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Scott Erickson

Major: Computer Science
Projects: Skritter

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Shahab Raza ’12

photo of Shahab Raza
Major: Mathematics, Philosophy
Projects: Applaud

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Shauna Godfrey ’14

Major: Biology
Position(s): Co-founder, Kenya Reads, Founder, Muskoka Food Co.
Projects: Muskoka Food Co.; Kenya Reads

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Shea Renusch

photo of Shea Renusch
Projects: Obiewear

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Shuangshuan (Amy) Liang

Major: Economics
Projects: Project High School

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Simone K. Christen

photo of Simone K. Christen
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Position(s): Oberlin College Law Scholar

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Siobhan Furnary ’17

photo of Siobhan Furnary
Major: Visual Arts
Projects: Rebirth and Revival in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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Sophie Davis ’17

photo of Sophie Davis
Major: Violin Performance and Environmental Studies
Projects: Oberlin in India

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Sophie Umazi Mvurya ’16

photo of Sophie Umazi Mvurya
Major: Politics, Law & Society
Projects: House of Tahzi; From The Block To The Booth; I Am Kenyan

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Soren Zeliger

photo of Soren Zeliger
Major: Mathematics, Economics
Position(s): Co-founder, StoryBook
Projects: Storybook

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Stephen Baer

photo of Stephen Baer
Projects: I Learn Live

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Steuart Pincombe

Major: Cello Performance/Historical Baroque Cello Performance
Projects: SILENCE/noise Tour

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Steve Bii

Projects: Conflict Resolution and Outreach in Rural Kenya

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Suman Giri ’11

photo of Suman Giri
Major: Physics, Mathematics
Position(s): COO, MyChair
Projects: MyChair

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Sylvia Channing ’14

photo of Sylvia Channing
Major: Geology
Projects: Bridgehampton Brewery

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