Daniel Markus

photo of Daniel Markus Position(s): Daniel Markus '18

Samaritan Sessions (Spring 2014-15)

'Daniel Markus is a first-year student at Oberlin, and plans on majoring in Biochemistry and Music. Growing up in Rockville, Maryland, he found himself drawn to music in high school, playing guitar in ensembles at the Edmund Burke School while teaching himself recording technology and music production techniques. In his spare time, he enjoys composing and songwriting, taking photographs, discussing and reading about politics and science, and watching basketball. During February, 2014, he attended Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation’s ALA program, where he became inspired to find ways for music to create social change, and after an internship under Gabriel Kanengiser (’14) and Jordan Alper at Stereocure, an independent record label in Brooklyn, New York, the idea for The Samaritan Sessions was born.'