Will Halimou ’16

photo of Will Halimou Major: Neuroscience

Food and music research (Spring 2015-16)

I have a passion for helping people feel emotionally fulfilled, healthy, and hopeful. My vehicle for reaching people is art, as I am a multi-instrumentalist who creates and records my own music - from solo albums to short film scores. My time at Oberlin studying (and majoring) in neuroscience has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking, namely examining my surroundings with a critical and perpetually questioning eye. This course of study also taught me just how little we understand about our own psyches and has instilled in me a curiosity to learn more about the human mind. This curiosity, combined with my love for artistic expression and creativity, gives me a huge appreciation for unconventional syntheses of seemingly disparate disciplines.

When I am not writing my own music or studying neuroscience, I am greatly enjoying my time as a member of Oberlin College Taiko Ensemble.