Kenya Reads

Creativity Fund, Spring 2011-12 | LaunchU (winner), 2-winter 2012-13

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Project Description

Kenya Reads is a literacy project that seeks to establish the first shared inter-school library in the remote Kiamaina slum of Kenya. This will improve the academic standards in the region and also enable deprived students to compete better nationally, opening them up to more educational opportunities such as high school scholarships. In Kenya, a single national examination score determines the pupils who get offered the limited secondary school places. The initiative will also be purging gaps between conflicting tribes by facilitating Pamoja reading sessions which will promote meaningful interactions between different ethnic groups.

Kenya Reads received a $4,000 LaunchU Venture-Development Prize

Team Members

Peterson K. Njamunge ’14

Shauna Godfrey ’14
Co-founder, Kenya Reads
Founder, Muskoka Food Co.

photo of Ty Diringer
Ty Diringer ’14
Entrepreneurship Fellow
Creativity and Leadership/LaunchU Programs