Jolie De Feis

photo of Jolie De Feis Position(s): Jolie De Feis '15

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct (Spring 2014-15)

'Jolie De Feis is a fourth year from Larchmont, New York, majoring in psychology, with a minor in gender, sexuality and feminist studies. She co-founded PRSM (Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct) in the spring of 2014, and has continued to serve on its leadership team, and as a workshop facilitator. She is the co-coordinator of the Oberlin HIV Peer Testing program, where she has volunteered as a tester for the past three years, a staffer at the Sexual Information Center, and serves on the administrative board of the Oberlin Peer Support Center. Upon graduation, she hopes to work internationally and pursue opportunities in sexual health, education and violence prevention.'