German House (Kade: Deutsches Haus)

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104 S. Professor St.

Kade is the building on campus where German speakers are encouraged to reside. Residents in Kade regularly enjoy the large living room, kitchen, study rooms, and practice spaces.   

House Support and Resources: With a Teaching Assistant (TA) overseas from Germany, a Faculty-in-Residence, and a fluent Resident Assistant (RA) living in the house, the 35 or so students have many personal resources available to them. The house also boasts a library with over 1,000 German texts, board games, and German language videos.

Programming: Events like concerts, receptions, and parties are all regular happenings in the house. Additionally, Kade is visited every spring semester by the Max Kade German Writer-in-Residence who takes meals with the students (in a private dining room in Stevenson Dining Hall), teaches colloquia, and hosts discussions.        

House Requirements and Application: Similar to the three other language-based program houses, Kade also requires some German speaking ability (fluent to just beginning). Each resident is encouraged to facilitate a house program and attend the German Language tables in Stevenson Dining Hall. If you are interested in living in German House, please fill out an application.

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Space Reservations

Those wanting to make common space room reservations in German House/Kade should contact the Program House Area Coordinator.