Life Off Campus

Congratulations if you have received off-campus status. We hope that you are excited about living off campus and securing your own housing for next year. This site can serve as a resource for you with respect to landlord-tenant responsibilities, city of Oberlin resources and services, and Oberlin College resources and services. We hope that this is useful to you and that you have a positive off-campus living experience.

Please note that this information is prepared as a helpful information aid for students who obtain off-campus status. Nothing in this site creates a legal relationship between you and the college or with any third party regarding off-campus housing. The information contained in the booklet was up to date at the time of publication (July 2012) and is subject to change.

Message from the Dean of Students

As you become a resident and citizen of the cty of Oberlin, both the permanent residents of the city and the college have two desires for you: that you will be considerate of those who are your neighbors and that you will be a responsible member of the neighborhood.

Thus, be conscious of noise and how this could be a legitimate concern for your neighbors; do not put out your trash in advance of the collection day; do not park your car on the front lawn or in other inappropriate areas; and ensure that the appearance of your house meets the standards of your neighbors.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers with neighbors on either side of you for use in case of an emergency. Get to know them and give them an opportunity to know you.

Eric Estes
Dean of Students