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Jennifer Bower ’12

photo of Jennifer Bower
Major: Organ Performance, Geology
Projects: Historical Spanish Organs in California

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Jennifer Heitler-Klevans ’88

photo of Jennifer Heitler-Klevans
Major: Government
Projects: Pickleberry Pie, Inc.

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Jeremy Reimnitz ’15

Projects: North Coast Toast

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Jessica Saw ’12

photo of Jessica Saw
Major: Piano Performance, Neuroscience
Projects: Music at Mercy Allen Hospital

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Jessica Shapiro

photo of Jessica Shapiro
Projects: Bee Awesome

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Jingyi Li ’18

photo of Jingyi Li
Major: East Asian Studies and Cinema Studies
Projects: How Are You, Beijing Art?

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John Burnett ’16

photo of John Burnett
Projects: Environmental Empowerment through Multimedia Installation

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John Fredieu

photo of John Fredieu
Projects: Dissectables

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John Knific

photo of John Knific
Position(s): CEO and Co-Founder, DecisionDesk

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John West ’09

photo of John West
Major: Historical Performance (Recorder), Philosophy
Projects: Wilder Voice: Building An Institution

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Jolie De Feis

photo of Jolie De Feis
Position(s): Jolie De Feis '15
Projects: Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

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Jolie Signorile

Major: Studio Art and Comparative American Studies
Projects: Bread and Butter Silkscreening Studios

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Jonah Haven ’17

photo of Jonah Haven
Major: Music Composition and Creative Writing
Projects: Places Unheard

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Jonas Loeb ’18

photo of Jonas Loeb
Major: Economics and Philosophy
Projects: Dope & Mean Records

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Jonathan Corey ’08

photo of Jonathan Corey
Major: Piano Performance
Projects: Sound as Material

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