Free Store

**A newly redesigned space**


The Oberlin Free Store is located in the basement of Asia House (024). It is open to anyone who wants to donate or take items for free. We have kitchenware, dormware, clothes, craft supplies, books, and more.


Mural in the Free Store with, made possible by the Green EDGE Fund


Mon-Thurs 7-9pm and Sat 1-3pm

The Free Store is closed during summer recess, fall break, winter term, and spring break.


Asia House (Quadrangle) Basement Rm 024 - follow the signs!

How to get free stuff

Come by during our weekly open hours during the academic school year. Grab what interests you and sign out. Signing out allows us to get an idea how many items were taken in a given week.

Yes, most everything is free! If it is labeled "not free" not take! These items are used by the Free Store, such as tables and bookshelves that display the free items.

How to donate

Drop by during our open hours to donate items. Please only bring us functional and clean items that we can feel good about passing along to others.

Can't make it during our hours? We also have a purple donation bin available in Wilder Main (135 West Lorain Street). Or, you can e-mail or call us and we can schedule a time to meet. 

Forgot your student ID? Having trouble getting in to Asia House?

If you find yourself at the door to Asia House and can't get in during our hours, feel free to call the Free Store phone at (440) 775-8996.

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