Bronwen Schumacher

photo of Bronwen Schumacher Position(s): Co-President; ObieWear

Obiewear (Winter 2014-15)

I am a fourth year Politics major and French minor at Oberlin. I’ve been a part of ObieWear since the fall of 2011, and I joined to pursue my interests in marketing and business. I saw ObieWear as a perfect microcosm of working with different minds to create a joint product. In the spring of 2014, Amelia, Odette and I decided to turn the initiative into a true product, resulting in our current ExCo and our decision to apply for the Ignition Grant. Before we graduate in May 2015, my co-President Amelia Kemler and Treasurer Odette Chalandon and I will be able to establish a repeatable business model thanks to the Ignition Grant. We are very thankful and excited to continue forward with ObieWear and share our designs with the Oberlin Community!