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All Individual Donors 1970-1975

* deceased; ^ parent

Judith Abrams ’70
Janet and George L. Adkins, Jr. ’70
Elizabeth Aghajanian ’70 ^
Gregory D. Allen ’70
Penny and David M. Alschuler ’70 ^
Nancy ’70 and Jeffrey A. Alteri ’68
Carol B. Kriekard and Stephen H. Armstrong ’70
Kathryn M. Koch and Mark G. Arnold ’70
Teressa ’70 and Curtis M. Arnson ’70
Nancy Aron ’70 and Bernard S. Arons ’69
Mary (Murph) ’71 and Richard B. Bader ’70
Carolynn (Tempest) ’70 and James A. Baer ’69
Carol A. Baker ’70
Carol (Bryan) ’70 and Edmund W. Ballou ’70
Wylie Burke and Frank Baron ’70
Nancy S. Baxter ’70 and Robert M. Stone
Sue McCord-Belzer and Irvin V. Belzer ’70
Martha J. Bergmark ’70 and Elliott D. Andalman ^
Renee and Ralph W. Bild ’70
Susan (Owen) Bissiri ’70
Samuel L. Botkin ’70
Andrea D. Bradford ’70
Meredith Bennett and Thomas M. Breeden, III ’70
Bethel (Bittel) ’71 and William A. Breen ’70
Joyce (Proctor) Brentley ’70
Samuel P. Brian ’70
Carol (Burke) Brimstin ’70
Doris (Parke) ’70 and James A. Brinson ^
Rheta J. Kasmer and Richard M. Brown ’70
Sandra Silberstein and Douglas N. Brown ’70 ^
Ruth (Sturgis) ’70 and John W. Burgett ’70
Carl K. Burns ’70
Jennifer (Grant) ’70 and Vincent A. Busam
Karen (Rosenberg) ’73 and Steven Caccavo ’70
Margaret (Jackson) Cannon ’70
Wendy (Brummel) ’70 and Anthony J. Carvalho, III
Mary (McGlave) Chandler ’70
Carol Cheney ’70 and Joshua Bardin ^
Nancy Stanley and Mark R. Christensen ’70
Deborah J. Clark ’70 and Edward H. Berg, Jr.
Hope M. Clayton ’70 and Gary A. Rhodes
Donna (Miller) ’68 and Daniel R. Cleverdon ’70
Ann (Steiner) ’70 and John M. Clough, Jr. ’70
Stacey L. Coates ’70
Caroline S. Cox and Alan A. Coddington ’70
Ellen (Lachman) Cohen ’70
Warren M. Cohen ’70
Katherine G. Kraft and Marshall A. Cohen ’70
Barbara J. Combs ’70
Ivey S. Cooley ’70 and Lawrence P. Gennett
Marina Eremeeva and Gregory A. Dasch ’70
Robert E. Davidson ’70
Leslye R. Heilig and Louis D. Davis ’70
Leslie (Crapsey) ’70 and James A. De Haseth
Barbara A. DeRoo ’70
Sharyn (Pope) ’70 and Paul Dey
Marian (Peck) ’72 and Michael D. Dirda ’70 ^
Stephanie Doba ’70 and George Boziwick
Maria (Messina) ’70 and Kazutaka Domoto
Ed E. Duncan ’70
Sandra (Newcomb) ’70 and Gary K. Earl
Caroline Hinshaw and Stephen T. Easton ’70
Terry B. Edelstein ’70
Lynn P. and Stewart I. Edelstein ’70
Leslie Carolyn (Cosby)’70 and Glenn R. Edwards ’72
Michele Gaspar and David M. Elsner ’70
Cynthia (Herman) ’70 and Keith B. Ervin ’70
Douglas C. Ewbank ’70
Jane (Katz) ’70 and John A. Field ’69 ^
Janet M. Fillion ’70 and Richard E. Laine
Carol (Wilson) ’70 and Peter J. Forsythe ’71
Jerrilyn (Harris) ’70 and Robert M. Foster
Fadel Friedlander-Fulkerson and Gregory L. Fulkerson ’70
Vicki Roberts-Gassler and Robert S. Gassler ’70
Mary L. Schendel and Philip H. Gleason ’70
Lucy A. Harris and Thomas B. Gold ’70 ^
Lise and Stephen A. Golder ’70
Adrianne Greenbaum ’70 and Kenneth B. Povodator
Susan (Renna) ’70 and Francisco Grijalva
Susan and Robert S. Grove-Markwood ’70
Barbara (Dunlap) ’70 and George S. Gulgas ’71
Mitchell L. Haber ’70
Ellen (Kuper) ’70 and Jeffrey B. Halter ^
Cathy (Strate) ’70 and William L. Hart ’68
Gail D. Hartman ’70 and Peter Y. Clark
Scott Q. Hauser ’70
Melanie (Lenhard) Hedler ’70
Diana (Sophocles) ’70 and Peter Hemmenway
Marjorie H. ’70 and Norman D. Henderson
Angela and Bruce R. Henderson ’70
Grace (Wong) ’70 and Richard A. Henshaw *
Steven K. Hesla ’70
Connie L. Bunn and Elling E. Hoem ’70
Carolyn (Mingus) Hollrah-Ramig ’70 and Frank Ramig
Terri (Miller) ’71 and Robert B. Hopkins ’70 ^
Barbara Smiley and David W. Howe ’70
Yvonne L. Hughes ’70
Nathan O. Jackson ’70
Alison (Dutton) ’70 and Joseph W. Jacobs
Judy D. Jensen ’70 and Frank Cooper
Nancy (Becker) Johnson ’70
Jane (Lambertson) ’70 and Benjamin L. Jones
Susan (Meek) ’70 and Nicholas R. Jones
Eileen and Joseph A. Kane ’70
Susan M. Kelso ’70
Suzanne Kent ’70
Jennie (Richard) ’71 and Scott D. King ’70
Laurie (Yawitz) ’70 and James M. Kirkpatrick
Gayle (Clark) ’70 and John M. Kirkwood ’69
Julie Kligerman ’70 and Jeffrey C. Oppenheim ’68
Kristan B. Knapp ’70 and Janna L. McAusland
Audrey S. Guhn and Jeffrey A. Knight ’70
JoAnn and Kort C. Knudson ’70
Mary A. and Richard J. Kovach ’70
Sue and Marc S. Krass ’70
Marilyn R. Kresky-Wolff ’70 and Mark C. Wolff
Carolyn A. Kubitschek ’70 and David J. Lansner
Bonnie S. Lawrence ’70 and John M. Farmer ’71
Deborah L. Lee ’70 and Robert Babick
Richard O. Lehmann ’70
Carol and Bernard F. Lentz ’70
Linda and Peter C. Lesch ’70
Virginia (Freschl) ’70 and Raymond G. Levi ’71
Gretchen (Towner) ’70 and James E. Lewis ’68
Susan and Arthur P. Liang ’70
Pei and Adrian H. Lo ’70
Anne (Christenson) Lockwood ’70
Edith M. Lott ’70 and Arthur M. Johnsen
Andra (Lanford) ’70 and John Lupardus
Jenita McDaniel Lythcott and Michael J. Lythcott ’70
Yevgenia D. Mackiernan ’70
Eugenie (Adamec) ’70 and Thaddeus B. Malek ^
Phyllis (Luttrell) Marckworth ’70
Armena P. Marderosian ’70 and Ronald G. Suny
Christopher T. Mark ’70
Pamela A. Mann ’70 and Walter M. Meginniss
Rita and Mark G. Mehas ’70
Jane (Hradec) ’70 and Jonathan Meigs
Karen and Tracy R. Merrick ’70
Frances (Katzman) ’71 and Stephen A. Meyer ’70
Jean (Clark) ’70 and James W. Miller ’70
Denise M. Lawler and Fred L. Minnear ’70
David B. Morgan ’70
Karen (Horst) ’70 and William K. Morris
Franklin K. Mosher ’70
Kristen J. ’70 and William M. Moss ’70
Pamela E. Murphy ’70 ^
Leslee (Youngman) Myers ’70
Karen (Mathias) Nelson ’70
Elizabeth (Gerngross) ’70 and Thomas R. Newkirk ’70
Gretchen R. ’70 and Robin B. Nicholoff ’70 ^
Wendy A. Niles ’70 and Alexander Brennen
Angela Dean and Jeffrey L. Nunemacher ’70
Erlinda and Eric B. Nye ’70
dt ogilvie ’70
Carol Stern and Glenn R. Olsen ’70
Teresa and Robert G. Parke ’70
Kathleen (Mooney) ’69 and Byron N. Parrish ’70
Georgeann and George J. Peters, Jr. ’70
William J. Peterson ’70
Deborah (Demy) ’70 and Mark A. Peterson ’70 ^
Gayle E. Pinderhughes ’70
Pat King and Thomas B. Powers ’70
Soula Culver and James W. Pratt, III ’70
Adele Foy and Robert W. Preer ’70
Laurel (Galbraith) ’70 and Rhys Price Jones
Elizabeth W. Ramlow ’70
Ann (Littman) ’70 and Paul Rappoport ’69
Frances S. Reedy ’70
Deborah and Neil E. Reiner ’70
Nancy E. Roth Remington and Thomas F. Remington ’70
Benetta Mansfield and Kalman D. Resnick ’70
Martha (Pettit) ’70 and Jay M. Ressler
Kathleen (Flanders) ’70 and William J. Rich ’70
Neila K. Richards ’70
Prudence (Turner) ’70 and Richard P. Richards ’65 ^
Jean (Hoose) Rife ’70
Karen L. Roberts ’70
Anna S. Harrington and Donald W. Robinson ’70
Miyoko Miyazawa and Reginald G. Rodgers ’70
Susan Schaffer ’70 and Michael P. Rogan ’70
Catherine A. Roha ’70
Karen (Richards) Rondestvedt ’70 and Matias Aranda
M. Susan (Rogers) ’69 and Douglas F. Rose ’70
Sylvia E. Rose ’70 and Paul N. Rosenfeld
Ann S. Rosenkranz ’70 and Samuel Campbell
Jayne S. ’70 * and Jeffrey P. Rudolph ’68 ^
Philip A. Rutter ’70
Janet and Burton F. Sachs ’70
Helen K. Schietinger ’70
Harriet R. Pollack and Marc R. Schloss ’70
Joan and Paul M. Schoenfeld ’70
Ann (Hammack) ’70 and Walter E. Shaffer ’71
William H. Shalen ’70
Lissa J. Paris and Robert B. Shapiro ’70
Susan B. Shelton ’70
Judith Ann (Greene) ’70 and Charles A. Shepard ’68
Karen (Beck) ’70 and Carl N. Skold ’68
Sandra E. and Charles M. Sledd ’70
Judith D. Small ’70 and Robert Fitzgerald
Rebecca F. and Gregory A. Smith ’70
Margaret (Fluck) ’70 and Gary R. Smith ’70
Dorine R. MacDonald and Richard S. Solberg ’70
Dixie A. Sommers ’70
Anne Spielberg ’81 and John T. Armstrong ’70
Connie R. Springer ’70 and Steven Kosztala
Linda S. Steck ’70 and David Rosen
Robert W. Steyer ’70
Leslie M. Swartz ’70
Julia E. Tanner ’70
Anne (Blodgett) ’70 and Russell P. Taub ’72
Calvin M. Taylor ’70
Kenneth S. Templeton ’70
George W. Thegze ’70
Jennifer A. Thiermann ’70 and Robert M. Sheridan ’70
Helen P. and Jan C. Ting ’70
Cynthia J. Krendl ’70 and John E. Titus ’71 ^
Marta L. Tobey ’70 and Roger Ramey
Karen A. and Robert M. Tuttle ’70
Kathleen Huntington and Buddy Ullman ’70
Laurie Van Brunt ’70 and Theodore Schoen
Diane (Kaplan) ’70 and Amiram Vinokur
Laura J. von Doenhoff ’70
Katharine F. Wall ’70
Helen D. Ward ’70 and Allen D. Lowe ^
Caroline Wareham ’70 and Bruce A. Smith
Robert D. Watts ’70
Marilyn F. Lorenz-Weinkauff and David J. Weinkauff ’70
Ann L. Twombly and Thomas G. Wellman, Jr. ’70
E. Ann (Zander) West ’70
Helen (Robison) ’70 and Stuart S. White ’69 ^
Joan Brasier and Paul J. Wilczynski ’70
Louise (Cherry) ’70 and Alexander C. Wilkinson ^
Jane Hamilton and Robert P. Willard ’70
Margaret L. Wilson ’70
Nancy J. Wilson ’71 and David S. Miller ’70
Dina Dubois and Daniel C. Wing ’70
Gail A. and Michael R. Wolfson ’70
Gail (Horn) ’70 and Reid Wood ’70
Keren Woodward ’70 and Mary Ann Brownstein
Alice R. Trenholme and William E. Yancey ’70
Cecile (Cazort) ’70 and Jonathan Zorach ’69 ^
Dorothy D. Lambdin and Lawrence D. Abraham ’71
Maryan (Wynn) ’71 and Charles H. Ainsworth, Jr. ’72 ^
Tanja Eikenboom and Frederick H. Albrink ’71 ^
Colette (Hill) Allen ’71
Kathryn L. Amiet ’71
Mary (Murph) ’71 and Richard B. Bader ’70
Dragana I. Bajalovic-Andersen ’71 and Dennis Andersen
Harold T. Baker ’71
Linda J. Golden ’74 and Jesse Baumgold ’71
Paula (Bernstein) ’75 and Charles C. Baymiller ’71
Judith M. Belgrade ’71 and Peter T. Reeves ’71 ^
Emilie L. Bergmann ’71 and Charlotte C. Rubens
Ann C. Hobson and Roy A. Black ’71
Kevin Mulligan and Joseph J. Blitman ’71
Liz Huang and Randall D. Bongarten ’71
Willem H. Brakel ’71
Diane (Katzenberg) ’71 and Peter Braun ’71 ^
Bethel (Bittel) ’71 and William A. Breen ’70
Alice J. Brown and Peter R. Brest ’71
Wendy (Greene) ’71 and Jeffrey G. Bricmont ’68
Calvin E. Bruce ’71
Elizabeth G. Burr ’71
Stuart J. Butterfield ’71
Lee (Watson) Cassidy ’71
Melanie A. Castell ’71 and John D. Webb
Joanne (Krall) ’71 and Sherwood M. Chetlin
Jan (Weintraub) ’71 and Barry E. Cobb
Janet E. Cobb ’71 and Alfred Eschwe
Mary Louise Cohen ’71 and Richard Alexander
Barbara G. Cohn ’71
Leslie Conton ’71
Karen A. Coombs ’71 and John F. Mugno ’71
Ronald A. Copes ’71
Roberta B. Corrigan ’71 and John Surber
Carolyn F. Corwin ’71 and James F. Fish
Kirsten Stockman and Thomas G. Crikelair ’71
Barbara S. Cross ’71 and Roy Call
Julia (Lucas) ’71 and Thomas L. Curtis ’71
Donna and Robert M. Cynkar ’71
Janet and William M. Dallas, Jr. ’71
Steward L. Davis ’71
Nancy (Alexander) ’71 and James Davis
Motoko (Taniguchi) ’71 and Gordon L. Deane ’71
Laura P. Peckman and Christopher Densmore ’71 ^
Lucille J. Dickinson ’71
Ann B. Morse and David K. Dickinson ’71 ^
Elizabeth Marshall and George T. DiFerdinando, Jr. ’71 ^
Sandra (Lindsay) ’73 and Lawrence N. Doreson ’71
Carol (Woodward) ’71 and Jerome Doutriaux
Daniel K. Duffey ’71
Dee F. Eaker ’71
Karen (Smith) Eastman Barger ’71 and William E. Barger
David J. Eaton ’71
Mary M. Elmer-Dewitt and Philip W. Elmer-DeWitt ’71
Bruce H. Ente ’71
Karyn Gilvarg and Eric W. Epstein ’71
Mary A. Evangelista ’71
Judith (DeJarnatt) ’71 and Paul S. Fardig ’69
Barbara (Ellerman) Farmer ’71
Bonnie S. Lawrence ’70 and John M. Farmer ’71
Valetta H. Fellenbaum ’71
Janet N. Field ’71 and Dean Todd
Elliot B. Figman ’71
Mary E. Fischer ’71 ^
Ronnie S. Fischer ’71 and Charles P. Sweet ’71
Jeanne (Kierman) ’71 and Norman C. Fischer ’71
Frederick B. Fisher ’71
Louis M. Fleming ’71
Carol (Wilson) ’70 and Peter J. Forsythe ’71
Joan B. Freeman ’71
John S. French ’71
Laura (Zimmer) ’71 and Richard M. Gardner *
Janneane (Ferguson) ’71 and Martin P. Gent ’71 ^
Kenneth S. Glasser ’71
Deborah (Gratz) ’71 and Jeffrey I. Gordon ’69
Julie Simon and Vin Grabill ’71 ^
Allison (Brunberg) ’71 and Robert C. Grayson
Carolyn Gressitt ’71 and John Freyermuth
Karen J. O’Neill and John C. Grosjean ’71
Barbara (Dunlap) ’70 and George S. Gulgas ’71
Katherine (Krall) Guy ’71
Camilla B. Haase ’71
Marian E. Hahn ’71
Kathie Hammond ’71
Marcia (Griglak) ’71 and Robert G. Hankle
Leanne and Steven A. Hardy ’71
Jeffry M. Harris ’71
Susan B. and Thomas E. Haynes ’71
Tulle I. Hazelrigg ’71 and Martin Chalfie
Sharon (Ishiki) ’71 and Dan E. Hendriksen ’71
Jean E. Henssler ’71
Kathleen F. and William F. Holmstrom, Jr. ’71
Terri (Miller) ’71 and Robert B. Hopkins ’70 ^
Linda Jacobson ’71
Kathleen (Hanisko) ’71 and Mark Jaffee ’67 ^
Ruth B. Jarmul ’71 and Irvin A. Rosenthal
Katherine (Bradley)’71 and Jeffrey H. Johnson
Nancy E. Lee and Gordon J. Johnson ’71
Beryl R. Jones-Woodin ’71 and Peter H. Woodin
Melody (Craft) ’71 and Steve Karian
Mary Detweiler and Joel R. Katz ’71
Veronica I. Kenney ’71 and Christopher T. Lenk
Jennie (Richard) ’71 and Scott D. King ’70
Irene A. Konefal ’71
Diane Herrick-Kvistad and Garry M. Kvistad ’71
David J. Kyler ’71
Jeanne L. Larsen ’71 and Thomas H. Mesner
Alice (Leslie) ’71 and Stephen J. Lawrence
Gretchen (Van Meter) ’71 and Samuel T. Lawton, III ’71
Judith Y. Lee ’71 and Joseph W. Slade, III
Marian Naessens and Fernando S. Leon ’71
Keith L. Leung ’71
Virginia (Freschl) ’70 and Raymond G. Levi ’71
Chia-Ping C. and Tim L. Liang ’71
Nancy (Peregrim) ’71 and Stephen R. Marion
Elaine Keane and Richard Maslow ’71
Edith A. Matter ’71
Joan L. Maxmin ’71
Mignon Mazique ’71 and James Rue
Patricia (Burd) ’71 * and Scott W. McCone ’71
Beverly E. Burke and John A. McGowan ’71
Toby J. McIntosh ’71 ^
Ann Maria Celona ’73 and John F. Mello ’71 ^
Frances (Katzman) ’71 and Stephen A. Meyer ’70
Ronita Cromwell and Paul E. Meyers ’71
Julia and John L. Miller ’71
M. B. Morse and Brian E. Miller ’71
Susan and Henry W. Mirbach ’71
Joseph Misner ’71
Katherine (Nuckolls) Monti ’71
Charles A. Moore ’71
Joseph R. Morris ’71
Naomi E. Nemtzow ’71 and Peter Casanave ^
Lydia F. Newcombe ’71
Nora Paley and Steven Niederhauser ’71
Barbara Cregan and Mark G. Nixon ’71
Christina and John L. Norris, Jr. ’71
Ruth E. Norton ’71
Leslie (Berman) ’73 and Geoffrey A. Oelsner ’71 ^
Ogunremi (Powell) Ogunlana ’71
Michael F. O’Hara ’71
Heather (Partridge) ’71 and Martin L. Oppenheimer ’71
Anne S. and Charles H. Palmer, III ’71
Richard E. Pedersen ’71
Joan Kaup and Richard F. Pender ’71
Sheila (Craig) ’71 and M. Michael Phillips
Aviva and Yehudah H. Plaut ’71 ^
John P. Powers ’71
Georgia (Arnold) ’71 and Ernesto A. Ramirez
Rosedelia P. and James D. Redwood ’71 ^
Lucy J. Reuben ’71 and John A. Cole
Frances (Phelan) ’71 and Thomas J. Roach, Jr. ’71
Patricia (Nelson) ’71 and Edward H. Rogers, Jr. ^
Lois A. Rosow ’71 and Seth Young
Julia (Howe) ’71 and Benjamin M. Rowland
Richard E. Rubin ’71
Holly and Paul C. Rubinstein ’71
Joanne (During) Runkel ’71
Cyrisse L. and Wendell P. Russell, Jr. ’71
Jane L. Burk and Philip J. Santamaria ’71
Sara Savitz ’71
Irene E. and Paul E. Schaffner ’71 ^
Helen E. Watts and Justus J. Schlichting ’71
Alice (Bragg) ’71 and Ernst Schori
Beth Graham and William F. Schulz, III ’71
Mary L. Selkirk ’71 and Lee Ballance
Ann (Hammack) ’70 and Walter E. Shaffer ’71
Haewon Song and Robert G. Shannon ’71 ^
Deborah J. Kimball and Eugene K. Shear ’71
Susan E. Sherry ’71 and Bill Bradley
Sharon (Toll) ’71 and Ira S. Silverman
Vicki (Wheeler) ’71 and Randy Simmons
Earl R. Singleton ’71
Victoria (Ressmeyer) ’71 and Robert B. Sirota ’71
Elizabeth (Durkin) ’71 and Francis Slusarczyk
Barbara J. ’71 and George W. Snead ’68
Barbara Rowe and Peter J. Sowiski ’71 ^
Roxann Fritz and Gerald R. Specht ’71
Ann (Morelli) ’71 and Eldon Spencer
Martha (Easter) ’71 and David A. Sperry
Laura Ashkin ’73 and Christopher D. Stanton ’71
David F. Starks ’71
Pru Stasikewich ’71
Mary E. Stuart ’71 and Samuel H. Austell
Beatrice A. Camp ’72 and David C. Summers ’71
Michael B. Surratt ’71
Diane (Singer) ’72 and Peter E. Swords ’71 ^
Danny J. Terrible ’71
Janet (Botsford) ’71 and Wendell A. Thrush
Suzanne Spicer and John P. Tiemstra ’71
Cynthia J. Krendl ’70 and John E. Titus ’71 ^
Mariko (Kon) ’71 and Kazuo Tokito ’72
Nancy (Glasser) ’69 and Bradley J. Toney ’71
Edith (Hardcastle) ’71 and Robert C. Vaughan
Joan A. Calabrese and Niel Waletzky ’71
Helen Walker ’71
Lynn K. Walterick ’71
Kathryn (Paul) Waters ’71
Sandra (Nethercott) ’71 and Stephen M. Waters
Elizabeth Copley and Thomas W. Weeks ’71
Hye G. Jang and William J. Weidman ’71
Marlene (Bruce) ’71 and Donald J. Welch ’69
Christine Wenderoth ’71 and Thomas Haverly
Kenneth W. Wilson ’71
Nancy J. Wilson ’71 and David S. Miller ’70
Evelyn Wilson ’71 and Charles A. Shropshire *
Carol Wincenc ’71 and Douglas Webster
Ann Wiselogle ’71
Dolores (Dickerson) Woehrmann ’61 and James R. Woehrmann * ’71 ^
Bradford B. Woelfel ’71
Rosemary S. Woodruff-Hoffman ’71 and Andrew Hoffman
Sharon A. Fass and Samuel L. Yates ’71
Ann Johnson and Thomas F. Zelenka ’71
Abby G. and Tom I. Abelson ’72
Maryan (Wynn) ’71 and Charles H. Ainsworth, Jr. ’72 ^
Ann L. Baltz and David M. Aks ’72
Midori (Takehita) ’72 and Paul J. Anderer
Paula E. Shilton ’74 and Douglas A. Anderson ’72 ^
Robert M. Anderson ’72
Katherine B. and Eric A. Arbiter ’72
Susan (Moench) ’73 and Jonathan J. Art ’72
Jessica Schjott and Sidney B. Auerbach ’72
Jacqueline and Thomas B. Axtell ’72
Nanci (Kahle) ’72 and John C. Bailey
Judith Wildman Bannerman and Kenneth S. Bannerman ’72
Ardith S. Bausenbach ’72 and Robert E. Love ’64
Douglas W. Baxter ’72
Maria T. Robinson and David B. Bayless ’72
Paul Berg ’72
Linda S. Bergmann ’72 ^
Suzanne E. Bernstein ’72 ^
Paula (Gropen) ’72 and Robert A. Biles, Jr. ’72
Robin (Silverblatt) ’72 and Frederick M. Black ’73
Agnes (Zalay) ’72 and James R. Blodgett
Christine S. Boardman ’72 and Howard J. Lansing *
Bonnie (Gray) ’72 and J R. Boulding
Frances A. Boyd ’72 and Carlos S. Velazquez
Marta E. Braiterman-Tanenbaum ’72 and Irwin A. Tanenbaum ’69 ^
Lawrence P. Breslauer ’72
Joy and Bruce E. Breslauer ’72
Wendy Breuer ’72 and Charles M. Crane ^
Carol and James L. Buchanan ’72
Susan (Silverstein) ’72 and David A. Buck
Angela Steigerwald and Jeremy J. Burdge ’72
Karen (Buck) ’72 and John S. Burgess ’72
Barbara J. Cain ’72 and Paul D. Irvin ^
Barbara L. Callander ’72
Beatrice A. Camp ’72 and David C. Summers ’71
Lynn M. Carlson ’72 and Prescott Winter
Ann B. Cary ’72 and Takayasu Mitani
C J Prentiss and Michael F. Charney ’72
Tara Wohlberg and Stephen Chatman ’72
Nancy Chin ’72 and Edwin Hidano
Etsuko Jennings and Robert L. Clair ’72
Lynn (Schubert) ’72 and Jack L. Clausen
Deborah (Wells) Clinton ’72
Helen M. and Charles I. Cohen ’72
Jill (Marcus) Conklin ’72
Paula Hinton and Craig A. Cosden ’72
Deborah K. Costin ’72
Alice (Hieatt) ’72 and Louis Coulombe ^
Marcy (Smith) ’72 and Laird P. Covey ’72
Barbara (Hanna) ’72 and Lawrence S. Creider
John T. Curtis ’72
Joy P. da Silveira ’72
Georganne (Cassat) ’72 and Ludovico D’Angelo
Susan Wood * and Peter G. Davis ’72
Margaret (Metcalf) ’72 and Steven L. Dawson ’72 ^
Lora (Ching) ’72 and Robert W. Deahl ’50
Michele DeShaw ’72 and Tim Smeekens
Katherine (Schlivek) ’72 and Richard L. Diamond
Marian (Peck) ’72 and Michael D. Dirda ’70 ^
Dorothy A. Douglas ’72 and Walter Buechler
Stephen A. Dove ’72
Diane D. Drew ’72 and Michael Rahimi
Hilary (Cohen) ’72 and Richard H. Drucker
Stephen Dunn ’72
Joann and Brenton P. Dutton ’72
Margaret E. Dyson-Cobb ’72 and J W. King
Leslie Carolyn (Cosby)’70 and Glenn R. Edwards ’72
Lila C. Ehlke ’72
Irene Breslow and Gerald M. Eisenberg ’72
David N. Ekstrom ’72 and Hrafn Oli Sigurdsson
Sally (Beu) ’72 and Horace W. Emery ’72
Victoria A. Erhart ’72 and Jerome H. Abrams
Helene (Adamczyk) ’72 and David L. Everson ’72
Emilia and Donald A. Falk ’72
Shelley and Elliott L. Fineman ’72 ^
Joanne L. Fisher ’72
Jayne and Byron D. Foley ’72
Sandra (Scott) Forrest ’72
Deborah (Swanger) ’72 and Francis J. Fortier ^
C. Claire Frierson ’72
Richard G. Fron ’72
Mary C. Frye ’72 and Irwin A. Popowsky
Linda (Myles) ’65 and John F. Gates, III ’72 ^
Denise (Dallas) Gibson ’72
Natalie J. Gilbert ’72
Amy J. Gittler ’72 and Michael W. Sillyman
Anita F. Glick ’72
Maggie Poole and Hall N. Goff ’72
Cynthia J. Bray and John W. Golay ’72 ^
Pnina and Richard M. Gold ’72
Pamela J. Goldin ’72 and John P. Perschbacher
Joy and Paul C. Goldsberry ’72
Steven M. Goldstein ’72 ^
Jill Gorvoy ’72
Joan and Robert C. Gotwald ’72
Deborah Gray ’72
Nelli and Victor C. Guerrieri ’72
Esma and Omer Hadziselimovic ’72 ^
Margarette (Rosowski) ’72 and Richard K. Hallmark ’66
Ann E. Halteman ’72 and Vincenzo Santone
John W. Hansbury ’72
Ilene and Richard S. Harris ’72
Georjean and Edward F. Hartfield ’72
William M. Hartman ’72
Linda (Streiff) ’72 and Theodore K. Hoch ’69
Susan and Stephen A. Hoffenberg ’72
Marian S. Rubenstein Hoffman ’72 and Alan B. Hoffman ’72
Margaret (Neville) ’72 and Maurice V. Holmes, Jr.
Deborah Jacobs ’72 and Robert J. Evert
Nancy (Luther) Jara ’72
Eric G. Johnson ’72
Patricia (Domres) ’72 and Vijay K. Kapur
Nancy Keppelman ’72 and Michael E. Smerza
Jacqueline Bird and Kent T. Keyser ’72
Madeleine (Helme) ’72 and Robert A. Kimmich, Jr.
Linda A. Kirwin ’72
Patricia R. Klein ’72 and Alan S. Task
Peter A. Klein ’72
Robert P. Klotz ’72 and Deborah Lamb ^
Nancy M. Kraus ’72 and Frederick R. Dettmer
Thomas J. Kren ’72 and E. Bruce Robertson
Marcia (Brumit) ’72 and Roger A. Kropf ’68
Keiko and Christopher J. La Fleur ’72
Elizabeth and Scott R. Lassar ’72
Barbara and John L. Laster ’72 ^
Leslie A. Lawrence ’72 ^
Barbara (Steinberg) ’72 and Charles R. Lawrence ^
Lia and Nelson J. Lee ’72
Cynthia Robinson and Warren E. Leon ’72
Lauren E. Lepow ’72 and Michael Montgomery
Robert G. Levy ’72
Mary Milgrom and John H. Lichten ’72
Anne S. Churchill and James N. Lindsay ’72
Jane R. Littmann ’72
Kathleen and Benjamin R. Locke ’72
Alice (Sessions) ’72 and Marc J. Lonoff ’72
Janet P. Lord ’72
Elizabeth (Langlois) ’72 and John C. Lorenz ’72
Wendy C. Losh ’72 and Kendall D. Johnson
Donna Carney and Russell L. Malmberg ’72
Lonni S. Johnson and Henry J. Martin ’72
Karen K. Masaki ’72 and Paul Freeman
Emily L. Granrud ’73 and G. R. McDonald ’72
Carolyn and Ted H. McGrath ’72
Bernice K. McIntyre ’72 and Michael H. Pete
Linda (Hotchkiss) ’72 and Romesh C. Mehta ^
Renee (Page) ’72 and Eric Meyer
Susan D. Michaelis ’72
Deborah A. Middaugh ’72 and Douglas H. Linz
Marilyn S. Milberger ’72
Susan T. Miller ’72 * and Jeffery Gale
Ann M. Miller ’72 and John Temple
Elizabeth and Richard D. Mingus ’72
Carolyn (Clark) ’72 and Harry W. Mohrmann
Elizabeth and Robert E. Moorehead ’72
Elizabeth (Milburn) ’72 and Lawrence B. Morris
David O. Muchmore ’72
Laura (Freundlich) ’72 and Philipp Muessig
Thomas J. Myers ’72
Helene M. Nelson ’72 and James L. Arts
Joan (Gleberman) ’74 and Kenneth E. Nelson ’72
Marjorie (Gile) ’72 and William J. Ness
Margaret and Robert D. Niehaus ’72 ^
Ruth M. Olmsted ’72 and Lawrence D. Syzdek
James D. Owen ’72
Joan M. Jakubiak and John F. Patterson ’72
Gregory H. Patton ’72
Martha and William B. Peck ’72
Linda and David V. Perkins ’72
Joan (Teigland) ’72 and Paul Peterson
Kristin L. Peterson ’72 and Everett E. Tyree
Suzanne (Stokoe) ’72 and William Phillips
Delia C. Pitts ’72 and John W. Vincent
Elin Quigley ’72 and Charles B. Andrews
Lisa (Weinberg) ’72 and Harold N. Rabinowitz
Bruce A. Ratcliffe ’72
Beverly Posa and John G. Reiss ’72 ^
Rosalyn J. Rettman ’72 and Kenneth C. Baseman
Abby M. Rich ’72
Susan and Gordon T. Ridley ’72
Marcie (Berman) ’72 and Charles P. Ries
Agnes Rona ’72 and Michael A. Henry
Shira J. Rosan ’72
Linda Harris and Jonathan R. Ross ’72
Ruth E. Rowan ’72 and Brian Swanson
Sarah Rubin ’72 and James O. Blose ^
Naomi and Marc Sacks ’72
Ann K. Sakai ’72 and Stephen G. Weller
Joanne T. Sanders-Reio ’72 and Tom Reio
Mimi C. Satter ’72 and Terry Mundy
Sally W. Sawyer ’72 and E P. Scrivani
Jessica (Schorr) ’72 and Allen B. Saxe
Gail-Toby (Marshall) ’72 and Michael V. Schack ’72
Mark W. Schonbeck ’72
Suzanne (Miller) ’72 and Timothy L. Schoolmaster
Diana Ahlem and Charles J. Schwartz ’72
Deborah R. Sternberg and Michael W. Sculnick ’72 ^
Scott R. Semans ’72
Margaret and Thomas A. Sheehan ’72
Roger W. Sherman ’72
Virginia F. Coleman and David E. Shipley ’72
Martha and Robert Sikkema ’72
Diane M. Kray and Theodor E. Simon ’72
Hilary A. Soller ’72 and David M. Scoggin
Jean (Kraegel) ’72 and John Stanton
Nancy E. Stead ’72 and William Pincus
Janet E. Muir and David Suehsdorf ’72
Stephen D. Suloway ’72
Martha (Kirk) ’75 and Ernest A. Swartz ’72
Diane (Singer) ’72 and Peter E. Swords ’71 ^
Anne (Blodgett) ’70 and Russell P. Taub ’72
Melanie (Foster) Taylor ’72
Katherine A. TeKolste ’72 and David P. Tempest ’72
Barbara Y. Thomas ’72
William E. Thomas ’72
Naomi and Stephen P. Toder ’72 ^
Mariko (Kon) ’71 and Kazuo Tokito ’72
Joan (Langworthy) ’72 and Steven A. Tomek
Harriette E. Treloar ’72
Robin and Mark J. Twery ’72 ^
Cecilia A. Rogers and Ray W. Urwin ’72
Betsy (Kip) ’72 and James G. Uzzell
Anne L. Josephson and Dolph J. Vanderpol ’72 ^
Maura (Saltzman) ’72 and Tom Vazakas
David L. Walker ’72
Peggy (Sansing) Walter ’72
Bernadette Breithautt and Dennis J. Warman ’72
Deborah (Lessans) ’72 and Kenneth B. Wasser ’73 ^
Consuelo C. Cocadiz and Ted J. Watanabe ’72
Christopher C. Weed ’72
Karen Kushner and Robert W. Weirich ’72
Susan (Strauss) ’72 and Paul G. Weisberg
Deborah and Andrew R. Weiss ’72
Lawrence M. Wexler ’72 and Walter D. Brown
Kathryn and Ewart J. White, III ’72
Nancy (Darrow) ’72 and David E. Whiteside
Ellen and David A. Willcox ’72
Abby C. Williams ’72
Peters D. Willson ’72
Mary C. Wilson ’72
Charles S. Yarnoff ’72
Judith (Haskell) ’72 and Milas Zernich ’72 ^
Gila M. Lewit and Peter J. Acker ’73
Susan Agate ’73 and Michael H. Slutsky
Tamara and Timothy E. Albrecht ’73
Maureen and Thomas E. Allenson ’73
Wendy M. Anker ’73 and Edward J. Reed ^
Barbara F. Weiserbs and David M. Arnow ’73 ^
Susan (Moench) ’73 and Jonathan J. Art ’72
Laura Ashkin ’73 and Christopher D. Stanton ’71
Judith (Elkan) ’73 and Alvin Atkins
Barbara (Kelly) ’73 and Prudencio D. Balatero
Selvyn L. Banner ’73
Margaret A. Ojala and John D. Barbour ’73
Katherine T. Kobayashi and Harold S. Barron ’73
Madeline L. Baum ’73 and Robert Blythe
William R. Dinneen ’73 and Peter D. Beck ’73
Eugene A. Beer ’73
Lauren B. Baker and Eric W. Black ’73 ^
Robin (Silverblatt) ’72 and Frederick M. Black ’73
Lisa R. Block ’73 and Theodore N. Bloch ’74 ^
Jane and Don M. Blumenthal ’73
Michael E. Boren ’73
Stephanie B. DiCenzo ’74 and Kent H. Borges ’73
Jessica (Anderson) ’73 and Thomas H. Botsford ’73
Ann C. Bucklin ’73 and Peter Wiebe
Robin J. Bushman ’73
Karen (Rosenberg) ’73 and Steven Caccavo ’70
Sharon and Robert A. Camner ’73
Lydia Cassorla ’73
Ann Maria Celona ’73 and John F. Mello ’71 ^
David B. Christie ’73
Douglas W. Clark ’73
Nancy (Bick) ’73 and Francis J. Clark, III
Patrick L. Clawson ’73
Edith Whitehill Clowes ’73 and Craig L. Huneke ’73 ^
Marilyn (Petrides) ’73 and Robert F. Cohen
Carol A. Neustadt and Barry Cohen ’73
Robert Coppersmith ’73 ^
Lee A. Crocker ’73 and Richard P. Welker
Dorothy (Crow) ’73 and Gary L. Crow-Willard
Jean and Cameron J. Dasch ’73
Barbara Lang and John O. DeLancey ’73
E. Jacquelin Dietz ’73 and Richard W. Morris
Andrea L. DiLorenzo ’73 and Jay Bayerl
Sandra (Lindsay) ’73 and Lawrence N. Doreson ’71
Marilyn M. Doyle ’73 and Michael Chitty
Judy Alba and Lawrence C. Drake, Jr. ’73
Francoise Joaquin and Robert L. Drogin ’73
Martin P. Dugan ’73
Sue (Niederhauser) ’73 and Carroll R. Edmondson ^
Cheryl G. Feldman ’73 and Stephen Ebner
Ellen B. Felker ’73 and Peri Danton, Jr. ’73
Helen A. Finch ’73 and Kathleen McCowan
Peggy and Lee I. Fisher ’73
Zenobia and Edward S. Fishman ’73
Betty A. Fletcher ’73 and Norman W. Baylor
Barbara and John T. Forsythe ’73
Ellen and Jeffrey A. Foust ’73
Marjorie A. Fowler ’73 and Karl G. Kachergis
Sally J. Fox ’73 and Steve Brown
Sarah Fraley ’73
Marsha Kaufman and Peter T. Fuller ’73
Loraine F. Gardner ’73 and Daniel L. Dolgin
Marion M. Garver ’73
Joyce (Baker) ’73 and Larry E. Gates
Leslie S. Gerstman ’73 and Clifford P. Hooker
Saroj (Nadkarni) ’73 and Vinod M. Ghoting
Catherine (Shaffer) ’73 and Robert O. Gjerdingen
Jonathan D. Golby ’73
Marcia C. ’73 and Samuel Goldberg
Jill and Larry S. Goldman ’73
Joan O. Goldsmith ’73 and Mort Schlesinger
Nancy and Glenn S. Gollobin ’73
Kathleen T. Fitzgerald and Mark B. Gombiner ’73
Emily L. Granrud ’73 and G. R. McDonald ’72
Marjorie Neifeld and Paul J. Grayson ’73
Elizabeth Skarie and Jerry Greenfield ’73
Sue Greer-Pitt ’73 and John E. Pitt
Barbara Barris and Steven A. Grossman ’73
Judith L. Grubner ’73 and Craig Jobson
Eileen J. Grycky ’73
Susan (Johnson) ’73 and Jim Gullickson
Susan and Richard N. Haass ’73
Sheridan (Smith) ’73 and Mark T. Harrington
Mary (Cognetta) ’73 and Murray P. Heaton ’73 ^
Ellen (Friedman) ’73 and Philip Heidelberger ’74 ^
Ruth S. Hoberman ’73 and Richard Sylvia
Cynthia Frawley and Burton H. Holmes, Jr. ’73
Shirley J. Hon ’73
James A. Horwath ’73 and J. Stephen Richards
Barbara (Peterson) Hruda ’73
Margaret L. Hume ’73
Wayne G. Johns ’73
Patricia (Holdridge) ’73 and Lee Johnson
Sylvia R. Kahan ’73
Debbie and Michael E. Kamarck ’73 ^
Anne R. Kaplan ’73 and James C. Moss
Judith (Webb) ’74 and Joshua M. Kay ’73
Karen (Sprunk) Kaye ’73
Lisa A. Johnson and Timothy P. Kelly ’73
Lynn (Keith-Swenson) ’73 and John L. Kelly
Katherine P. Kemler ’73 and Paul Hayden
Susan (Nayer) ’73 and Richard M. Kesner ’73
Carol (Johnson) ’73 and John F. King
Yvette (Sheahan) ’73 and William C. Kirby
Kati Johnson and Steven R. Koepke ’73
Estelle and Dennis J. Krumholz ’73
Lois V. Kuter ’73
Kathleen (Gurd) ’73 and John Lamb ’67 ^
Kathy and Michael Lamensdorf ’73
Cheryl (Parks) ’73 and Earle H. Lawrence, Jr.
Peter M. LeBar ’73
Deborah (Lee) ’75 and Christopher D. LeeKeenan ’73
Lisa Lewis and John J. Lepiarz ’73
Nicola M. Courtright ’76 and David A. Levine ’73
Arlene Kurlan and Jack M. Levine ’73
Julia E. McMurray and Mark Linzer ’73
Leslie (Brenner) ’74 and Stephen A. Lipschultz ’73 ^
Judith A. Feins and Richard A. London ’73
Paula (Glazer) ’73 and Howard Luxenberg
Margaret A. Schiller and Mark H. Maier ’73 ^
Lewis C. Maldonado ’73
June and Mark C. Malonek ’73
Steven R. Mann ’73
Ruth and Thomas O. Manning ’73
Carole and Michael E. Marks ’73
Lucy K. Marks ’73 and Scott Sprinzen ^
Barbara T. Martin ’73
Patricia A. McConnell ’73 and Richard M. Betheil ’73
Diane H. McGuire ’73 and Laurence Taaffe
Margaret D. Moench and Ira S. Mellman ’73 ^
Patricia A. Menges ’73 and Gregory N. Freerksen
Christine (Blann) ’73 and Thomas L. Mergenthaler
Marsha J. Merrill ’73 and Robert J. McNurlan
Debra Brooks and James W. Meunier ’73
Donna and Joseph P. Miller, Jr. ’73
Todd E. Milton ’73
Janet (Montgomery) ’73 and Gary L. Montroy
Audrey S. Werner and James J. Moriarty ’73
Susan and James A. Morrell ’73
Patsy (Jennings) ’73 and Allen J. Morton, Jr. ’74
Christianne (Coursen) ’73 and Richard B. Moseson ’73
Robert R. Muder ’73
Anne Neufeld Rutz ’73 and Daniel C. Rutz
Todd L. Newmark ’73
Hazel (Nevin) ’73 and Jeremy R. Newton
Suzanne B. O’Connell ’73 and Thomas Christopher
Leslie (Berman) ’73 and Geoffrey A. Oelsner ’71 ^
Richard C. Orloff ’73
Margaret (Tresch) ’74 and Stuart F. Owen ’73
Deborah A. Packard ’73 ^
Carolyn (Jones) ’73 and Walter D. Parkhurst
Helen (Sive) ’73 and Arthur Paxton
Sharon (Lemaster) Payne ’73
Karen A. Peterson ’73
Georgette C. Poindexter and Peter C. Phillips ’73
Ellen Mayer and Malcolm G. Pittman, III ’73
Karen (Johnson) ’73 and Russell W. Pittman ’73 ^
Daniela and Eli Pollack ’73
Mary (Dodd) ’73 and Charles E. Porter ’74
Lawrence R. Posner ’73
Lois M. Powell ’73 and Brenda A. Joyner
Linda (Peffer) ’74 and Jerry O. Powell ’73 ^
Brenda and Lawrence S. Praga ’73
Rose M. Rambo ’73 and Jim Clark
Penny Nanstiel and Philip D. Reid ’73
Patricia O’Kelly and Thomas J. Reilly ’73
Lynne Pepall and Daniel J. Richards ’73
Leslie Thomas-Rieser and Nicholas C. Rieser ’73
Thomas L. Riis ’73
Marcia G. Robeson ’73 and Eric B. Rounds
Sandra (Hawkins) Robinson ’73
Jean C. Robinson ’73 and Jacob Bielasiak
Sally P. Grucan and Joseph T. Rouse ’73 ^
Donna K. Rushin ’73
Jonathan A. Sacks ’73
Robin and Richard M. Salter ’73
Elisa Hurley and Stephen B. Sampson ’73
JoEllen (Mandery) ’73 and Angel Sanchez
Joan M. Sapinsley ’73 and Richard H. Lewis ’73 ^
Dianne Burt and James L. Sardonis, Jr. ’73 ^
Richard J. Seckel ’73
Evalyn A. Seidman ’73
Cathy E. Shaw ’73 and Robert Barkin
Marla K. Shoemaker ’73 and Gregory G. Alexander
Nailah (Powers) ’73 and Teepu Siddique
Cynthia P. Sides ’73 and Lynn Gallagher
Rebecca A. Siebens ’73
Margaret Clark Silberman and Ralph M. Silberman ’73
Susan L. Jacobs and Stephen L. Skowronek ’73
Rachel C. Skvirsky ’73 and Stephen I. Craine ’68
Judith A. Slein ’73
Leslie Smith ’73 and Peter R. Morance
Margaret (Amey) ’73 and Charles B. Smith ’73
Karen J. Walls and William A. Smith ’73
Janet B. Stanton ’74 and Philip L. Sohm ’73
Paul B. Solyn ’73
Susan L. Somers ’73
Debra and Charles A. Spitulnik ’73 ^
Timothy H. Stanton ’73
Victoria Stevens ’73 and Alan R. Drengson
Jennifer A. Stone ’73
Paulette and Darrick Strange ’73
Ruth A. Van Putten and Jeffrey L. Strassenburg ’73
Elizabeth (Starr) ’74 and Jeffrey D. Stroomer ’73
Alalia (Kempner) ’73 and Frederick Thaler
Dominique H. Vasseur ’73
Beverly M. Vaughn ’73 and Steven Hershey
Judith M. Schelly and Michael S. Walden ’73 ^
Lynn D. Walker ’73 and John R. Newbrough
Barbara (Bedard) ’73 and John Walsh
Catherine and John K. Walsh, Jr. ’73
Deborah (Lessans) ’72 and Kenneth B. Wasser ’73 ^
Barbara L. West and Daniel L. Weber ’73
Abigail and Louis R. Weigele ’73
Janell and Frank M. Weinstock ’73
Laverne (Robinson) ’73 and Franklin Weldon
Teresita (Conley) ’73 and William T. Whitaker ^
Holly A. Kempner ’74 and Warren O. White ’73
Andrea (Curme) ’73 and John L. Willey
Walter M. Wininsky ’73
Cathy S. Woodring ’73 and Yoram B. Leitner ’73 ^
Charles R. Woods ’73
Janet L. Wynn ’73 and Roger Kubarych
Kathryn A. Yorkievitz ’73 and John C. Dernbach
Diane C. Yu ’73 and Michael J. Delaney
Jamie (Miller) ’77 and James L. Abelson ’74
Elena L. Diaz-Delgado and James S. Amelang ’74
Yukiko Kanai and Bruce R. Anderson ’74
Barbara (Katz) ’74 and David Arky
George B. Armstrong ’74
Ami and James S. Ball ’74 ^
Colleen D. and Alan M. Ball ’74 ^
Mary L. McClintock and Thomas A. Balmer ’74 ^
Ricardo D. Barreto ’74
Susan (Shaffner) ’74 and J C. Baylies
Joan (Stiles) ’74 and Michael K. Bell ’75 ^
Carol (Oberhausen) Benjamin ’74 and David Onwood
Perla Benrubi ’74
Susan (Segal) ’74 and Paul Bernstein
David L. Bersohn ’74
Meryl J. Bisberg ’74 and Dane Cochran
Brauna J. Hartzell and Jeffrey A. Blakely ’74
David A. Blazer ’74
Lisa R. Block ’73 and Theodore N. Bloch ’74 ^
Susan A. Bloomfield ’74
Paulette C. Bogert ’74
Barbara and David R. Bonham ’74
Brenda (Cole) Bonhomme ’74
Michele Beasley and Ernest J. Bonhomme ’74
Ira L. Braus ’74
Cynthia A. Brown ’74 ^
Susan (Halperin) ’75 and James D. Bryant ’74
Anne G. Burkus-Chasson ’74 and Timothy Chasson
Pauline Ho and Richard J. Buss ’74
Roberta (Found) ’74 and Robert B. Campbell
Joan E. Canfield ’74 and William R. Kramer
Ann (Sursa) ’75 and John B. Carney, Jr. ’74 *
Patricia Checkel ’74 and David Fort
Kathleen Chiavola ’74
James D. Christie ’74 and John R. Finney ’78
Patricia Pecorella and Jonathan A. Cohen ’74
Hilda (Lam) ’74 and Michael S. Collins ’74
Kate Gfeller and Kyran J. Cook ’74
Diane L. Alvary ’75 and Robert C. Cornwell ’74
Renee S. Cox ’74
Ann and Christopher P. Craig ’74
Martha J. Cushman ’74
Joan Wan and Richard S. Dean ’74
Linda M. DeCelles ’74 and Gillis R. Otten ’74
Carole E. Lewis and Peter D. DeHart ’74
Susan L. DeJarnatt ’74 and Peter Schneider
Cameron S. Dibble ’74
Stephanie B. DiCenzo ’74 and Kent H. Borges ’73
Jill (Siegel) ’74 and Martin H. Dodd
Andrea L. Drimmer ’74
Becky Hagen and Eric G. Dudley ’74
Marsha Bradford and Harold A. Dumes ’74
Rogena M. Degge and Douglas M. DuPriest ’74
Heather J. Wilson and Robert A. Edison ’74
Benita (Witherspoon) Edwards ’74
Barbara (Silverblank) ’75 and James P. Eisenstein ’74
Greer Ellison-Wolfson ’74 and Harvey M. Wolfson
Deborah (Dewolf) ’74 and Steven A. Emery ’74
Marcia (Hoskins) ’74 and Jess T. Fardella ^
Jean E. Aurand and Mark E. Farmer ’74
Linda M. Lott and Bruce R. Fay ’74
Ellen Barron and Joel S. Feldman ’74
Scott M. Ferguson ’74
Elizabeth V. Foote ’74 and Howell Jackson
Velia M. Fowler ’74 ^
Sandra (Myers) ’74 and Dale C. Franz
Robert J. Frascino ’74 * and Steven M. Natterstad
Robert H. Frazier ’74
Rhona R. Freeman ’74
Karin (Kollist) ’74 and Ford Freeman
Cathy L. Gebhard ’74 and John C. Willett
Linda and Steven E. Gelda ’74
Kelly L. Calica and Donn Ginoza ’74
Anne Unverzagt and Richard P. Goddard ’74
Linda J. Golden ’74 and Jesse Baumgold ’71
Barbara Hawley and David S. Goodman ’74
Mark F. Gordon ’74
Christina Graf ’74
Gary D. Graham ’74
L. Karen Hagerman ’74
Ellie and Thomas K. Hamburger ’74
Deborah S. Hamm ’74 and Hillel Bennett
Constance L. Grude and Lawrence M. Hankes ’74
Ulla M. Hansen ’74 and Keith Backman
Laura (Thrower) Harris ’74
Evelyn (Doyle) ’74 and Frederick H. Harris
Alison J. Hartman ’74 and Dale Walker
Barbara (Furukawa) ’74 and Harvey Hayashida
Ted R. Heavenrich ’74
Ellen (Friedman) ’73 and Philip Heidelberger ’74 ^
Janet E. Heininger ’74 and James A. Reuter ^
Carol (Douglas) ’74 and William M. Henderson ’65
Gretchen H. Hewitt ’74
Deborah Hirsch Mayer ’74 and Jack Mayer
Karen L. Hogness ’74 and Dennis C. Avery ’74
Machiko and Graeme K. Hollaman ’74
Janice Maria (Gaiz) ’75 and John C. Horn ’74 ^
Elda and Francis A. Hubbard ’74
Monica I. Walker and Gordon Hylton, Jr. ’74
June (Gunter) Infantino ’74 and Lloyd M. Clark
Diane and Gary A. Isaacson ’74
Martha (Nace) ’74 and Steven H. Johnson
Edmund H. Jones ’74
Evelyn M. Joy ’74 and Jay S. Elvove
Katherine Solender ’77 and William E. Katzin ’74
Lauren J. Krivo and Robert L. Kaufman ’74
Judith (Webb) ’74 and Joshua M. Kay ’73
Robert P. Kelley ’74
Holly A. Kempner ’74 and Warren O. White ’73
Elizabeth J. Armbruster and William V. Killoran, Jr. ’74
Ronald S. Kimmel ’74
Kristine S. Knaplund ’74 and Ronald A. Edelstein
Blair (Hensley) ’74 and Sam J. Kokotek ’75 ^
Judith Kozlowski ’74 and Art Perry
Sarah (Loveland) ’74 and Donn L. Kreofsky
Laura (Tomita) ’74 and Toshiyuki Kusaka
Kristen R. Monroe and Robert G. Lampros ’74
Elaine M. DiFederico and Jeffrey L. Lee ’74
Mary and Wayne Lei ’74
Katherine A. Levin ’74
Stephen G. Levinson ’74
Carla A. Levy ’74
Leslie (Brenner) ’74 and Stephen A. Lipschultz ’73 ^
Laurel Most and Joseph S. Lipsick ’74
Jane M. Kamp and Harold T. Lloyd ’74
Marilyn A. Marlek and John D. Logigian ’74
Anne (Olds) Lombardi ’74
Aama Nahuja ’76 and Kofi Lomotey ’74
Bette L. London ’74 and Thomas Hahn
Mary Lou (Spinner) ’74 and Martin J. Lydecker ’75
Chaille G. Maddox ’74
Elizabeth M. Tennant ’75 and Peter L. Maier ’74
Pamela (Hyson) ’74 and Christopher D. Martin ’75
Christine and Walter T. Mathews ’74
Louise and Charles M. Mattingly ’74
Elizabeth K. Jones and David A. Mayers ’74
Mark A. McDaniel ’74
Mary and Thomas H. McGowan ’74
LeAnn Pedersen Pope and Clyde S. McGregor ’74 ^
Robin E. McKee ’76 and Timothy A. Day ’74 ^
Eunice L. Wheeler and John D. McLean ’74
Ann (Baker) ’74 and Phillip E. Mendenhall
Beverly (McCoy) ’74 and Geoffrey Michaels ^
Michael J. Miller ’74
Joy (Eisenberg) ’74 and Daniel J. Millman
Chinnah Mithrasekaran ’74
Gwendolyn Morris ’74
Patsy (Jennings) ’73 and Allen J. Morton, Jr. ’74
Gwendolyn C. Murphy ’74 and J. L. Michener ’74
Joan (Gleberman) ’74 and Kenneth E. Nelson ’72
Eve and Thomas W. Neuhaus ’74
Paula R. Newberg ’74
Rachel B. Osborn ’74 and Nicholas A. Butterfield
Margaret (Tresch) ’74 and Stuart F. Owen ’73
Ann (Wormser) ’74 and John Owens ^
Susan T. Palfrey ’74 and Mark S. Boykin
Mary P. Deasy and Charles F. Perego ’74
David S. Petersen ’74
William E. Pfeiffer ’74
Deborah Slade and Jeffrey D. Pierce ’74
Robert J. Plessner ’74
Mary (Dodd) ’73 and Charles E. Porter ’74
Linda (Peffer) ’74 and Jerry O. Powell ’73 ^
Mary Garber and Faisal A. Saleh ’74 ^
Paula Pierce and Allan V. Prochazka ’74
Marjorie and Andrew R. Quint ’74
Paula E. Rabkin ’74
Christa M. Rakich ’74 and Janis Milroy
Keith S. Reas ’74 and Jonathan Mallamud ’58
Claudia N. Ribet ’74
Priscilla (Dreby) ’74 and Robert R. Rich
Paula S. Richman ’74 and Michael H. Fisher
Cynthea L. Perry and Thomas L. Riesenberg ’74
Helen (Hamilton) ’74 and Gerald P. Roberts ^
Cheryl K. Robertson ’74 and David Schloerb
Wendy H. Rolfe-Dunham ’74
Elaine D. Fondiller and Daniel M. Rosenblum ’74
Milena and Harvey M. Rubinstein ’74 ^
Diana Donnelly and James A. Rutherford ’74
Anne and Steven M. Samuels ’74
Martin M. Sawzin ’74
Laura (McDonald) ’74 and Bernard M. Schneider
Amy M. Schuman ’77 and Larry S. Stoler ’74
Pamela (Yew) ’74 and Paul L. Schwartz
Myrna Baron and Peter H. Schweitzer ’74
Kim (Isaacs) ’74 and Richard Seltzer
Suzanne Khuri and Viji R. Seshadri ’74
Eleanor Shapiro ’74
Kate J. Sheppard ’74
Paula E. Shilton ’74 and Douglas A. Anderson ’72 ^
Carolynne M. Lightowler and Jeremy F. Shinn ’74
Betty (Hunter) ’74 and Paul D. Shultz
Deborah L. Simon ’74 and Douglas T. Pearson ^
Judith E. Sirkis ’74
Nancy S. Smith ’74
Janet M. Smith ’74 and R. Robert Woodburn, Jr.
Martha A. Ullman ’75 and Daniel Snydacker, Jr. ’74
Janet B. Stanton ’74 and Philip L. Sohm ’73
Molly B. Southworth ’74 and Bret Haering
John L. Spalla ’74
Elizabeth (McEvoy) ’74 and Frederick A. Specht
Donna and Bruce J. Spector ’74
Lisa and David A. Spiegel ’74
Nobuko and Howard R. Spindler ’74
Catherine (Moon) ’75 and Kenneth A. Stalberg ’74 ^
Sue Standing ’74 and David W. Green ’67 ^
Kathleen C. Stone ’74 and Andrew Grainger
Kathryn Ferger ’75 and Lairold M. Street ’74
Elizabeth (Starr) ’74 and Jeffrey D. Stroomer ’73
JoAnne H. Sulak ’74 and James L. Stone
Elizabeth Thompson ’74
Nancy J. Tittler ’74 and Alex J. Feingold ^
Jackie Gowen and Michael B. Tolcott ’74
Richard Tomlinson ’74
Karen (Lauter) ’74 and Paul E. Utgoff ’74 *
Susan J. van der Meulen ’74
Barbara Gottheimer and Steven R. Wagner ’74
Diane Reinmuth and Harold K. Waldman ’74
Melinda (Johnson) Johansson ’75 and Reed M. Wallace ’74
Marianne Barber and Schuyler F. Warner ’74
Katherine P. Heston and Steven J. Watter ’74
Kathy Lee (Scott) ’74 and Scott C. Weaver ^
David H. Weiss ’74
Carolyn H. Welsh ’74 and Stuart R. Ferguson ’74
Shu-Huan Weng ’74 and Liang-Shih Fan
Patricia L. Maher and Michael R. Wessels ’74 ^
Joyce C. White ’74
Gary W. Wilkie ’74
Everett P. Williams ’74
LaPearl (Logan) ’74 and Carl M. Winfrey ’68
Dennis R. Wirt ’74
Selma (Feldman) ’74 and Robert I. Witchel
Merrill Cherlin and Jonathan L. Witty ’74
Barbara (Foldes) ’74 and Richard A. Wolkowitz ’74 ^
Jeremy P. Woodoff ’74
Charles D. Wyman ’74
Eileen D. Yacknin ’74 and Kipp Dawson
Anda (Wiseman) Zirnitis ’74 and David L. McSpadden
Elisabeth R. Aaron ’75 and Peter J. Schmidt ’75
Margaret (Cusack) ’75 and John W. Absalom
Elizabeth S. Adams ’75
Avis (Lee) Aheron ’75 ^
Marina Alexander ’75 and Thomas J. Weatherly
Diane L. Alvary ’75 and Robert C. Cornwell ’74
Lynne M. Harkabus and James M. Anthony ’75
Gloria Paul and Robert F. Atlas ’75 ^
Darrell L. Bailey ’75
Carol and Robert M. Baird ’75
Erica (Domar) ’75 and John Banderob
Stuart B. Bard ’75
Paula (Bernstein) ’75 and Charles C. Baymiller ’71
Susan M. Bedard ’75 and Jorge Nocedal
Joan (Stiles) ’74 and Michael K. Bell ’75 ^
Teresa C. Bennett ’75
Julia and William M. Benzel ’75
Laurie P. Farber ’77 and Paul E. Bigeleisen ’75
Janet M. Billane ’75 and Mark Kern
Hollis A. Baumgartel and David M. Biondi ’75
Diane (Luton) ’75 and Jeffrey W. Blum
Sally D. Mericle and Jonathan S. Bor ’75 ^
Janette L. Bowers ’75 and William H. Linder
Lavonda K. Broadnax ’75
James R. Brown ’75
Nancy K. Brown ’75
Susan (Halperin) ’75 and James D. Bryant ’74
Cynthia (Reed) Buck ’75
Rowena and Sanders F. Burstein ’75
Ann (Sursa) ’75 and John B. Carney, Jr. ’74
Arthur G. Carr, III ’75
Andrea J. Casher ’75 and Thomas D. Sutton
Martin L. Chase ’75
Susan and Alec H. Cheloff ’75
Janet and Gerald L. Cipkala-Gaffin ’75
Joan L. Cleary ’75 and Jerome M. Helfand ’76 ^ 11
Carol G. Matteini ’76 and Kenneth E. Cohen ’75
Ruffin Collett ’75
Jan M. Hasemeier and Mark A. Conrad ’75
Laurie E. Covens-Nojechowicz ’75
Judith (Weingarten) Daniel ’75
Ann Geller and Raymond C. Danziger ’75
Lynn (Lassen) ’75 and Lane A. Darnton
Martha G. Davis ’75
Sandra F. Dennis ’75 and Martha Knieriem
Elizabeth J. DiFelice ’75
Janet T. Dillon ’75
John R. Dobney ’75
Mary-Alice (Yost) ’75 and David Donaldson
Susan J. Duncan ’75 and Leo S. Fisher ’75
James A. Eastwood ’75
Marla and Dale E. Edlin ’75
Lillie (Johnson) ’75 and Paul B. Edwards
Barbara (Silverblank) ’75 and James P. Eisenstein ’74
Betsy H. Elsaesser ’75 and Bradley Reeg
Sandra R. Eto ’75 and Russell Tanita
Sharon and Morris A. Feldman ’75
Kathryn Ferger ’75 and Lairold M. Street ’74
Andrew R. Ferguson ’75
Virginia M. Fitzgerald ’75
Frances (Pickin) ’75 and Albert V. Florio
Sari (Nussbaum) ’75 and Ethan D. Fogel ’76 ^
Lawrence D. Fossett ’75
Carolyn A. Foulkes ’75
Louise S. Fry ’75 and Frank C. Balluffi ’79
Gary R. Fujimoto ’75
Sarah J. Gabinet ’75 and John Siegel
Linda K. Gard ’75
Ellie B. Jacobson and Stephen A. Gardner ’75 ^
Mary-ann Tu Gardner and Keith E. Gardner ’75
Blaine Garson and Jay L. Garfield ’75
Nancy F. Geiger ’75 and Michael Krasik
Paula Gellman ’75
Margaret (Cornman) Glennie ’75
Susan D. Goland ’75 and Russell Schwartz
Susan (Manz) ’75 and Daniel T. Gold ’75 *
Bunny and Jeff L. Goldstein ’75
Andrea G. Goodman ’75
Alice (Goodwin) ’75 and Ross H. Goodwin-Brown ’77
Constance A. Gowen ’75
Natalie and John H. Grabill ’75
Laura A. Heise ’75 and John F. Graybeal ’59 ^
Barbara (Ward) ’75 and Gary S. Grubb ’75
Joseph N. Gunn ’75
Linda (Sessions) ’75 and John S. Hadley
Christianna and Edward J. Halteman ’75
Joke and Karl E. Harnish ’75
Donna Akiba (Sullivan) ’75 and Thomas J. Harper, III
Hyun Sook and Mark W. Harris ’75
Ursula (Rooth) ’75 and Robert A. Haslun ’67
Linda and Matthew T. Heartney ’75
Karen (Schwab) ’75 and Thomas C. Henry ’76
Linda (Coleman) ’75 and Lee Herrick
Gail B. Hochman ’75 and Michael Levi
Judy (Oken) ’75 and David Hodas
Stephen R. Hoff ’75
William W. Hogan ’75
Karen I. Gold and Jonathan H. Holt ’75
Mark P. Hoornstra ’75
Kristen (Peterson) ’83 and Robert G. Hopkins ’75
Janice Maria (Gaiz) ’75 and John C. Horn ’74 ^
Deborah Horowitz ’75 and John M. Klemundt ’76 ^
Wendy H. Ikezawa ’75 and Stephen Kohashi
Sara Imbody ’75
Berit N. Ingersoll-Dayton ’75 and John Dayton *
Anne (Fagerburg)’75 and Morris Jacob
Deborah Jacobson Grove ’75 and Jon H. Grove
Melinda (Johnson) Johansson ’75 and Reed M. Wallace ’74
Billi J. Johnson ’75
David W. Johnson ’75
Sheila and Ross Johnson ’75
Sandra W. Jones ’75
Beth E. Jorgensen ’75 and Paul B. Watkins ’75 ^
Marsha (Perry) ’75 and Bob Juday
Margaret F. Kahn ’75 and Robert Bix
Judy Karasik ’75 and Steve Rosenfeld
Richard M. Kassel ’75
Susan L. Kaufman ’75 and Laura Schulz
Kevin P. Kavanagh ’75
Felicity (Brock) ’75 and Paul A. Kelcourse, II
Pamela S. Hoopes ’77 and Daniel R. Kelliher ’75
Sharon (Chiu) and Richard K. Kent ’75 ^
Deborah (Krupp) Ketai ’75 and Christine Dumschott
Geraldine (Wojno) ’75 and Bruce W. Kiefer
Nancy A. Hair and Nathan R. Kimball ’75
Anita S. King ’75 and Howard Brockman
Karen and Jonathan D. Kingdon ’75
Eileen (Kurtis) ’75 and Joseph Kleinman ^
Lori and David A. Knecht ’75
Giuliana C. and John D. Koch ’75
Blair (Hensley) ’74 and Sam J. Kokotek ’75 ^
Kathleen and John J. Kovanda ’75 ^
Erik A. Kreil ’75
David R. Lambert ’75
Shirley A. Langlois ’75
Lydia E. Larrabee ’75 and Robert S. Peterson
Mary L. LaRue ’75
Deborah (Lee) ’75 and Christopher D. LeeKeenan ’73
Linda Higginbotham and Bradley R. Leftwich ’75
Stephen C. Lehman ’75
Roni Kohen-Lemle ’76 and Robert S. Lemle ’75 ^
Judith S. Lewis ’75 ^
Christian (Alexander) ’75 and Jeffrey P. Libson ’76
Sondra Lomax and Peter N. Lohman ’75
Suzanne Mead and John C. Long ’75
Alexandra E. Acosta and James A. Losey ’75
Howard R. Lubin ’75 and Salvatore C. Champagne ’84
Mary Lou (Spinner) ’74 and Martin J. Lydecker ’75
Cherie and Stanley J. Maharam ’75
Jean Rutter and Edward A. Marks ’75
Susan (Daly) ’75 and David Marsh
Clay A. Martin ’75
Pamela (Hyson) ’74 and Christopher D. Martin ’75
Sandra C. Einsel and Keith H. McCown ’75 ^
Carol and Holmes C. McHenry ’75
Steven J. McQuillin ’75
Janice (Greene) ’75 and David E. Mehler
Jan Huttner and Richard B. Miller ’75
Nancy (Roseboro) ’75 and Stephen G. Minter ’75
Sirpa Kari-Nano and Francis E. Nano ’75
Alan Parshley and David Neiweem ’75
Barbara J. Newman ’75 and Richard Kieckhefer
Leslie M. Nye and Michael P. O’Donnell ’75 ^
Barbara (Herr) ’75 and Matthew J. Orland
Maribel and Stanley A. Ostapski ’75
Monica D. Otal ’75
Patricia Schott and Edward F. Pace-Schott ’75
Frances (Bobbe) ’75 and Albert J. Pearce
Audrey M. Perino ’75 and Kenneth Kane
Julia Binder and Ferdinand Protzman ’75
Katherine (Barnhouse) ’75 and H. L. Purgason, Jr.
Linda (Stewart) ’75 and Ira J. Rampil
Cathy A. Redd ’75 and Bryan R. Woodbury ^
Alison Fox and Marc R. Reinganum ’75
Hayes and Kenneth B. Reisenfeld ’75
Karen E. Rockwell-Kock ’75 and Lutz Kock
Eric Rosenberg ’75
Dale A. Rubenstein ’75 and Loring Ingraham
Haya R. Rubin ’75 and Jerome Karsh
Beth (Castleton) ’75 and Nestor G. Sanchez
Julie M. Soto and Charles Sanchez ’75
Carolyn (Briggs) ’75 and Leo J. Saniuk ’75
Mary R. Satterthwaite ’75
Amy A. Schaub-Storms ’75 and Kenneth E. Storms
John S. Scheinfeld ’75
Betty A. Schneider ’75 and Dirk Epperson
William E. Schreiber ’75
Nina Scolnik ’75 and Louis B. Jack
Monica E. Seligmann ’75 and Charles W. Peterson
Janet (Sursa) ’75 and John W. Sharp
Lynn R. Simon ’75
Maryann and Carl A. Sinderbrand ’75
Eileen Jacobs and Sherman C. Slone ’75
Bethanne Snodgrass ’75
Martha A. Ullman ’75 and Daniel Snydacker, Jr. ’74
Catherine (Moon) ’75 and Kenneth A. Stalberg ’74 ^
Annie V. Storr ’75 and Joel W. Greer
Catherine A. Sunshine ’75 and William M. Minter ^
Martha (Kirk) ’75 and Ernest A. Swartz ’72
Elaine and Steven M. Swidler ’75
Danila (Bloom) ’75 and Luis M. Szekely
Elizabeth M. Tennant ’75 and Peter L. Maier ’74
Christopher D. Thomas ’75
Hannah C. Thomas ’75 and Galen Schauer
Barbara (Kitzner) ’75 and Robert J. Timmons
Jane Berglund-Toll and Job Toll ’75
Charles R. Tosh ’75
Tamara (Miller) ’75 and Martin Trocki
Helen (Gaddy) ’75 and Jonathan S. Turner ’75
Barbara (Marsh) ’76 and Kenneth L. VanEseltine ’75
Carol L. and Harlan W. Waksal ’75
Ann E. Walter-Fromson ’75 and Paul Fromson
Rachel (Korn) ’75 and Steven L. Wasserman
Kathryn Wekselman ’75
Cynthia R. Williams ’75
Holly Windle ’75 and Richard A. Rames ’75
Georgia Yuan ’75 and Lawrence D. Meinert ^