Flint Initiative Grants (FIGs)




Flint Initiative Grants (FIGs) provide innovative, motivated, and prepared Oberlin Conservatory and Double Degree Program students opportunities to develop imaginative artistic projects to be implemented during winter term. Individual or group projects will be awarded grants of up to $4,000.

Applicants are encouraged to prepare for the application process and the challenges of implementing funded projects by taking advantage of workshops, courses, and advising through the Creativity & Leadership Program and the Office of Conservatory Professional Development. Applicants are encouraged to review their proposals prior to submission with any Creativity and Leadership staff and with the Director of Professional Development.

Past Winners

See archive of past winners. (Formerly known as "CIGSIE" grants.)
See recent winners.

Who Should Apply?

All current Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Double Degree Program, or declared musical studies students—in good academic standing—are eligible to apply.  Students on leave are not eligible for funding.  College of Arts and Sciences students may apply as part of a group project organized by a conservatory, double-degree, or musical studies student. 

Individuals who have received Flint Initiative Grants in previous competitions may apply for funding in support of a new project provided that the terms of FIG grants for previous projects have been satisfied. 

Normally FIG funding is not available to support an individual's participation in a group winter-term project, unless the individual's use of the grant is to support distinctive work separate from that of the group project.

Each discrete project may be funded only once by a FIG.

2017-2018 Application Deadline:

November 7, 2017 (Result notification by November 22, 2017)

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Provided by the generosity of steadfast supporter of student entrepreneurship, Karen Gebhart Flint '64, and husband, Peter H. Flint, the Flint Endowed Initiative Grant Fund supports innovative work experiences to students.