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Below are some resources from Team Captain Planet and Team Nemo, 9th graders at Colonial Academy. Thank you for the resources!

And here is a wonderful guide on everything recycling: "A Guide to Recycling Around the Home" 

Local Information:

Recycling and Environmental Information:

  • Recycling-Guide - an in-depth look into how your products are recycled, complete with illustrations! 
  • How to Recycle Anything - A comprehensive guide to recycling most household products.
  • Woodwise - the PAPER project and consumer information on forests and paper.
  • From Purchase College: What happens to recycled materials? Learn all about it here. The same site brings us wonderful information about reuse and general waste management here.
  • Conservatree - paper use and tree info
  • Safeclimate - calculate your carbon dioxide footprint, get climate change news and actions, browse an eco-friendly store
  • Center for a New American Dream - more fun, less stuff! and good information.
  • The Worldwatch Institute - offers in-depth information on a wide range of environmental and political topics
  • A Kid's Guide to Recycling - recycling affects everyone! This is a kid-friendly site that will help anyone get excited about the environment. Thanks to Ms. Ward's 2013-14 class for showing us this awesome resource!
  • A Guide To Glass Recycling for Kids - an in-depth and kid friendly guide to glass recycling. Check it out to learn how glass is made, why we should recycle it, and what happens when we do!

Water and Energy Conservation:

Green Household Products:

  • The Rockville Living catalogue offers a host of green products from dish soap to shoes. They also have a great office products section.
  • Realgoods is another great eco-products source.
  • is a great resource for all things composting.

College Recycling and Campus Greening:

Buying Recycled:

Other Environmental Organizations:

Miscellaneous Recycling Links:

Smoking and the Environment:

  • The air around us needs to be kept clean too. Cigarette smoke impacts the world around us in a variety of negative ways, from inhibiting the growth of plants to causing sickness in children
  • Quit Smoking Community offers information on smoking and its effects, as well as a guide on how to quit.

Jobs and Connections:


Many good books are available at Powell's, abebooks, BookSense... We recommend:

  • "The Recycler's Handbook;" "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth;" "50 Simple Things Your Business Can Do to Save the Earth;" and "50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth;" all put out by The Earthworks Groups, Berkeley CA
  • "The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists," available in the Oberlin library
  • "Silent Spring" and anything else by Rachel Carson
  • "Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things" by John C. Ryan