Academic Leave of Absence (ALOA)

ALOA Application Process

Oberlin Academic Leave of Absence Checklist

Students participating in off-campus study options not offered by Oberlin College are classified as being on an academic leave of absence (ALOA). Interested students apply by submitting an academic leave of absence application form to the Office of the Dean of Studies. Leaves are processed by the Associate Dean of Studies and granted by the Off-Campus Study Committee prior to a student's departure from Oberlin. The academic leave of absence application must be submitted by March 15 for any student wishing to be on leave the following academic year.

Academic leaves are approved when students can demonstrate the value of such leaves for their Oberlin education. Requirements for academic leave approval can be found here. Students must be enrolled as full-time students while on academic leave.

Please note that Oberlin financial aid is only applicable to Oberlin Affiliated Programs. Federal financial aid is usually applicable to most study-away programs. Please see the Study Away website for a list of Oberlin Affiliated Programs and further information.