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All Individual Donors: Parents & Friends

* deceased; ^ parent

Antonia D. Abbey and James J. Lee ^
Nancy E. Abbott
Karen M. and Scott L. Abbott ^
Joan C. Abele ^
Emily F. Ackerman ^
Susan C. and Martin N. Ackermann
Danielle Acton and Marc Tunzi ^
Hilary S. Acton
Margaret B. and Barry B. Adams ^
Tucker H. and Philip C. Adams ^
Libby A. and James A. Adkins ^
Martha R. and David T. Adler ^
Christina G. and Dimitri P. Agamanolis ^
Esra Akin
Ann C. Albright and Tom Newlin
Linda D. and Lee M. Albritton ^
Fan and James R. Albritton ^
Marci and Brian Alegant
Deborah S. and Adolfo Alejo ^
Cathy A. and Charles P. Alexander ^
Henry J. Alexander ^
Trudy W. and Alexander A. Alexandridis ^
Queen and Godwin E. Aligbe ^
Anna Allanbrook ^
Betty Allen
Branden T. Allen
Elizabeth Allen and Robert B. Hull, IV ^
Elizabeth D. and Kenneth S. Allen ^
Margaret Allen and Philip J. Perkins ^
Marilyn L. Allen ^
Brigid and Daniel Almaguer ^
Michele Alperin and Steven Sheriff ^
Helene and Theodore S. Altfeld
Victoria A. and Ramon W. Alvarado ^
Geraldine S. Alvarez ^
Howard B. Alvord
Robin and Peter Amber ^
Colleen E. Ambrose and Robert C. Montgomery ^
Mary A. and Peter R. Amidon ^
Ray Amorosi
Richard Amorosi
Constantine Ananiadis
Beth Anderson ^
Carolyn M. Anderson ^
David A. Anderson
Madeleine M. and David L. Anderson * ^
Nancy Anderson and Patrick M. Wilkinson ^
Howard R. Andrews, Jr. ^
Josephine Andrews ^
Kathryn Andrews and Daniel Rothenberg ^
Michele W. and Erik G. Andrews ^
Anjum Ansari and Roby Thomas ^
Laura R. Anschel and Daniel Marsh ^
Ruth and Barton Anson ^
Susan S. and Richard H. Antell ^
Janet E. and Alvise G. Anti ^
Melissa H. Apperson and Steven B. Bloomfield ^
Nancy Aragon ^
Jane and John E. Arata ^
Stephen W. Arent ^
Thomas M. Armbruster
Beverly K. and Peri E. Arnold ^
Margaret M. and David P. Aronoff ^
Elena Arrojo and Walter Dubno
Kim Aseltine and Paul Eachus
David R. Ashenhurst ^
Patricia Ashton
Eugenia J. and David L. Askren ^
Rebecca W. and Jeremy Atack ^
Pamela W. Atkins and John N. Koffel ^
Beth B. and Albert G. Atkinson ^
Janis and Jeff Atkinson ^
Walter E. Atwood
Loretta and Jose Audel ^
Reva B. Auerbach
Mary Augustine
Sandra Austin
Cecilia and Lucas Axiotakis ^
Joyce Babyak
Louise Backer and Nicholas Ciciretti ^
Rebecca O. and John P. Bagley
Catherine and Thomas Bailey ^
Donna and James W. Baird ^
Mary M. Balducci ^
Nancy C. and Gilbert D. Baldwin ^
Laurie E. Bair and Paul S. Sherrill ^
Melissa J. and Ralph T. Ballard ^
Kenneth M. Ballen ^
Julie Baller and Howard C. Graves ^
Sarah Balsley ^
Eve B. and Steven E. Band ^
Richard P. Bansen ^
Charles W. Bardeen ^
Carol A. and David L. Bardoff ^
Regina A. Barletta
Elizabeth Barlow and Alan Towbin ^
Inger and Bill Barlow
Joyce L. Barnathan and Steven F. Strasser
Madeline K. and Richard A. Baron ^
Lora Baronian and Nikolai Rudenko ^
Carolann Barrett
John W. Barrett, II ^
Caroline Barron
Arthur J. Barsky, III
Tanya and James K. Barter ^
Burt Barth
Judy L. and Thomas H. Barthel ^
Maureen and William Barton, Jr. ^
Shura Bary ^
Ellen and David A. Basinski, Sr. ^
Robert Bassett
Germain Bassil
Martha D. Basu ^
Mariel and Paul S. Batjiaka ^
Connie Batten
Laura Baudot and DeSales Harrison
Judith Bauer and Richard Koretz ^
Mary Ann Bauer
Jeffrey J. Baumann
Phyllis A. and Roland M. Baumann
Linda F. Baumbach
Jacquelyn K. and Kenneth A. Beals ^
Arthur Beane, III ^
Nancy Beauchamp
Deborah S. Beauvais
Joann D. Beck ^
Martha and Daniel Beck ^
Kelli Beckel
Susan Becker ^
Carol and Walter Beebe ^
Margaret E. and David B. Beers, III ^
Yeworkwha Belachew
Kathleen L. Belknap
Leanore and Gary Bellis ^
Janice Belove and Robert Mellman ^
Nancy and David Benenson ^
Mary Jo and Thomas Benjamin ^
Debra K. Bennett and Marcus W. Cheatham ^
Edna J. and Nelson E. Bennett, Sr. ^
Eleanor W. Bennett
Joan S. and Robert B. Bennett ^
Marjorie D. Bennett ^
Peggy Bennett
Douglas S. Benson
Robert Benzel ^
Lizette B. Benzing
Barbara S. Berg
Brenda Peratoner Berg and Harvey Berg ^
William E. Berger
Linda S. and Bernard M. Bergmann, III ^
Amy and James Berk ^
Jean C. Berman and Aric J. Press ^
Sallie M. and Thomas E. Bernard ^
Ellen N. and Edward C. Bernard ^
Margarete and Mitchell Bernstein ^
Alison R. Bernstein ^
Jeannine Berroteran
Roger Berry
Jessica Straus and David Berson ^
Thierry Bertin-Mahieux
Jeanne E. Berwick and James A. Degel ^
Dennis P. Bescak
Diane K. and Edward M. Betzel ^
Joan A. and Edgardo C. Bianchi ^
Sarahann and Joseph R. Bielavitz ^
Claire L. Bien ^
Linda Bierds
Linda B. Billingham ^
Jean M. Binford
Edith R. and Roger W. Binkley
Leslie and David W. Bird ^
Edwin V. Bishop ^
Ronald Bishop
Glen A. Bittner
Natalie and Albert Bivas ^
Martha L. Black and John W. Baker ^
Patricia and William Black *
Laura Blair and Mitchell Zeemont ^
Robin T. and Jeffry S. Blanchfield ^
Christine Blank
Emily Blaz
Sue M. and Michael W. Blazier ^
Sharon W. and Marc J. Blecher
Cecilia Blewer and Clayton Young ^
Elizabeth Blissman
Miriam G. Blitzer and David B. Mallott ^
Susan and Jerry Bloch ^
Elizabeth T. and David L. Block ^
Joanne K. and Lawrence B. Block ^
Per Bloland
Elizabeth M. and Borden H. Bloom ^
Viola and Richard Blount *
Harry Blum
Deborah Boardman and Joseph Ferguson ^
Caroline Boe
Sigrid and David S. Boe
Louise and William R. Boehm ^
Beverly Bohac and Mark Van Etten ^
Jeffrey R. Bohner
Debra S. Bolin
Gail J. Bonath ^
Saletta Boni ^
Andrea Z. and John R. Bonn ^
Laura N. and David R. Bonner ^
Lisa Boodman and BJ Rudman
Jerome Borison
Diane J. Borradaile and David B. Wright ^
Daniela Bortoletto and Ian P. Shipsey ^
Harriet and David Borton
Marianne Boruch
Ruth M. and William S. Botwick ^
Cindy and Jack Bouer ^
Veronica J. and James F. Bourgoin ^
Caron F. Bove and Lawrence P. Endo ^
Theresa and Richard Bowers ^
Melinda G. and Thomas W. Boynton, Jr. ^
Gwen O. and Ronald J. Brachman ^
Mark Bradley ^
Mary Lou and Kim C. Bradley ^
Elizabeth Brainerd
Mary V. and David A. Brancaccio ^
Lisa A. Brancazio
Kathryn and James E. Brandt ^
Shauna and Jacob Braun ^
Bonnie and Raymond T. Brebach ^
Elaine Breen
Nancy and Paul W. Breitsprecher ^
Henry C. Brenner ^
Deirdre Brett ^
Flora and Michael Brewer ^
Janis and Clair Brewer
Robin D. Brickman and Jefferson Strait ^
Elizabeth A. Brinkman
Cathy and Jeffrey Britton ^
Barbara P. Broad ^
Hester L. and Kenneth L. Broad * ^
Ellen F. and Howard S. Broadwell ^
Joanne and Joseph W. Brock
Charles S. Brockman ^
Daniel Brod ^
Lee H. and David F. Broderick ^
Gregory L. Brooks
Hester M. and Robert A. Brooks ^
Lori Brooks and Robert M. Salzman ^
Mary L. and Addison C. Bross ^
Catharine H. and John L. Brown *
Eleanor S. * and Raymond R. Brown * ^
Kathleen H. and Bradley M. Brown ^
Linda and Arthur E. Brown ^
Sara R. and Edward R. Brown
Errol M. Browne
Stephanie Browner and Stephen Pulsford ^
Lauri J. and Scott J. Brua ^
Kelly K. Bruce
Constance Brunig and David B. Wexler ^
Caroline Bryan ^
Vanessa L. Bryant and Tracy L. Rich ^
Jean M. Bucciarelli ^
Alice J. Buchdahl and Steven F. Roth * ^
Julie M. and John E. Bucher
Patricia Budziak
Deborah S. Bundy ^
Laurel and William B. Bunkers ^
Carol S. Burch-Brown ^
David C. Burnham ^
Candice Burns and Brian Maiville ^
Michael M. Burns
Jody Burrows
John A. Bushey ^
Annabella C. Bushra and Peter E. Abrons ^
Joanne Busiel
Edward Buss
Robert E. Butcher
Morgan S. and Robert G. Butler ^
John A. Cable * ^
Helen L. Cafferty
Catherine S. and John E. Callaghan ^
Pat Callahan and David Dee ^
William E. Callison
Susan E. and Kim C. Calvo ^
Anne M. Campbell ^
Brian Cancelliere
Connie J. and Steven J. Canini ^
Maria and Juan J. Canizares ^
Amelia and Robert Carling ^
Susan Block Carlisle and Russell J. Carlisle ^
Diane M. and Mark A. Carlson ^
Claudine F. and Terry S. Carlton
Anne Carney and David E. Wennberg ^
Kathleen E. and Eric J. Carpenter
Marilyn G. Carpenter * ^
Carol and David W. Carr ^
John L. Carr ^
Deborah L. Carter and Charles J. Conroy ^
Maura McGrath and Fred A. Caruso ^
Carol M. Casciani
Laurie Case and Andrew Baker ^
Rosemary E. and Peter W. Casey ^
Leslie and Laurence Casper ^
Kelly J. Cassidy ^
Banu O. and Ronald W. Casson *
Jana and Dennis Castanares ^
Francesco Catanese
William T. Caughlin
Isaiah Cavaco
Kathy and Leonard M. Celmer, Jr. ^
Ok-kyong Chaekal and Koen W. Van Besien ^
Ventura Y. Chalom and Paul D. Fogel ^
Anna R. Chapman
Thelma L. Chapman
Lynette A. Charboneau and Roger P. Morie ^
Caroline M. and Paul G. Charette ^
James Chastain
Kathleen Chastain and Michel Debost ^
Georgine R. and Joseph D. Cheavens, Sr. ^
Sarah H. and Evans W. Cheeseman, Jr. ^
Kimberly and Mark Cheiken ^
Hsio C. and Chao L. Chen ^
Pauline Chen
Angela Cheng and Alvin Chow
Jing-Jy Cheng and Tahua Yang ^
Jeanmarie K. and Jonathan L. Chenette ^
Angela and David M. Chernin ^
David S. Cheval
Vicki and Vincent L. Chiang ^
Orit and Stephen Chicherio ^
William J. Childs
Cynthia E. and Timothy J. Chilen ^
Grace F. Chin and Robert D. Walters
Corning Chisholm
Michael A. Chitwood
Clara J. and Michael K. Cho ^
Su Y. and Yea J. Chou ^
Karen B. Christie and Edward P. Hughes ^
Trey Christy
Kerry E. Chrystal and Irshad S. Karim ^
Grace T. Chu and David M. Appleby ^
Mann-Mann and Wuu-Shung Chuang
Derek Chung ^
Kathryn K. and Ramesh H. Churi ^
Dan Cica
Beatrice M. Clapp
Diana J. and Phillip G. Clark ^
Elizabeth K. Clark ^
Jan and Richard A. Clark ^
Rory A. Cohen and Mathew M. Clark ^
Roseanne Clark and Jeffrey P. Davis ^
Sarah H. Clark and George T. Dilworth ^
Shirley A. Clark ^
Carrah H. and Bruce L. Clayton ^
David Cleveland
Donna J. and Daryl L. Close ^
Deborah and Kevin Clyne ^
Susanna E. and George E. Coade ^
Cynthia and Robert Coan
Hugh Coburn
Deborah Cocco and Carl W. Jacobson
Mary C. and Neil B. Coffina ^
Jane N. Cogie and Edward J. Brunner ^
Ethel Cesarman and Santiago Cohen ^
Allison B. Morrow and Jonathan L. Cohen ^
Hilary U. and Michael D. Cohen ^
Jeffrey R. Cohen ^
Mark L. Cohen ^
Nancy A. Cohen and John E. Slote ^
Robin L. and Moss R. Cohen ^
Rosemarie G. and Matthew Cohen ^
Edith J. and Stephen A. Cohn ^
Haldan N. Cohn
Martha A. Cohn ^
Elizabeth Hartung-Cole and Peter T. Cole ^
Jayne R. and Edwin F. Cole
Marguerite E. Cole ^
Deborah K. and Robert L. Coleman ^
Carolyn Collins and Mark Pallis ^
Mary Collins
Patricia M. and Patrick M. Collins ^
Anne L. and John A. Colman ^
Cynthia Comer and Michael G. Henle
Mary A. Comer
Mary H. Compagnucci ^
John T. Compton
Alison Conant and Richard C. Frank ^
Martha G. and Ludolph H. Conklin, III ^
Sally Connolly ^
Jerome V. Connors
Maureen S. and Francis X. Connors ^
Debra G. Conrad
Pamela L. and William H. Conrad ^
W. Mark Conrad
Marcia K. and Gregg O. Coodley ^
Anita and Thomas J. Cook ^
Christine R. and Andrew G. Cook ^
Bonnie L. Cook Villari
Vera E. Cooke
Leigh M. and Lee M. Cooley ^
Frances and Roger S. Cooper
Patricia L. Cooper
Paula C. Cooper ^
Rita and Norman F. Corey ^
Mary A. Corson
David A. Cotton
Quincy Cotton and David Alpert ^
Jane V. Coughlin and Keith R. Cudworth ^
Merrie Courtright
Patricia L. Coutermarsh and Christopher Smith ^
Judith J. and Keith A. Covey ^
Marjorie W. Coward ^
David Cox
Joel Cox ^
Laura and Edward H. Craig ^
Anna Crawford and William A. Silva ^
Penelope and Richard Crawford ^
Cynthia S. Creech ^
Sibanye Crimes
Susie Criswell and John W. Schelhas ^
Tara S. and James R. Crosby ^
Wallace L. Croskey
Coral Crosman and J. Rene Gonzales * ^
Conleth M. Crotser
Lesslie A. Crowell ^
Serena H. and Roy M. Crystal ^
Maryellen and Bruce Cudney
Linda M. and George J. Cullinan ^
Sarah G. Cunningham ^
Seth Cunningham ^
Mary E. Cunningham-Bryant
Phyllis Current
Emiko H. Custer
Pamela J. and Richard J. Custodio ^
Robert W. Dague
James C. Dahl ^
Karen E. and James T. Dakin ^
Diana Daley ^
Joann D. and David G. Dalley ^
Sharon Daloz Parks and Laurent Parks Daloz ^
Harold S. Dalton
Sarah Ball-Damberg and Richard C. Damberg ^
William A. Damm
Joan L. Danforth
Pamela K. and William D. Dannelly ^
Mohammed D. Daoudi
Donna Darden Irons ^
Laura and Jeffrey Dardick ^
Hira T. and Toos N. Daruvala ^
Jerrolynn Dauria
June C. and Carlton P. Davenport ^
Susan D. Davie
David G. Davies ^
David S. Davies ^
Deborah G. Davies ^
Charlotte M. and Harold B. Davis ^
Daphne L. and Noel G. Davis ^
Elizabeth S. and Thomas G. Davis, Sr. ^
Gale and Shelby M. Davis
Nancy A. and John P. Davis ^
Roxanne E. Davis ^
Susan L. Davis ^
Barbara E. and Ronald L. Dawson ^
George R. Dawson
Geneva L. Day ^
Nancy T. and Arthur C. Day ^
Anne M. and William W. De Lanoy ^
Lesley M. De Lia ^
Laura Dean
Susan and William DeAngelis ^
Catherine and Donald DeCarlo ^
Frances M. DeChant
Christine S. and Rodney W. Decker ^
Imelda O. and Norman A. Decker ^
Mary E. and John H. DeCourcy, IV ^
Ann H. and Philip DeFeo * ^
Francine A. Matalon-Degni and Robert A. Degni ^
Ross E. DeHovitz
Denise K. Deig
Jessica Kennedy Delahoy and Alan E. Delahoy ^
Janet Delaney and Jack Morrison
Patricia DeLeeuw and Richard A. Jenson ^
William Dellinger
Kathleen and Mark Dellplain ^
Rosamond and Francois C. Delori
Drew D. Dembowski ^
Jan Deming and Jeffrey Goodby ^
Denise M. Demong and Stuart David * ^
Julia C. and John W. Denham ^
Donna M. and Sanford R. Denison ^
Michael L. Denman
Mary B. and Richard D. Densmore ^
Susan and William A. DeRonne ^
Carolyn E. and Robert E. DeSoucey ^
Mary Jo Devenney and David A. Eisenstark ^
Veronica Dever
Kristine A. and Robert E. DeWeese ^
Ronald J. DiCenzo
Priscilla R. Dickerson
Irene and Roger J. Dietlin ^
Shrikant V. Dighe ^
Cynthia Dinardo
Douglas M. Disabatino
Lucia Divenere
Randal Doane
Ann J. Dolbear
Robert Doll
Sari and John Dolph ^
Patricia L. Dombrink and Jeffrey D. Green ^
Susan R. and Peter J. Dominguez
Carol and Alan M. Donley ^
Laura Donnelley ^
R.R. Donnelley
Claire W. and William J. Donovan ^
Theodore B. Donson
Mary and Harold Douthit
Eileen Doyle ^
Enes M. and Rossiter J. Drake, Jr. ^
Frances S. and John R. Drake ^
Zachary L. Driscoll
Donna and Stephen J. Druffel ^
Ann M. and David G. Drumm ^
Alistair Drummond ^
Marilyn Dubasak
Terri G. and Peter A. Dubin ^
Eugene J. Dubuc
Suzanne B. Ducat and Stanley M. Cohen ^
Mary Dudziak ^
Kelly and Dean Dudzinski ^
Jane E. Duffy
Joyce Dugan
Frederick K. Duhring
Arthur Duncan
Susan M. and Green C. Duncan ^
Edward W. Dunham
Kathleen I. and Walter J. Dunlap ^
Larry Dunn
Louise M. and Richard J. Dunn
Cynthia K. and Timothy C. Dunne ^
Samuel J. Dunston ^
Marguerite W. Dupree
David K. Durfee
Donna Durkan
Amy Durning
Jeannine B. Dyer
Pauline and Stephen Dyson ^
George W. East
Zartouhi D. and Thomas J. Eby, III ^
Mary S. and Terence Echlin ^
Wendy and Thomas Eck ^
Bernard Eckstein
Daniel Edelman
Leah and Noel Edelson ^
Joel K. Edelstein ^
Dianne M. Edgar and Terry Platt ^
Louise S. and Raymond D. Ediger ^
Katherine V. and Arthur S. Edison ^
Elizabeth D. and David K. Edminster ^
Katherine M. Edmondson ^
Kay and Richard Efron ^
Donna L. and Ronald L. Ehresman
Susan and Eric Ehrhardt ^
Robert A. Eichler
Susan M. and Peter S. Eident ^
Anna S. and Charles V. Eidsvik ^
Mary Ann Ek and Joel B. Wittenberg ^
Shirley and Lawrence Elchert ^
Amir Eldan
Joan E. Elias and Richard R. Baldwin ^
Dinda Elliott and Adi Ignatius ^
Pamela S. Elliott and Kingsley D. Birdsall ^
Ann Ellis and Clayton Francis ^
Diana Ellis ^
Eva M. and Lloyd H. Ellis, Jr. ^
Robert P. Ellis, Jr.
Vongi and Marcus Ellison ^
Sharon Emery
Marjorie L. Emmons
Diane Engber and Leslie F. Chard, IV ^
Nancy and Philip M. Enzweiler ^
Monica B. and Jeremy J. Epstein ^
Renee and David Erle ^
Joanne H. and John B. Erwin, Jr.
Marcia and Barnet Eskin ^
Alan Estep
Elizabeth S. Estey ^
Elizabeth S. and Frederic A. Eustis, II ^
Joanne and John C. Eustis
Deborah D. and Edward W. Evans ^
Marcia A. and William L. Evans ^
Melissa Graf-Evans and Jonathan Evans ^
Suzanne K. and Stephen J. Evans ^
Maryann and William M. Ewald ^
Janet A. Ewing and Robert P. Hoffman ^
Teresa L. and R. Banford Exley ^
Carol Eyman and William J. Luers ^
Joanna Ezinga ^
Kimberly Tungseth-Faber and Sebastiaan Faber
Cherie Fabian
Jessica Fafara
Patricia Fairfield and Thomas Verghese ^
Anne P. and Richard P. Falivena ^
Jill and David B. Fankhauser ^
Patricia J. and Thomas W. Fann ^
Douglas C. Farah ^
Lisa M. Farrar and Ahmad K. Tuck
Randi Faust and Carl A. Herman ^
J. Peter Fegen
Stephanie S. Fein and David M. Lakes ^
Fariah and Gregg Feinstein ^
Sarah and Ferdinand H. Feiss ^
Lisa and Stuart Feld ^
Carolyn and Stuart Feldschuh ^
Marjorie Felton ^
Winnie C. and Michael E. Feng ^
Margaret L. Fenley ^
Judith R. Ferber and Gary D. Altman ^
Jay Fern
Sharon M. and Paul E. Ferrari ^
Robert Ferrazza
Susan and Robert P. Fetter ^
Joan and Jerry Field ^
Tracey and Jonathon Field
Susan G. and Richard C. Figge ^
Anna B. Fike and Terence J. Manning ^
Elizabeth A. and Gerard T. Findlan
Paula G. and John P. Finedore ^
Mark Fino
Bernadette Firkuli
Mary Ann Fischer and Robert V. Sharp ^
Karen and Kurt Fish ^
Eden and Allan Fisher ^
Hunter Fisher
Julie M. and Vance C. Fisher ^
Margaret Fisher and Jonathan Rosenthal ^
Phyllis M. Fisher ^
C. Nina and Peter G. Fitzgerald ^
Gale S. and Michael J. Flament ^
Carole T. and Michael L. Fleisher ^
Paula J. Fletcher ^
Suzanne and Robert Fletcher ^
Margery Z. and Robert J. Flicker ^
Susan M. Flint and Nicholas F. Haddad ^
Kristin E. Flood
James R. Florini ^
Susan D. and David J. Flowers ^
Sheryl Floyd and David Pomerantz ^
Giusto Fonda-Bonardi
Raquel Fontaine and Oscar F. Capel ^
David V. Foos
Laurel Forbes
Beverly A. Fordyce
Alan S. Forman ^
William Forman
Lesleigh and William Forsyth ^
Linda and Peter Foss ^
Darleen and Stephen Fournier ^
Anita S. and David L. Fox ^
Nancy Fox and Jon Edwards ^
Priscilla B. Fox and Stephen A. Klein ^
Janet Francis
Lucrecia B. and Jose I. Francisco ^
Enid Weisberg-Frank and Bruce Frank ^
Julie and Michael J. Frantz
Marilyn M. and Robert H. Franz ^
Jennifer A. Fraser
Margery Freedman ^
Luis F. Freire ^
Margaret E. and William H. Freivogel ^
Susanna L. Frenkel and Douglas P. Johnson ^
Susan B. and James C. Frenzel ^
Anne R. and Paul A. Frey ^
Dolores A. and Donald D. Fried * ^
Sydney S. Friedman ^
Glenon H. and Gary R. Friedmann ^
Susan Friend and Dean Wight ^
Nancy J. and Gregory K. Fritz ^
Janet S. Froelich and Richard L. Stepler ^
Susan E. and Sandor C. Fuchs ^
Nada and Ramsay Fuleihan ^
Robert Fulghum
Ann L. Fuller
Emily and Siu Fung ^
Tracy L. and Andrew J. Furda ^
Nancy B. Gabell
Ellen B. and Bradley E. Gaber ^
Nancy S. and Alan S. Gage
Lynn M. and John W. Gallagher ^
Allison and Clare Gallaher
Carol and Dewey A. Ganzel, Jr. *
Mavis P. Ganzel
Cezanne C. Garcia and David C. Grossman ^
Trudy A. Gardner ^
Lillian M. Garfinkel ^
Maggie and Frank B. Garrett, Jr. ^
Milton J. Garrett
Madeline H. Gartner and Mark N. Ahrendt ^
David W. Garver
Nancy B. Garver
Lilia and Ely Garza ^
Harry D. Gatanas
Kathryn and Kirkland Gates ^
M. Lisa Gates
Suzanne M. Gay and James C. Dobbins
Robin and Jeffrey Gebrian ^
Barbara L. Gefell
Robert C. Geib
Catherine A. and Frederick C. Geisler ^
Alice and Robert Geller ^
Marcia S. Geller ^
Janet Gelphman ^
Harriet K. and Gary C. Genzen
Meredith George ^
Patricia and Thom R. George ^
Larry R. Gerace ^
Carol Gerdt and John Harvey ^
Jeffrey C. Gerecke
David W. Gerridge ^
Judith Gerson
Roben I. and Fred M. Gerson ^
Tanya M. Ghanbari ^
Nancy B. and George E. Ghareeb ^
Marie Ghitman and Adam Burrows ^
Susan E. and Paul C. Giannelli ^
Katherine H. Giard ^
John H. Gibbons
Lynn N. and Paul G. Giblin ^
Jack L. Gibson
Dennis J. Gidich
Delphenia and Edward Gilbert ^
Hermine S. and Richard D. Gilbert ^
Diane S. Gilboa ^
Margaret G. and Robert A. Giles ^
Amy King and John Gilliom ^
Andrea M. and David C. Gilmore ^
Claire and Robert Gilmore ^
Elizabeth Gilmore
Ana and Philip Ginter ^
Kathleen C. Ginther and Edward H. Shay ^
Laura L. Girr and Mark A. Taggart ^
Julia Gittleman and Thomas Mendelsohn ^
Alica and Peter Giuffra ^
Ora Gladstone and Mitchell Silver ^
Mary Glanville ^
Susan Glassman
Jack Glazier
Judith E. Glazner ^
Catherine Gletherow
Walter A. Glick, Jr.
Maria D. and Haynes C. Goddard ^
Meg Gold
Susan Gold ^
Susan and Steven Gold ^
Claudia Olds Goldie and Mark Goldie ^
Morris Goldman ^
Gary F. Goldring ^
Lisa Goldschmid and Lawrence R. Gonick ^
Marianne K. and John A. Golieb ^
William Gonz
Yolanda Gonzalez and Richard Barrios ^
Jacqueline E. Goodman and Norman J. Beebe ^
Jamesen L. and Zachary D. Goodman ^
Mara S. Goodman and Shawn P. Gargagliano ^
Cyd and R. Christopher Goodwin ^
Anne M. and Edwin E. Gordon ^
Barbara J. and David J. Gordon ^
David S. Gordon ^
Jennifer and Jonathan Gordon
Jessani Gordon and George LeBlanc ^
Marla Meg Gordon and Nicholas Messina ^
Rhona E. and Richard J. Gordon ^
John S. Gorham ^
Marian A. Gormley and Patrick R. Harkins ^
Vladimir Goss
Nicolas Gouffray
Donald Gould ^
Elizabeth B. and Daniel J. Goulding ^
Susan M. Grabinski ^
Katherine Y. and Nelson H. Graburn ^
Sarah A. Graf and Alan W. Bloom ^
Wendy Graham and Daniel Glicksman ^
Michele L. and Charles F. Grammer ^
Steven J. Grant ^
Karen C. and David M. Gray ^
Mary Kay Gray and Jamey Haddad
Nancy J. Gray ^
Joseph N. Green ^
Ruth A. and L. Boyd Green
Debra and Martin Greenberg ^
Eva M. * and Nathan A. Greenberg
Roberta W. and Jay B. Greenberg ^
Debra D. and Robert E. Grieve ^
Jessica Grim and Alan D. Boyd
Linda T. and Robert H. Grimm
Caroline G. Grogan
Barbara D. Groseclose ^
Bernard E. Gross ^
Susan F. Grossman and Walter J. Knoll ^
Topher Grossman
Mary Lynne Grove
Candace R. and Brent R. Grover ^
Margaret S. and David G. Gueulette
Ada W. Gugenheim ^
Jean E. Gulyas
Kathleen D. and Barry L. Gunderson ^
Marti Gunn
Eric Gurna
Susanne M. Guske and Lee A. Klosowski ^
Wynne A. and Reed A. Guy ^
Douglas C. Haag ^
Deborah and Matthew Haas ^
Judy Hagerty
Gregory Hagstrom
Christine C. and Paul R. Hague ^
Pamela M. and Jeffrey A. Hahn ^
Wolfgang Hahn
Arlene and Donald Hall
William R. Hall
Jeffrey Hammer ^
Christine Hammond and Thomas Kalinosky ^
Mary and Stephen A. Hammond ^
Robert S. Hand ^
Sarah Hanly and Alexander Babich ^
Gabriela Hannach ^
Barbara and Fred Hanssen, Jr. ^
A. Saree and Steven B. Hantler ^
Catherine and John Harding
Megan A. Harding
Deborah A. and Donald F. Haren ^
Daniel Harmon
Mary E. and Douglas E. Harms ^
Lisa Bansen-Harp and Stephen Harp ^
Robert J. Harrington
Barbara and Daniel Harris ^
Christopher E. Harris
Susan T. and Charles E. Harris, II ^
Jared C. Hartt
David Hasan ^
John H. Hastings
Yasuko Hatano-Collier ^
Eastman N. Hatch ^
Barbara D. and Charles J. Hatem ^
Cheryl M. Berkowitz Hatkoff and Brian J. Hatkoff ^
Martha D. and Daniel T. Hatt ^
James Haug
Sarah C. and Stephen D. Hauschka ^
Nathan A. Haverstock ^
Jeanne G. and Richard R. Hawkins
Sharon L. and Gregory D. Hawkins ^
Christine Haxager and Randy Gaynes ^
Kristen Hayden
Bradley A. Hayes
Dorothy and Terry Hayes ^
John Haynes
Irvin E. Hazel
Angela Healy
Michael Hecht
Peter Heidersbach
Thomas J. Heil ^
Roma J. Heillig and Allston J. Morris ^
Dorothy R. and Douglas B. Heinlen ^
Carl C. Heinrich
Sigrun Heinzelmann
Susanne and D. Ray Heisey * ^
Patricia A. and Earl R. Heithaus ^
Beth R. and Robert B. Heller ^
Jean M. Heller
Anne and James J. Helm
Debora and Christopher Helmsworth ^
Eleanor W. Helper ^
Joyce Hempstead and Jerry Morrow ^
Albert Henderson
Amy and Mark H. Henderson, Jr. ^
Barbara W. Henderson ^
Monica L. Desai-Henderson and Thomas S. Henderson ^
Elaine L. Hendricks ^
Janice K. Henningsen ^
Anne G. Henniss ^
Dorothea R. and William B. Henry ^
Maura A. and Aloysius F. Hepp ^
Elizabeth C. Herington and Laurence E. Platt ^
Georgiana Hernandez and Paul Flowerman ^
Nancy Herta and Scott Rosenfeld ^
Callie J. Herzog and Franklin J. Walton ^
Kathleen M. and Martin F. Heslin ^
Mary H. and Peter L. Hess ^
Jane T. and Charles A. Hessler ^
Stevens Hewitt
Cynthia S. and George A. Hibbard ^
Mary C. Hickey and Fred J. Strasser ^
Richard H. Hiers ^
Elizabeth Higgins ^
Joan L. Hildenbrand ^
Carol A. and John W. Hill, III ^
Catharina and Lawrence Hill ^
Sara Hill ^
Winfield Hill
William D. Hilyard
Mary K. and Thomas J. Hinders
Rachel Hindin
Laurie A. and Kevin L. Hinkle ^
Amy and Peter Hinrichs ^
Dennis Hinrichsen
Beth M. Gomberg-Hirsch and Austin L. Hirsch ^
Cheryl L. and Randy P. Hisner ^
Olivann R. and John E. Hobbie ^
Judith Hodge
Shelagh K. and John D. Hodson ^
Elissa Hoffman and Werner S. Pluhar ^
Jeffrey A. Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
Feite F. Hofman
Maryann and Clyde Hohn
Nanette M. Holben ^
Dorothy W. Holbrook
Robert H. Holder
Anne Hollander and Roger McCreery ^
Allene C. and James A. Holliman
Wendy Holloway and Roy Lizama ^
Julie Holmes
Patricia and Richard Holsworth, Jr.
Kim Honetschlager and William Finch ^
Soo J. and Sung S. Hong ^
Hans Hoogeveen
Martin Horowitz ^
Wendy Horwitz and Robert Wauhkonen ^
Nancy K. Horton and John J. Mudry ^
Stephen C. Hosea
Bruce A. Hoselton ^
Toshinori Hoshi ^
Mary L. Hough and Paul C. Schroeder ^
James E. Houmard ^
Colleen and Phillip Houser ^
Susan F. and Edward R. Houston ^
Margaret D. Howard ^
Christine K. Hrountas ^
Margaret and Ching-Fen Hsiao ^
Priscilla M. Ching and David A. Hsieh ^
Weifan Hu ^
Yueqiao Huang ^
Lisa Huart ^
Luba Hubach Reagan ^
Joann D. and Robert P. Hubbard ^
Jo L. Huber
Alfred J. Hubler
Debra A. Hudak and Barclay B. Rockwood ^
Rebecca J. and James E. Huebler ^
Shannon M. and Geoffrey J. Hueter ^
Jennifer S. and John R. Hugens ^
Jane Hughes
Richard B. Hughes
Susan and Douglas Hughes ^
Richard W. Hulbert ^
Katherine S. and Edgar V. Hull ^
Jo Anne and John O. Humbert
Michael S. Humnicky
Annegret L. and Donald M. Hunter ^
Victoria H. and David S. Hurewitz ^
Robert I. Hurwitz ^
Saba Z. Husain ^
Ellen L. and Keith J. Hustings ^
Mary Ann and Michael Huston ^
Andreas Huyssen
Ginger and Elisha M. Ignatoff ^
Yumi Ijiri and Stephen FitzGerald
Barbara L. Ilacqua
Eva Imbsweiler and Theodore Wadley ^
Marc Immerman ^
Kari F. and William H. Inglis ^
Laura E. Innes and David S. Brisbin ^
Linda R. and David G. Inwood ^
Karen B. Herold and Mark L. Isaacson ^
Nancy Ishihara and John Zinky ^
Helene and Yukinori Ishikawa ^
Susan Israel and Alan Herschenfeld ^
Cornelia Itean
Marie Ivkanec
Judith B. Ivry and Phillip S. Block ^
Alice Jacks and David Achtenberg ^
Alastair D. Jackson
Anne R. and David O. Jackson ^
Donna and Robert H. Jackson
Janet L. Jacobs and Raymond E. Premru *
Andre T. Jagendorf ^
Hennriette Jager and Craig C. Brandt ^
David J. James, Jr.
Elizabeth S. and William G. James
H. Victor James
Peter M. James
Shauna James ^
Virginia S. Jarvis ^
Scott Jasko
Holly M. Jellinek ^
Betty L. and Adelbert H. Jenkins ^
Kerry D. Jenkins
Abigail Jenks ^
Gerald L. Jennings
Paula B. and Robert J. Jennings ^
Harriet J. Jernquist ^
Donice M. and Howard F. Jeter ^
Janice Pegels-Jewell and James Jewell ^
Patrice Jewson ^
Bruce R. Johnson
Denise V. Johnson and John A. Shane ^
Dora Johnson ^
Gail Johnson
Gwendolyn and Dominic Johnson ^
Herbert F. Johnson
Joanne M. Johnson ^
Kathleen A. Johnson and Nelson T. Potter ^
Mary Ann and Stephen Johnson, III ^
Mary Jane H. Johnson
Paula H. and Warren L. Johnson ^
Phyllis L. Johnson ^
R. C. Johnson
Shirley R. and Douglas R. Johnson *
Stephanie Johnson ^
Thomas Johnson
Robert E. Jokisch ^
Patricia Jolie and Peter Brucato, Jr. ^
Geneva Jones
Marie T. and Richard E. Jones ^
Susan T. and David T. Jones ^
Yvonne A. Fuller-Jones and Derek H. Jones ^
Dorothy and Alfred Joseph ^
Janet A. Joseph
Linda Jost and Ronald Miller ^
Monique and Michael Jost
Bruce R. Julian ^
Clyde C. Kahrl ^
Hisashi Kajikuri
David M. Kalan
Barbara and Theodore Kalina ^
Daniel S. Kalk
Jeanne Rabin-Kanaan * and Camille Kanaan ^
Meredith Kane ^
Sandra G. and Lewis R. Kanengiser ^
Ruth Kaplan and Kenneth Cavander ^
Toni A. and James A. Kaplan ^
Theodore D. Karchuta
Joseph F. Karlgaard
Nita Karpf and Lewis Nielson
Robert A. Kasayka
Barbara Kass and Christopher Kaufman ^
Laura J. Kateley and Jack E. Klingbeil ^
Hideomi Katori
Tomiko Katsumata
Allana L. and Daniel B. Katz ^
Erica Katz ^
Stacey Katz and Robert Fegley ^
Nyla F. Kauffman
Annette L. Kaufman
Edna Y. Kawamura
Mary E. Kay and Gerard D. Smith ^
Diane R. and Robert L. Kazimir ^
Bingfan Ke
Marjorie Keefe and Magloire Casimir ^
Michael Kegler
Wiliam E. Keish
Karin Keitel and Dave Nuckols ^
Paula and Daniel Kelleher ^
Barbara J. Kelly
Therese and Robert K. Kelly ^
Renee S. and Harold D. Kelvin ^
Nathan Kendrick
Lisa J. Keniry
Laurie B. Kennedy ^
Robert H. Kennedy ^
Dana T. Kent and William W. Monning ^
Sara B. Keough
Angela J. and Damon H. Kerby ^
Jody Kerchner
Keith D. Kern ^
Lauren and John Kern ^
Andrea F. Kerzner ^
Patricia F. and Jon R. Kettenring ^
Claire and Stanley Keyles ^
Julie and Roy Kidd, Jr. ^
Anne H. Kiemle and Kael G. Sherrard ^
Mike Kiger ^
Susan S. and James C. Kim ^
George Kimata ^
Elizabeth A. Kimber
Katrina E. Kimport
Keija Kimura and Robert Tucker ^
Noriko and Hiroshi Kimura ^
Elizabeth R. and William D. Kingery ^
Robert Kingman
Sarina F. and William G. Kinney ^
Rita S. and Richard D. Kipp ^
Jennifer A. Kirkpatrick and Eric E. Zicht ^
Debra Kirsch and Colin Hughes ^
Julia S. and Andrew D. Klingenstein ^
Eleanor M. and Thomas J. Klosterman ^
Josephine M. Kmet
Mary Kmet
David Knapp
Gisela S. and Roderic C. Knight
Joan G. and Victor B. Knight ^
Salley L. Knight ^
Suzanne M. Knight and Dean G. Sullender ^
Nancy L. and Arthur H. Knowlton ^
Erwin T. Koch *
Diane and Gerard Koeppel ^
Andrew M. Kohlenberg
Audrey Kolb
Janet B. and Joseph B. Kontrabecki, Jr.^
Carrie A. and Michael A. Koplinka-Loehr ^
Clayton R. Koppes and William P. Norris ^
Marilyn * and Alan Korest
Daniel Kosinski ^
Susan E. and Jeffrey D. Kovac ^
Bonita F. and Stephen P. Kramer ^
Iris Krasnow and Charles Anthony ^
Darlene R. Krato
Frances W. Kratzok ^
Patricia M. and James N. Kremer ^
Christopher Krentz
Nora J. and Mark S. Krieger ^
Amy R. Sheon and Marvin Krislov
Marilyn B. Kroeger
Richard J. Krolikowski
Loretta A. Krouk ^
Leslie C. and Henry A. Krowchenko ^
Sue E. and Allen R. Krueger
Vicki and Peter Krupp ^
Helen Krusky
Amy and Steven Kruvant ^
Ellen L. and Don A. Kucholtz ^
Kimberly M. and Lawrence E. Kuchta
Sarah Kuhn and Ralph LaChance ^
Suzanne and Stephen Kulik ^
Ann and Ronald J. Kunz ^
Ilse and Bohdan Kupczak ^
Elizabeth P. Kutchai ^
Frederic J. Kwapien ^
Liong S. Kwee
Vanida and Pricha Kwunyeun ^
Non Alums 2
Roc E. La Porte ^
Kim D. and Marc N. Labinger ^
Amy and Jon Lafontant ^
Mary Claire and Christopher J. Lagno ^
Barbara D. Lambert
Denise M. and George R. Landes ^
Yvonne S. and Cory R. Landgren ^
Linda M. Landry and Geoffrey D. Lawton ^
Joan A. Lang
Pauline M. and Frank T. Lang ^
Maxine H. and Charles F. Lange ^
George H. Langeler
Mindy and Corey Langer ^
Leslie S. and Robert J. LaRocca ^
Amy and Gregg Larson ^
Diane M. and Brian P. Larson ^
Karen Lartin and Robert Christiansen ^
Carol S. Lasser and Gary J. Kornblith
Joseph D. Lattanzi ^
Robert S. Laubach ^
Karen S. Lavine and Donald G. Kilpatrick ^
Diane and David LaVoy ^
Anne T. Lawrence and Paul D. Roose ^
Liisa Lawrence
Toni A. and Robert A. Lawrence ^
Myrna M. Lawrence-Waters ^
Lenore and Frank Laycock * ^
Carol J. Inman-Leach and Joseph M. Leach ^
Marianthe Mericas-Leach and Colin P. Leach ^
Katharine A. Leary and Stephen Yorke ^
Margaret A. Leary
Constance J. LeBeau
Marjorie M. LeBeau *
Judith Lebow and Andrew D. Oram ^
Maria LeBron ^
Young M. and Chung T. Lee ^
Jane E. and Jeffrey R. Leemhuis ^
Deborah and Russell Leffler ^
Jessica Lehman and Peter Hirsch ^
Leslie D. Lehman and Richard Pearsall ^
Ruth W. and Eric D. Leibowitz ^
Lisa Elliott and Thomas Leitch ^
Phillis M. and Cary Lemkowitz ^
Trude and Leopold K. Lemle * ^
Carol C. and Kenneth E. Lentz
Karina M. Leppik and Christopher L. Martin
Roger J. Lerch
Phyllis and Leonard D. Lerner ^
Audrey and Mark Levin ^
Marilyn H. Levin and Stephen M. Lowe ^
Robin Levin ^
Amy-Jill Levine and Jay Geller ^
Annette and Josh Levine
Joan and James A. Levine ^
Jodie Klavans-Levine and Howard A. Levine ^
Lynne Levine
Phyllis M. and Andrew S. Levitas ^
Babette R. Levy and Mark S. Daskin ^
Nalda and Clifford M. Levy ^
Pamela and Robert I. Levy ^
Richard Levy
Donna H. Lewis ^
Irwin Lewis
Rebecca Leydon
Marie S. and Marcial P. Lichauco ^
Judith A. Lichtenberg and David J. Luban ^
Kate Liebhold ^
Alan P. Lightman
David Lillie
Jane B. and Daniel A. Lindau ^
Miriam Linder and Thomas Byrne ^
Nancy and Gerald Lindman ^
Diane D. and Harry W. Lindsey ^
Jerry M. Lindzon
Katherine B. Linehan and Glenn Loafmann
Jane S. and Michael S. Litner ^
Steven Litt
Susan H. and John W. Littlefield ^
George W. Litz
Karen R. and Frederick C. Livingston ^
Cornelia E. Locher and Randal L. Castleman ^
Caroline E. and George A. Loeb ^
Bettye R. and Wendell M. Logan *
Hao-Li Tai Loh and Evan Loh ^
Linda J. Loisal
Margaret and Angelo Lombardi ^
Karen and Richard Lombardo ^
Charlotte R. and Herbert S. Long
Ella and Jeffrey T. Long ^
Sarah B. and John F. Long * ^
Elizabeth M. Longley
Carol H. and Robert M. Longsworth
Elaine N. and Thomas C. Loomis ^
Janice E. Thornton and Michael D. Loose
Rosemary K. Lopiano and Norman G. Caplan ^
Richard P. Lothrop
Marian Lott
Lisa and Michael A. LoVallo ^
Rhoda M. and Glen A. Love ^
Karen Loveless
Merrily Lovell ^
Olga A. and Theodore L. Lownie ^
Kari J. and Michael G. Lubitz ^
Dorothy and Joseph Luciano
Jon Ludwig
Diana Lueptow
Laura E. and Don A. Lundy ^
Shirley Lutts
Elizabeth F. and Philip K. Lutz ^
Mary E. and William G. Lycan ^
Debbie Lynch ^
Marion E. * and James A. Lynch, Sr. ^
Michael R. Lynn
Margaret S. and Richard E. Lytton ^
Phyllis A. and Keith B. MacAdam ^
Zoe Macaulay ^
Claudia Macdonald and Ivan F. Waldbauer ^
Robin MacIlroy and William C. Spears ^
Ann and Alfred F. MacKay
Jane Madigan-Stein ^
Yelena Madorsky
Tasslyn Magnusson
Barbara H. Mahajan ^
James F. Mahon, III
Katherine Mahoney and Barton Lane ^
Daune S. Mahy
Sanat K. Majumder ^
Marlene H. and Alfred E. Makino ^
Ellen W. and Gary A. Malasky ^
Ann R. and Kenneth I. Male ^
Susan C. and Lawrence S. Maley ^
Olga Malikova and Petr Malikov ^
Colleen and Michael Mallon ^
Donna E. Mallott ^
Susan and Michael J. Maloney ^
Victor Malta
Michael Mancini
Dora L. and Flavio D. Manela ^
Sharon L. Hoffman-Manning and Michael S. Manning ^
Patricia Manns-Birmingham
Elinor G. Mannucci ^
Claire Marchand
Julie Marino ^
Marty Mariotti
Francis L. Markley ^
Debra and Michael Marks ^
Patricia F. and John E. Maroney ^
Rose L. and William W. Martin ^
Yvonne C. and William B. Martin ^
Sandra S. and Armando Martinez ^
Maria and Miguel Martinez ^
Nusha Martynuk and Carter B. McAdams
Deborah J. Marvel and Donald M. Coen ^
Nancy and Alan Marx ^
Joanne B. and Joseph J. Masi ^
Ethel and William Masica
Sheryl Hausman and Jack Maslow ^
Linda Mason and Roger H. Brown ^
Carol W. and Theodore T. Mason ^
William Mateer
Patricia Mathews
Jane A. Mathison
Austin Matthews
Linda H. and Edward C. Matthews, Jr. ^
Elissa M. Matross and Richard M. Doctoroff ^
Jocelyn M. Maurushat
Michael Max ^
Melinda N. and Mark A. Mayer ^
Andrea McAlister
Richard B. McAuliffe
Phoebe and Richard McBee ^
Jane D. and Timothy B. McCaffrey ^
Carole R. McCann ^
Pamela M. and Joseph M. McCarthy ^
Joanna A. McClellan ^
Johanna and Stephen McConnell ^
Marcia J. McConnell and Bryan A. James ^
Gail W. and James N. McCord ^
Andrew J. McCormick ^
Elsie M. * and Joseph J. McCormick, Jr.
Ann McCracken and Robert McColm ^
Marian C. McDonald ^
Marilyn McDonald ^
Lynn Adler and David McDonell ^
Maureen McDonnell and Gregory Zinsley ^
Shannon H. McDowell
Marion V. and Joseph P. McEttrick ^
Sue McFee
Margaret and John F. McGarvey ^
Barbara B. McGhie ^
Christine McIntyre ^
Mary E. and Roger A. McKay ^
Jane C. and John P. McKean ^
Mary B. McKee
Katharine G. Davis-McKelvy and Alan F. McKelvy ^
Thomas H. McKenna
Ann H. and Stewart McKenzie ^
W. Jeanne McKibben
Ann and Douglas J. McLaughlin ^
Jodi McLaughlin and Trevor L. Bryant ^
Amy E. and Kenneth H. McLean ^
Sally G. and Bruce C. McMillen ^
Doris McNabb Youngquist ^
Patricia A. and William M. McNaught ^
Harry D. McNeil ^
Linda L. and Michael F. McNulty ^
Linda and Edward F. McShane ^
Machado M. Mead ^
Clement Meadmore *
Anthony Mealy
Carol Mecklenburg and James Tisel ^
Debra L. and Robert M. Medley ^
Candace C. and Richard L. Medress ^
Ann M. Medwetz
Susan L. and Terrence T. Meehan
M. P. Mehta
Shelley P. and Paul N. Melanson ^
Timothy P. Mellen
Loretta J. Melvin-Graham and Thomas M. Graham ^
Theresa S. and Edmund A. Memmott ^
Josie Merck and Jim Stevenson ^
Marlene D. and Daniel D. Merrill ^
James Merrins ^
Sonya E. and Stephen D. Merz ^
Peggy Mesnik and Steven Greene ^
Nancy Metz and George Lindsay ^
L. Bruce Meyer
Joan B. Meyering
Florence J. and Victor M. Meyers ^
Shirley and Jeffrey Michaelson ^
Veronica Hill-Milbourne and Michael Milbourne ^
Liliana V. Milkova
Brenda L. Grier-Miller and Albert G. Miller ^
Ellen and Russell Miller ^
I. George Miller, Jr. ^
Leslie J. Miller ^
Martha Miller ^
Mary N. and Richard D. Miller * ^
Robert R. Miller
Rosetta H. and Wiley Miller ^
Treva S. and Henry C. Miller ^
Rick D. Miracle ^
Mary P. and Masakazu Miyagi ^
Joann T. and Hiroshi Miyazaki ^
Kimberly S. and Christopher S. Moench ^
Holly and Michael Moetell ^
Gloria J. and David M. Mog ^
Carol Moldaw
Suad and Carl D. Molitor ^
Anne E. and Lawrence W. Moloney ^
David L. Montague
Kimberly B. and Timothy J. Montgomery ^
Sun Ae and Sang Myeun Moon ^
Ilene Moore and Edward Rubin ^
Jane R. Moore
Kenneth R. Moore * ^
Lloyd D. Moore
Napaporn M. and William R. Moore ^
Leesa and Richard Moorman ^
David S. Morey ^
Ellen S. Morgan ^
Marcia K. Morgan and John W. Braxton ^
Linda Morley and Robert W. Paynter ^
Katherine V. Morrison ^
Patricia K. Morrison
Susan Morrow and Ronald C. Rosano ^
Barbara Mortimer and Peter Sawyer ^
Irene H. Motyl-Mudretzkyj
Marilyn F. and Timothy A. Motz ^
Felecia Israel-Mucciolo * and John L. Mucciolo ^
Jean K. Mulac
Jacqueline S. Mullen ^
Martha M. Mullin and Thomas J. Cooney ^
Sandra and John Mulryan ^
Deborah and Brian Munson ^
Susan W. and Ronald T. Munson ^
Karen Murphy and Gary Phillips ^
Patricia A. Murphy and Keith A. Koenning
Jean S. and J. James Murray
Christine and Douglas Muscott ^
Ethel M. and Richard J. Muzilla * ^
Mary E. and Theodore H. Myer ^
Richard C. Myerly
Evan Myers ^
Suzanne M. and David G. Myers ^
Marilyn Myerson
Susan H. Mygatt
Gail and Steven Nachimson ^
Yurika Nakae
Shailesh Nanavati
John Natale ^
Rosa and Juan Navarrete ^
Cheryl Finley and Barry E. Neal ^
Dennis J. Nealon
Joan Nealon and Errol Griffiths ^
Thomas F. Nealon
Carol Neel
Jeff Nelson ^
Mary C. Nelson
Nancy Nelson and Bruce Green ^
Robert P. Nelson
Sara Nerken and Robert S. Karpinski ^
Victor A. Neuman ^
Richard T. Neuse ^
Georgia L. Newman and David P. Young ^
Christina and Brett Nichols
John A. Nichols ^
Karen Nickell and Andrew N. Wentzel ^
Lisa Niedermeyer ^
Gert Niers
Amy and Ronald Nieto ^
Christine L. Nill
Amy and Perry Nisen ^
Hiroko T. and Hiroshi Nishiyama ^
Maija and Barry Nobel ^
Jill E. and Mike M. Nolan
Jane B. and Eric T. Nord * ^
Kaye and Eric Norenberg
Susan E. Norman and Donald J. Bolinger ^
Sheila J. and John E. Norris, Jr. ^
Wilfred G. Norris ^
Frank E. Northcutt
Sandra D. and Loren S. Novak ^
Ted Nowick and Robert Taylor
Mary Jo P. and William E. Oakley, Sr. ^
Jessica Mott and Keith L. Oberg ^
Duncan O. Oburu
Varda Koch Ocker and Christopher M. Ocker ^
Mary O’Connell and Lawrence Anzilotti ^
Mary E. O’Connell and Terence M. Troyer ^
Peter O’Connell ^
Robert C. Oelhaf ^
Kathleen J. O’Hara and Malcolm M. Walsh ^
Catherine B. and Shinpei Ohki ^
Florence R. Okie ^
Jesse S. Okie ^
Eileen K. and James S. O’Leary ^
Edward S. Oleksiak
Karstin E. Olofsson and Jonathan L. Goldman ^
Charlotte V. Olson
Kurt Olsson
William J. Omalley
Abby Schaefer Orfaly and Lawrence J. Orfaly ^
Elaine B. and David W. Orr ^
Margaret Orr and Richard Wechsler ^
Carolyn and Helmuth F. Orthner * ^
Sayoko and Yuki Oshiro ^
Cathy A. Osman and Timothy J. Segar ^
Stanley F. Osman ^
Audrey K. and Larry C. Osofsky ^
Koki Otero ^
Beverly B. and Richard G. Overmyer ^
Rosalind Pace ^
Maudy Paden
Anne B. and Manuel A. Padias * ^
Derek Paice
Michael Palazzolo
Arthur G. Palmer
Pauline and Bradley Palmer ^
Robert A. Palmer
Elizabeth Noyes-Palmer and Paul Palmer ^
Kristin A. Papania and Raymond C. Davis ^
Rosemary Paparo ^
Yung S. Park ^
Beatrice M. Parker
Christina and Richard A. Parker ^
Loretta M. and Robert H. Parsons ^
Karla Parsons-Hubbard and Dennis Hubbard
Mark Pasadyn
Tony Pasiak
Nicholas Passell ^
George E. Pasterak
Bobby and Tito N. Patri ^
Judith M. and Gregory B. Patrick, Sr. ^
Mary C. and John M. Patterson ^
Janice B. Patterson
Jean T. and Michael E. Patterson ^
Joanna G. and Thomas H. Patterson ^
John K. Payton
Belinda and Elector Pearson ^
Denise A. and James L. Pearson ^
Jeanne C. Pease
Amy K. and John R. Peckham ^
Sueellen Peden
Amy W. and Walter R. Peebles ^
Joan Peet ^
Ann S. and Louis J. Pellegrino ^
James D. Pennino ^
Evelyn L. and Richard D. Perera ^
Geraldine G. and Eugene Pergament
Anne G. Perkins and Richard J. High ^
Valerie I. Perkins and Stephen M. Ervin ^
Jane and Clyde H. Perlee ^
Rhea J. Perlman and Danny M. DeVito ^
Angeline Perlowsky
Carmela Perri ^
Harriet H. Perrin
Victoria W. and Joseph J. Persky ^
John D. Petcher
Harlan R. Peterjohn
Pamela Z. and Curtis H. Peters ^
Carl A. Peterson
Lorna M. and Dale E. Peterson ^
Loretta Petralis and Bradford Landsman ^
Lucy W. and Roderick N. Petrey ^
William T. Petrie
Edward J. Pfeifer
Helen Pfuderer and Tsuneo Tamura ^
Laurie W. and John C. Phelan ^
Stephanie M. Phillipps and George E. Murray ^
Betty J. Phillips ^
Carl Phillips
Christopher Phillips
Debra G. and Stephen L. Phillips ^
Emily A. Phillips
Julia M. Phillips and John A. Connor ^
Kathleen and Christopher T. Picot ^
Gwendolyn Pierce
Stephen R. Pierce
Barbara A. and Ronald A. Pierre
Joseph N. Pierson ^
Shirley Pignitella
Anna M. Pilisy
Cecily R. and Charles L. Pilzer ^
Jan F. and Mitchell Pincus ^
Roland Pineda
Diana E. and Eugene A. Pinover ^
Rita L. Pinsky
Nancy L. and Peter S. Pitarys ^
Brenda Pitts
Marilyn C. and Stephen M. Pizer ^
Dorothy J. Pizzella and Charles A. Baker ^
Katherine and Steven E. Plank
Susan L. and Michael F. Plass ^
Maximilian F. Platzer
Shawna and Dwight M. Plyler ^
Mary B. and Theodore N. Pockman ^
Joanne M. and Leonard A. Podis ^
Barbara M. and Mark D. Poliks ^
Amy H. and David M. Pollack ^
Jamie Pond
Laura L. and James A. Ponto ^
Michael H. Popernik
Prema R. and William D. Popkin ^
Regina and Frank Popper ^
Jean L. and Cecil E. Porterfield ^
Terri D. Postel
Robin M. Potter and Peter G. Gould ^
Carla J. and Jerome J. Pottmeyer, III ^
Charles H. Powell
Lynn C. Powell and Daniel R. Stinebring ^
Susan Powers and Bradley Gerratt ^
Earle R. Powis, Jr.
Raelynn C. Praetorius ^
Berit Pratt and Cornelia Smith ^
Lorelei and Randall Pratt ^
Arlynn and Stephen B. Presser ^
Deborah M. and Arthur L. Pressman ^
Amanda Preston
Burt Price
Jennifer Price and Laurance Mayer ^
Paige M. Price
Pat Price
Patricia and Joseph N. Price
Ann E. Priester and William F. Towne ^
Robert W. Priestley
Barbara T. and John R. Pringle ^
Barbara Prior
Kevin Prufer
Antonio E. Puente
Orin S. Purintun *
James A. Purviance ^
Phyllis L. and Seymour Pustilnik ^
Karen Putterman and Andrew Goldberg ^
Claire G. and Richard D. Quadri ^
Lois Quam and Matthew Entenza ^
Sara A. Quandt and Thomas A. Arcury ^
Karen S. and Robert K. Quon ^
Judy and Andrew Rackauckas ^
Rajalakshmi and Raghunathan Rajagopalan ^
Paula and Larry Ramey
Marjorie S. and Floyd L. Ramp
Jeffrey Ramsey
Paula D. Ramsey and Bruce R. Elliot ^
Ann M. Randall
Deborah L. and John K. Randall ^
Helaine K. Randerson ^
Victoire C. and Alfred M. Rankin, Jr.
Ellen G. Ranzman and Daniel M. Katz ^
Mrinalini C. Rao and G. Ralph Strohl, III ^
Frances B. Raphael ^
Audre and Bernard Rapoport * ^
Charles Raquet
Carol P. Rastaedt ^
Robin Ratliff
Francine R. Rattenbury and Joseph G. Hermes ^
Michelle Raum and David A. Stein ^
Katharine W. and William S. Reardon ^
Margo and Robert Rebar ^
Anne W. and Lynn Redmond ^
Judson B. Reece
Dale V. and John S. Reed, Jr. ^
Jessie L. and Ray O. Reeder
Catherine A. and Ronald J. Rees ^
Molly I. and Kevin G. Reeves ^
Eileen and Arthur F. Register, Jr. ^
Juliette Regnier ^
Anita C. * and Joseph R. Reichard *
Richard W. Reichard
Gail M. and Matthew S. Reid ^
Loretta and Steven K. Reid ^
Maureen P. Reid
Nancy and John Reinisch ^
Antoinette * and William B. Renfrow *
Melissa Renn
Randolph M. Rennick, Jr.
Amyjane Rettew and Thomas Mark ^
Bonita L. and Bruce R. Rettman ^
William Revelle
Jesus Reyes
Cathy L. and Scott D. Reynolds ^
Paul A. Reynolds
Crystal Rhoads
Susan H. and Scott T. Rhodewalt ^
David Ribet ^
Kimberly D. and David A. Richard ^
Betty T. Richards
Helen P. Richards
Daniel Richman ^
Alison S. Ricker and Raymond A. English
Richard A. Riddell ^
Mollie Ridout and Stephen M. Brown ^
Jon Riecke ^
Heidi and Richard Rieger ^
Janet P. and Wayne E. Ries ^
Linda E. and James B. Riles ^
James R. Riley ^
Louise and Frank Ring ^
Maria I. Barraza-Rios and Jesus E. Rios ^
Dianne E. and Clarence A. Ripley, Jr.
Helene S. and Paul Rippey ^
Jean Rittmueller and Francis C. Dohan ^
Cathe S. Ritz
Edna D. Ritz
Kate H. and Juan M. Rivas ^
Mary E. and David Roach ^
Joseph Robbat, Jr.
Jean J. and Gary L. Roberson ^
Blanche E. and Charles S. Roberts ^
Shelley Roberts
Cynthia Robertson ^
Susan S. Robfogel
Laura and David E. Robinson ^
Susan B. and Peter J. Robinson ^
Lisa J. Robinson-Boyes ^
Allan G. Rodgers ^
Sharon and John W. Rogers, Jr.
Elizabeth A. and Edwin E. Roland ^
Daidre and John M. Roll ^
Joy L. Roller
Renee Romano and Sean Decatur
Linda Ronald and Stephen N. Butler ^
Douglas Rooney ^
Regina Rooney ^
Diana W. Roose
Cheryl R. Rorke
Chris Rose
Marilyn Rose ^
Avery Rosegay
Anne Rosen and Andre Spears ^
Hila C. and Saul M. Rosen ^
Marlene R. and Michael R. Rosen ^
Gareth W. Rosenau
Neal G. Rosenberg
Stelly and Sidney Rosenfeld
Constance Rosengarten ^
Faye S. and Jerry S. Rosenthal ^
Thomasine M. and David Rosenthal ^
Deborah A. and Steven A. Ross ^
Kathleen C. Ross
Ruth W. and David A. Ross ^
Sheryl A. Ross ^
Barbara and Robert Roswell ^
Bonnie Roswig and Michael Kurs ^
William Roth
Donald K. Routh
Renfred J. Rowan ^
Rebecca Rowden
Barbara A. Rowland ^
Carolyn A. and Howard W. Rubin
Karen B. and Hardin E. Rubin ^
Stephen E. Rubin
Gail I. and Lewis H. Rubman ^
Victoria Ruffolo and Frederick B. Wall ^
Luz K. Ruiz and Sixto A. Requena ^
Elizabeth J. Rumics
Anne C. and Mark A. Rumizen ^
Gail P. Runnfeldt and Harry H. Schneider ^
Richard A. Russo
Susan B. and Michael L. Russo ^
Jane B. Rutkoff ^
Barbara B. and Joseph D. Rutledge ^
Carol and Gordon K. Rutledge ^
Carole S. and Frank L. Ryan, II ^
Wallace H. Ryan Kuroiwa
Hyun C. and Key S. Ryang ^
Sandy Ryder and Attila Huth ^
Marilyn Rye and Martin J. Gliserman ^
Theodore S. Saad ^
Marsha S. and Richard Sable ^
Jessica S. and Gary C. Sachs ^
Sondra W. and Stanley Safier ^
Henry K. Sakai
Jian D. and George J. Sakakeeny, II
Ann M. Sakmar ^
Marcia and Gordon A. Sako ^
Kate S. Zink-Saladik and J. Michael Saladik ^
Virgie A. Saltzman
Joseph W. Salus ^
Sandra L. and Larry M. Sams ^
Michael San Giacomo
Norman R. San Soucie
Marilyn Sanders and Peter Adomeit ^
Mary S. and Joseph L. Sanders
Jennifer S. and William M. Sanderson ^
Cherie Sandum ^
Sherod Santos
Eileen and Alan Sarroff ^
Jeanne Savietta ^
Rebecca B. and William K. Sawyer ^
Ann P. and Edward W. Schaefer ^
Jane M. Schaefer
Carol J. Schaffer ^
Walter B. Schatz ^
Odile A. Schempp
Joanne Scherr and Michael Butnik ^
Ava and Steve Schlesinger ^
Nancy R. Schlick ^
Ruth D. and Walter A. Schloss ^
Elizabeth Schmit and Robert Pierattini ^
Dennis Schmitz
Leah and Edward L. Schneider ^
Mical H. and Michael D. Schneider ^
Diane V. and Richard Schoen ^
Jeanie and Richard Schram ^
James P. Schreiber ^
Mary A. Schrock and Barry P. Hoffman ^
David A. Schroeder ^
Elizabeth Schultz
Katherine E. Schulze and Richard L. Hamilton ^
Judith Schumann ^
Mark Schumann ^
Morton J. Schussheim ^
Ronit and Lawrence B. Schwab ^
Harley Schwadron ^
Janet L. Schwaner and Timothy N. Hill ^
Deborah A. Schwartz ^
Gilda Schwartz ^
Marc D. Schwartz ^
Martha G. and David S. Schwartz ^
Ivy Schweitzer and Thomas Luxon ^
Deborah A. Scott and Ralph C. Martin ^
Elaine and Isaac A. Scott, Jr. * ^
Pauline E. Scott ^
Alicia Scotti and Joseph Mandel ^
Terry R. Seaman ^
Donna L. Sebly and James Macgill, Jr. ^
Rita J. Secreve ^
Karen O. and Phillip A. Seder ^
Elizabeth Seeley ^
Jeanne E. Seiberlich ^
Heather B. and Richard A. Seid ^
Karen R. and Douglass J. Seidman ^
Rebecca Selter
Celeste T. and John H. Senechal ^
Linda and Thomas C. Senter ^
Cecile C. and Luis A. Serazo ^
Mary Jane and John P. Sesek ^
Carol J. Severino and Rodney D. Patterson ^
Drew Severs
Frederick D. Seward
Betsy C. Shafer ^
Mary F. Shale *
Nancy T. Shane
Rebecca L. Shannon and Andrew J. Weinstein ^
Deanne Shapiro and Theodore Diesenhaus ^
Rosalind E. and Jonathan S. Shapiro ^
Mary Ann M. Sharpe ^
Jean A. and Ralph H. Shaw, II
Mark Shaw
Alison M. and Fadlou A. Shehadi ^
Gina E. Laite and Anantha Shekhar ^
Sue A. and Paul D. Sheldon ^
Lisa and John Shenton ^
Irma S. and Robert P. Sheon
Theodora B. Shepherd
Sue and Joel B. Sherman ^
Gilda L. and Richard K. Sherwin ^
Bina and Jonathan Shevin ^
Eunice H. and Mark C. Shields ^
Enn-Young Shin and Yong-Rak Kwon ^
Marybeth Shinn and David H. Krantz ^
Caryl Shipley
John Shipp
Luydmila M. and Edward Y. Shmagin ^
Debra Shoger
Diana B. and Richard S. Shore ^
Winthrop A. Short, Jr. ^
Amy Shuldiner ^
Michael Shuler
Diana Shull
Minna Shulman and Stephen Rotman ^
Sylvia J. and James L. Siemer ^
Susan M. Sikora
Theodore Siller, Jr.
Deborah Sillman and William E. Hamilton ^
Buffy Silverman and Jeffrey Conner ^
Ruth R. and Jacob Silverman ^
Jane S. and Matthew S. Simchak ^
Anne E. Simon
Mary F. Simons
Sue and Bruce M. Simonson
Elizabeth A. Sinclair and Robert A. Crittenden ^
Elizabeth H. Singer ^
Henry J. Singer ^
Lisa Singer and Brian Kelly ^
Deborah Sink and Robert McLusky ^
Georgia K. and Warden B. Sisson * ^
Judy and Robert C. Skillicorn
Sylvia Skinner
Susan R. Sklaroff and Jerrold S. Cohen ^
Susan and Thomas Skove ^
Audra Skuodas and John Pearson
James D. Slawta
Susan R. and Jerzy Sliwinski ^
Linda R. and Harold E. Slocum ^
Peter J. Slowik
Anne P. and Joseph B. Smith, Jr. ^
Carol Ann and Scott A. Smith ^
Carolyn S. and Peter K. Smith ^
Charlotte J. and Christopher E. Smith ^
Deborah G. and Michael S. Smith ^
Deborah T. Smith ^
Elaine Smith
Elizabeth Fisher-Smith and Leigh M. Smith ^
Jeanne H. Smith
Jill T. Smith ^
Juanita R. Smith
Katherine M. Smith
Linda B. and William F. Smith ^
Linda M. and Richard B. Smith ^
Maebell J. Smith
Sandra N. Smith
Sieglinde K. Smith
Sue Smith-Heavenrich and Louis D. Heavenrich ^
Robert J. Smolin
Ellen Smucker and Robert Dwyer ^
James E. Smucker
Anthony F. Smyrski
Ronald P. Smyrski
Franklin L. Snitz ^
Larry A. Snow
John A. Snyder
Michael P. Snyder
Sherry Snyder and Michael McGeary ^
Barbara L. and Sidney H. Sobel ^
Wendy S. Soderborg ^
James E. Solomon ^
Mary H. Solomon ^
Angelita Songco ^
Emilia M. Sordillo and Roger N. Pearse ^
John R. Soule
Theodore M. Space
Frans A. Spaepen
Bennett S. Sparks, Jr.
Kristie Speck
Lorraine E. Spekczynski
Kay L. and William J. Spence ^
Margaret E. and Harry E. Spencer
Bertholette Spensley ^
Thomas Sperl
Richard G. Spier ^
Jane M. Spinak and Warren B. Scharf ^
Henry H. Sprague ^
Grace and Wade Springborn ^
Marga S. and Glenn D. Sproul ^
Colette Spycher
Anne F. St. Goar and Shippen L. Page ^
Helen M. and William E. Stackhouse ^
Martha A. Stacy
Dale R. Stahl
Patricia Stahl and Stephan Cole ^
Marc J. Staley *
Emily and Myles P. Standish ^
Alinda C. and Edward B. Stanley ^
Meridith Z. and John S. Stanton ^
Judith A. and Jerold M. Starr ^
Martha L. and Paul R. Stavis ^
Philip N. Steel, Jr. ^
Vicky Steele ^
Stacey Steers and David Brunel ^
Alan L. Steffen
Darlene K. and Mike K. Steffen ^
Margarita Valdes Steib and Kurt Steib ^
Priscilla and Ira S. Steinberg
Milda M. Steinbrecher ^
Louis A. Steiner
Pamela J. and Louis T. Steiner ^
Barbara J. Steinson and John T. Schlotterbeck ^
Becky Stemper and Robert J. Alexander ^
Nancy M. and Charles G. Stemwedel ^
Jan M. and Charles A. Stenftenagel ^
Karen D. and Luis Stephens ^
Linda Stephenson and Steven Sold ^
Tara C. Stephenson and Crafford A. Harris ^
Lisa and Yuval Sterer ^
Carol J. Stevens
Robin Stevenson ^
Bill Stewart
Cheryl D. and Marc I. Stewart ^
Deborah A. Stewart and James B. Mintz ^
Geraldine R. Stewart ^
Poki Stewart-Namkung and George H. Stewart ^
Martin T. Stickle
Benton M. Stidd ^
Eun J. Stidd ^
Elizabeth and Lester G. Stiel ^
Gerald E. Stinson
Jennifer Stolz and David Slaughter ^
Barbara I. and Michael R. Stone ^
Joan B. and James L. Stone ^
Mary J. Stone and Joel Hawkins ^
Susan C. Straight ^
Palma J. Strand and David Sylvester ^
Eileen S. Strauss and James B. Murdoch ^
Anne Marie and Mark Streeter ^
Emma D. Strnad
Paula J. and Stephen V. Strother ^
K. Raina and Richard W. Stuart ^
Kathryn Stuart and David Breitman
Alice B. and Joel F. Studebaker ^
Nicholas W. Sturch
Dorris Sturges
Audrie J. and Lawrence S. Sturman ^
Mildred I. Sucov ^
Carolyn C. and Paul Sueppel ^
Beryl Sullivan
Judith R. Sullivan ^
Marianna P. and Michael J. Sullivan, III ^
Rose-Jane and David L. Sulman ^
Frances Sun and Daniel Spielman ^
Kathleen M. and Thoralf M. Sundt ^
Owen S. Surman ^
Ron Susel
Neilda Z. and Howard H. Sussman ^
Helene Suydam
Laura P. Svetkey and Charles M. van der Horst ^
Christine M. Swearingen and Louis R. Steadwell ^
John G. Sweeney ^
Alice P. and Daniel G. Swistel ^
Deborah and Thomas Szabo ^
Gail P. and Eugene C. Taback ^
Kathleen V. and Daniel R. Taggart ^
Peter A. Tak‡cs
Patricia H. Talbot
James L. Talen
Katherine H. and Kenneth Tallering ^
Ellis Tallman
Bruce A. Talmadge ^
Kimiko * and Tsuneo Tamagawa ^
Harvey D. Tananbaum
Mary W. and Chik-Kwun Tang ^
Kinuyo K. and Hiroshi Tanimoto ^
Karen and Aron G. Tannenbaum ^
Nelice and Bruce Tapper ^
Sara B. and David J. Tarpley ^
Vivien C. Tartter ^
Aruna and Rao Tata ^
Leslie G. and Peter S. Tate ^
Linda V. Tatta and Larry S. Zeidman ^
Laura L. Taub and David M. Kline ^
Winslow B. Taub
Donna and Joseph H. Tavares ^
Bill H. Taylor
Ann E. and Matthew R. Taylor ^
Julie J. and Stephen K. Taylor ^
Nancy A. Teel ^
Michael D. Teems, Sr.
Frances J. Tenison
Julie B. and Craig M. Tepper ^
Jane Terashima ^
Caroline T. and Patrick T. Terenzini ^
Natasha Tessone
Tracy A. Teweles ^
Sarah M. and Nicholas S. Thacher ^
Denise Thal and David Scobey ^
Heidi Thomann-Tewarson
Jean W. and Clarke M. Thomas * ^
Jed Thomas
Patricia and James J. Thomas, II ^
Wendy Thomas
Janis and Robert Q. Thompson
Nancy L. Thompson
Pamela and Steven Thompson ^
Rebecca G. Thompson
Jeri A. Thomson and David E. James ^
Katherine Thomson-Jones
Christopher D. Thron ^
Brenda and Robert Thweatt ^
Holly Tincher and Todd Leatherman ^
Stella Ting and Arthur Djang ^
Jane and John A. Tisdale
E. Jill and James Tobak ^
Janet and Kevin Tobin ^
Conrad H. Todd
Charles R. Toler
Elizabeth Toman and James H. Rowe ^
Kristine K. and John C. Tomesch ^
Christine H. and William C. Tompsett ^
Pierre Tonachel ^
Tracy T. Topping and Thomas M. Antonsen, Jr. ^
Lucy Towbin ^
Linda G. and Alan P. Towbin ^
Theresa M. Traber and Claude F. Cazzulino ^
Sharon Tracy and Charles Peto ^
Jill Travers ^
Rochelle Travis and Philip H. Highfill
Claire Treanor
Ronna Y. and George Treier ^
Roy Treuhaft ^
Nancy J. and William C. Trimbur
Dan D. Trinter
Rona Trokie and Martin Silverman ^
Mary A. and William J. Trost ^
Richard S. Trump
Nancy S. and Joan F. Tryzelaar ^
Pang Tsui
Llynne Tucker ^
Carol S. Tufts
Terri A. Tully and Eric Gustafson ^
Jo H. and Daniel B. Tunstall ^
Lynn and Robert Turchin ^
Phyllis Turk
Jane Turner and Elias Strangas ^
Kathleen M. and Dennis J. Turner ^
Ruth K. Uhlmann ^
Marilyn C. and James Uleman ^
Emily J. and Rene J. Ulmschneider ^
Andree M. and James R. Underwood
Amy B. and Stephen M. Unfried ^
Beth P. and Sanford J. Ungar ^
Claudia Unger and Michael Grove ^
Diane H. and Donald J. Unger ^
Fred R. Unwin
Alice A. Upshaw ^
Lee Upton
Mary S. and Michael A. Urda ^
Sara E. Usher
Monna Utter
Tim G. Van
Jeffrey van Davis
Katherine C. Van Dusen and Francis J. Joyce, Jr. ^
James E. Van Ness
E. R. Vanderstar ^
Bobby D. VanStavern ^
Martha W. and David Vanzanten ^
Tina and Viktor Varga ^
Anne and Peter L. Vari ^
Nancy M. and Gerald T. Varney ^
Mark Vasco
Philip R. Vaughan ^
Susan Vecchio ^
Elizabeth A. Henry-Veeneman and Dale E. Veeneman ^
Maureen E. Veitch and Andrew B. Zimmerman, Sr. ^
Margery A. Ventresca
Ed Vermue
Dorothy T. and William L. Verplank ^
Joan P. and Jess Villarreal
Kathryn M. Vine
Martin Vinokur
Bernadette and Stephen Viola ^
Alida A. and Ronald J. Visco ^
Tamara and Everett Vokes ^
Dinah and Steven S. Volk
Alvin von Auw
Nancy B. Voorhees and Dean P. Martin ^
Martha M. and Bruce A. Voyles ^
Diane Vreuls and Stuart A. Friebert ^
Phillip Wadsworth
Kathleen N. Waggoner
Suzanne Wagner and Michael Altheimer ^
Valerie Wagner ^
Rhoda R. Walden ^
Janie L. Walker ^
Kenneth C. Walker
Marian B. and Brian S. Walker ^
Richard Walker
Theresa E. and Thomas K. Walker, Jr. ^
Daniel L. Wall
Helen R. and Oscar L. Waller ^
Katherine H. and James L. Walsh
Valerie J. Walston ^
Judith R. Walters ^
Michele E. and Donald D. Walters ^
Li Wan and Hong Qiao ^
Yeh-chien Wang
Virginia Waratinsky
N. Stephen Warden
Anne Wardwell
Diana H. and Steven R. Warner ^
Mary A. and Robert E. Warner
Mary C. Warner and Stephen C. MacDonald ^
Mary D. Warner
Carole Z. Warren
Michael Washburn
Barbara and Paul Wasilko ^
Anita M. Waters ^
Carla L. and Jeffrey A. Watiker ^
Helen W. Watriss ^
Barbara * and Kenneth Watson *
Jennifer and Samuel Watson ^
Marjorie and David Watson ^
Jane R. Wattenberg and John S. Chase ^
Dana D. and Donald F. Watts ^
Joan B. Webster and Edward D. Miller
Deborah S. Wechsler and John W. Brooks ^
Kate B. Weese and William B. Rogers ^
Janet H. and Hans H. Wegner ^
Elizabeth M. Wehrle and Matthew B. Miller ^
Sue and Kevin J. Weidenbaum
Gari J. and Michael G. Weilbacher ^
Sally and Ernest M. Weiler * ^
Elizabeth E. and Gary W. Weimer
Pamela Weinacht
Kenneth Weinberg ^
Lauren Weinberger and Paul Connuck ^
Sharon and Daniel Weinstein ^
Elizabeth B. Weinstock ^
Mary Jane and Neal L. Weintraub ^
Chickie and Samuel Weisbard ^
Felecia and Jeffrey Weiss ^
Gene Weiss
Cynthia A. Wells and Ronald W. Schatz ^
Francis W. Welsh
Janet L. and Richard W. Wendt ^
R. Budd Werner
Terry Wetherby ^
Nadine K. Wettstein and David S. Baron ^
Thomas B. Whaling
Helen Wheeler
Rebecca J. Whelan and Jesse Rowsell
Betty Whitacre
Marian K. and George W. Whitaker ^
Elaine B. White ^
James W. White *
Karene G. and Craig B. White ^
Pamela and Steven White ^
Eleanor H. Whitehead
Mary Whiting ^
Sharon S. Whitmore and John J. Mayfield ^
Christiana and William Whittington ^
Loretta A. Wider and Timothy C. Mangan ^
Karen Wieckert and Rogers Hall ^
Elizabeth Wieman and Mark Leach ^
George Wigton
Catherine Wilber
Lynn and David L. Wilder ^
Amy Wilentz and Nicholas Goldberg ^
Richard C. Wiles
Stephanie Wiles and Jeff Rubin
Susan and James Wiley ^
Carrol L. Wilhelm
Maryanne Wilkie
Laura and Douglas Wilkins ^
Dilys A. Williams
Elena J. and Michael L. Williams ^
Laura W. and John C. Williams, Sr. ^
Maureen M. Williams ^
Rosalind H. and W. Gary Williams
Shirley C. Williams
Mary Sue C. and Charles V. Willie ^
Diane H. Willis
Anne P. Wilson and Jaspal S. Chatha ^
E. Bernadette and Randal Wimberley ^
Carol and Henry Winetsky ^
Natalie Winkelfoos
Janet and Christopher Winslow ^
Gail and Jon Wise ^
Veida and Steven Wissler ^
Kimberly and Tom Witjes ^
Joan W. and William I. Witkin
Nancy E. Witman ^
Merrilee and Jeffrey A. Witmer ^
Thomas H. Woehrle ^
Gail J. Wofford and Albert H. Bergeret ^
Dorothy L. Wolf and Robert B. Knott ^
Judy L. and Roger C. Wolf ^
Melvin H. Wolf ^
Carol Wolfe ^
Harriet C. and Jeffrey A. Wolfe ^
James R. Wolfe ^
Mariana Wolfner and James Rothenberg ^
Eileen Wolford
Nancy B. and Charles W. Wolfram ^
John Wolthausen ^
Doris N. and Chuen Wong ^
Margaret and Brian Wong ^
Patricia S. and Melvin Wong ^
Melinda J. and William A. Wood, Jr. ^
Russell W. Wood
Jane Woodall
Gene Woodling
Nancy D. and David O. Woodruff ^
Elizabeth S. Woodward and Philip S. Lind ^
Catherine N. Woolner ^
Virginia Woolridge and Peter Biche ^
John G. Worm
Leah Wortham and Eric Hirschhorn ^
Mary K. and Anthony R. Wright ^
Ann A. and Albert D. Wu
Hal Wyss ^
Marina J. Yaney and Joseph R. Aguayo ^
Janice Yellin and Robert Segal ^
Janice D. Yoder and John F. Zipp ^
Susan K. Yoder and Jonathan J. Wills ^
Duke Y. Yoon ^
Martha L. and Lowell S. Youman ^
Danielle Young and Patrick M. Kocovsky
Patricia C. Young
Deborah A. and John R. Younger ^
Ellen and Jirair Youssefian ^
Martha R. and David A. Yutzey ^
Sandra A. Zagarell
Virginia D. Zaiss
Thomas M. Zalla ^
Barbara G. and Andrew J. Zambelli ^
Caroline R. Zane and James A. Goodman ^
Dora J. and Robert Zanni ^
Kimberly A. and Witold W. Zelgowski ^
Alice P. and Elias Zelkha ^
Nancy A. and Russell Zguta ^
Sharon S. Ziegel
Regina G. Ziegler ^
Mary D. and William E. Zieman ^
Katherine J. and Matthew S. Zilboorg ^
Mary M. and Grover A. Zinn, Jr. ^
Janice C. and James E. Zinser
May Zitani
Karen T. and David R. Zoller ^
John T. Zubal
Susan Zucker
Yvonne and Ricky Zuckerman ^
Chris Zuk