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Amalia Haas

photo of Amalia Haas
Projects: Bee Awesome

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Amanda Medress ’09

Major: Creative Writing
Projects: Storybooks for Sustainability

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Amelia Kemler

photo of Amelia Kemler
Position(s): Co-President, ObieWear
Projects: Obiewear

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Andrew Flachs

Major: Classical Saxophone Performance/Anthropology
Projects: Syzygy Tour

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Andrew Liang ’10

photo of Andrew Liang
Position(s): Cofounder; COO, Greenstart
Projects: Greenstart

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Andrew Puchala ’19

photo of Andrew Puchala
Major: Economics
Projects: Imprint

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Andrés Feliciano

photo of Andrés Feliciano
Major: History
Projects: Paper City

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Anna Gelman

photo of Anna Gelman
Projects: I Do It So It Feels Like Hell

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Anna Gonick ’09

photo of Anna Gonick
Major: History, Latin American Studies
Projects: Research for the Center for Creative Reuse

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Annie Rasiel

photo of Annie Rasiel
Position(s): Annie Rasiel '15
Projects: Oberlin Children's Shakespeare Project

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Annika Hansteen Izora

photo of Annika Hansteen Izora
Projects: Salt and Honey

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Ariana Silvan-Grau

photo of Ariana Silvan-Grau
Projects: I Do It So It Feels Like Hell

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Ariella Blank ’16

photo of Ariella Blank
Projects: Apothecary

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Asa Ivry-Block

Major: Studio Art and African American Studies
Projects: Bread and Butter Silkscreening Studios

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Ava Nicolai ’16

photo of Ava Nicolai
Major: Studio Art, Environmental Studies
Projects: Virtual Exploration in Cloth

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