How to File a Complaint


The grievance procedures provided in this policy shall apply to complaints alleging discrimination and harassment carried out by employees, students, and or third parties.

Before filing a complaint, any student or employee of the college may elect to consult with the special assistant for equity, diversity, and inclusion or any other administrator named in the policy to seek additional information about the policy and the grievance procedures. Such consultation is not a prerequisite for filing a complaint.

You may consult the following administrators for general assistance and guidance:

  • Overall equity, diversity, and inclusion/discrimination and harassment/interimTitle IX coordinator: Rebecca Mosely, (440) 775-8555
    Overall equity, diversity, and inclusion regarding allegations of harassment and or discrimination
  • Athletics equity coordinator: Erica Rau, 440-775-8500
    Allegations of discrimination or harassment in athletics based on sex and or gender
  • Section 504/ADA coordinator: Kimberly Jackson Davidson, (440) 775-8462
    Allegations of discrimination or harassment based on disability

Intake of complaints, informal resolution process, and complaint administration

File all complaints of discrimination and harassment in writing with Rebecca Mosely, interim director of equity, diversity, and inclusion and interim Title IX coordinator, (440) 775-8555,, Cox 202.

You also may file complaints alleging discrimination or harassment based on disability, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, age, military or veteran status, and family relationship to an employee of Oberlin College directly with the appropriate administrator designated to address such complaints, and the special assistant for equity, diversity, and inclusion shall coordinate record keeping regarding such complaints.

We will consider all complaints as filed as of the date they are received. You must file complaints within one (1) calendar year of the date of the last act of discrimination.

Procedure for processing a complaint once it is filed

In determining which set of procedures shall apply to a complaint alleging multiple types of discrimination and or harassment, the interim director of equity, diversity, and inclusion shall consult with the general counsel and secretary to reach a determination and shall communicate that determination to the complainant in writing within five (5) business days.

All time frames provided in this policy shall constitute the time frames within which the policy normally shall be implemented, and shall apply to days on which the college is in session. The college is in session from the first day of enrollment until the last day of the spring term, except for official college holidays, spring and fall breaks, winter shutdown, and winter term. During all other times, the college shall ensure the reasonably prompt intake, processing, and resolution of complaints.

Any individual who is designated or requested to respond to a complaint of discrimination or harassment under this policy must immediately recuse himself or herself upon becoming aware of any reason for which he or she cannot conduct an adequate, reliable, and impartial investigation, including but not limited to a conflict of interest concerning the complainant, respondent, or any other person involved in the complaint.