Ray Condon

photo of Ray Condon Position(s): Founder; Reaction Co.


Ray Condon is the founder of Reaction Co., and innovative company that manufactures handmade finger boards for professional competitions and recreational use alike.

In eighth grade (2009), Condon was able to start Reaction Co. from one of his favorite hobbies. Rather than buying the boards, he chose to customize his own. The boards Condon makes are comprised of various exotic wood veneers, metals and secret composite materials. Through years of trial and error, Condon was able to find a glue that was both fast drying, and strong enough to withstand an incredible amount of usage. Condon says of his efforts, "Through perseverance I have been able to make a quality product that I am proud of and that my customers covet."

Condon has traveled to numerous locations to sponsor events and represent his company. He has met with professional "fingerboarders" from all over the world:

He met up with two professional Fingerboarders in New York from Sweden. The YouTube video received 23,000+ views.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruXuzo-ZXrI

He has traveled to multiple events called the "Rendezvous" in North Andover, Massachusetts. One of the videos he was in received 58,000+ views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTWLvd-EqVQ

Most recently, Condon flew to Chicago on July 18th and 19th for the "International Fingerboarding Championship". He placed 10th place out of 40 people.