José Ortiz

photo of José Ortiz
Drakonus Brewing Company (Winter 2014-15)

José Miguel Ortiz Portas, a trained architect, graduated from the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus in Querétaro in 2010. Additionally, he studied in the Netherlands at TU Delft and worked on international projects in Boston and Houston over the summers. He has participated as a lecturer in cultural identity of the Balkans at the Nederlands Institute of Architecture (NAI) in regards of his investigation at Serbia and Macedonia (FYROM).José designs because he can’t stop; it drives his curiosity. As an abstract thinker, working with ideas and bringing them to fruition is something he enjoys greatly. Through his travels he has learned that the most valuable meaning can be found in local factors - local initiatives and conditions, globalization tempered by local scale. José specializes in understanding the negotiations between physics and sensitivity, the ever-present duality of things, and believes in asking the right questions. Being a part of Drakonus Brewing Commune brings him great joy and pride!