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Emmanuel Magara ’11

photo of Emmanuel Magara
Major: Biochemistry
Projects: Zimbabwe in Perspective

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Erika Hendrix ’09

photo of Erika Hendrix
Major: French, English
Projects: Wilder Voice: Building An Institution

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Erika Zarowin ’11

photo of Erika Zarowin
Major: Environmental Studies
Projects: Near West Empowerment + Renewal Approaches

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Eugene Carr

photo of Eugene Carr
Position(s): CEO and Founder, Patron Technology

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Eugene Kim ’12

Major: Composition and Piano Performance
Projects: ACADEMY

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Evelyne C. White ’04

photo of Evelyne C. White
Major: Politics
Location: New York, New York
Position(s): Founder, CEO, Bookalokal, Inc.
Projects: Bookalokal

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Everett Glenn ’74

photo of Everett Glenn
Projects: BOSS

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Federico Sanchez-Llamos ’11

photo of Federico Sanchez-Llamos
Major: Economics
Projects: OUTHERE Productions

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Felicia Heiney

photo of Felicia Heiney
Projects: LIVE for Young Women

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Finn Kuusisto

photo of Finn Kuusisto
Projects: Remugio

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Francesca Lichauco

Position(s): Social Media Manager/Administrative Consultant

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Fred Turkington

photo of Fred Turkington
Projects: Remugio

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Gabe Baker

photo of Gabe Baker
Position(s): Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Product Designer, Worlds Beyond Studios
Projects: Worlds Beyond Studios (Edorble)

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Gabe Friedin ’20

photo of Gabe Friedin
Projects: Allen All-In Initiative

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Gabe Pollack ’11

photo of Gabe Pollack
Major: Environmental Studies, Jazz Entrepreneurship
Position(s): Manager, The Bop Stop
Projects: Call and Response

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