Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE)

The Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, created in the fall of 2007, is Oberlin’s teaching and learning center. CTIE (pronounced “city”) is designed to help faculty and teaching staff address the challenges and share the joys of teaching and learning in a residential liberal setting.  We do this by bringing faculty and staff together to share perspectives and practices, making the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) widely available, introducing methods to help teachers become more self-reflective, and by linking students and faculty so that each can benefit by seeking out one another’s perspectives. CTIE works with faculty and staff at all levels, connecting various individuals and offices engaged in direct and frequent interactions with students, helping veteran faculty to revitalize their approaches to teaching and learning and new faculty to find a life in teaching.

CTIE also serves as a safe and welcoming space where faculty and staff can address issues that impact teaching and learning for the campus community as a whole.  

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New Student Activism: Stops on the Road to New Solidarities

April 23, 2017
Steve Volk, April 24, 2017 Contact at: It has been an unsettled period at the Claremont colleges in California. On April 6, about 250 protesters at Claremont McKenna College blocked the entrance to the building where Heather MacDonald was scheduled to speak. MacDonald, a critic of the #Black Lives Matter movement, authored The War […] read more » 
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