Shauna Godfrey ’14

Major: Biology
Position(s): Co-founder, Kenya Reads; Founder, Muskoka Food Co.

Muskoka Food Co. (Spring 2013-14)
Kenya Reads (Spring 2011-12)

Shauna Godfrey is from Toronto, Canada and is a passionate foodie and entrepreneur. She has volunteered with children around the world in schools, literacy programs, and hospitals and is the co-founder of Kenya Reads, an organization that works in rural slums of Kenya which provides resources to keep students in school. Her passion for food started at a young age and has grown exponentially.  During her time at Oberlin, she was the co-chair of Ishmael Beah Foundation and a founding member of the United Nations World Food Program.  At Oberlin, she also worked as a caterer and a head cook. Muskoka Food Co. is her first food venture.