Simone K. Christen

photo of Simone K. Christen Position(s): Oberlin College Law Scholar
Location: Princeton, New Jersey


Through my courses in politics, economics, statistics and mathematics at Oberlin College, I have gained skills in understanding and interpreting economic trends and legislation. I have had the opportunity to utilize these skills for my winter term project which consisted of my drafting a paper that examined income inequality around the world and postulating types of policies that could be put into effect to counter it. My experiences in doing extensive research, drafting papers, being involved in legal advocacy through the Oberlin College Law Scholars program, as well as my working towards creating my honors thesis have all made me eager to continue to develop my analytical and logical reasoning skills.

In addition to my research and writing skills, I have developed strong interpersonal and communications skills. I have become adept at motivating, working smoothly with and encouraging many different groups of people. I am a dedicated hard worker from one of the most politically involved schools in the country that certainly enjoys open dialogue from all perspectives and making innovative compromises. One of the many reasons I enjoy working with a team or different groups of people is that I am thrilled when collective and differing schools of thought are able to attain a common goal.