter term and the summer, are a great way for faculty to engage with CLEAR and talk about the best way to teach quantitative skills. Workshops have included "Taking quantitative and formal reasoning to the next step at Oberlin," "Teaching quantitative reasoning across the curriculum," and "Diversity and Inclusion in STEM - Best Practices."