Third World House (Price)

100 Forest St.

Price is the official name of the Third World Program House. This house welcomes and acts as a safe space for those who identify as a marginalized person including people of color, first generation college students, low income families, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning and transgender students, and allies of all these groups. Residents in Price form a close-knit community in which students help each other academically, politically and culturally.

Price Exterior

House Support and Resources: While the house is not affiliated with the Third World Co-op, some Price residents are members of the Co-op. Others choose to share meals together in the nearby Lord-Saunders Dining Hall. Roughly 50 Price residents all have easy access to a 24-hour computer lab, study lounges, library, and TV lounge. Price is a short walk from the conservatory and the back of the house opens onto South Bowl where many students find the green a nice place to play or study. This community has one Resident Assistant (RA) who helps all the students get to know each other, plan programs and be an all-around mentor to those in the hall.

Programming: The house also serves as an arena for critical analysis and discussion of liberation, self-determination, and combating oppression in the West through solidarity among marginalized peoples. Some programs include webinar discussions, socail events, and outside faculty/presenters.

Price Program

House Requirements and Application: Each resident is required to facilitate a house program and attend a Trans-Allyship Workshop organized by the Multicultural Resource Center. Residency in Price is open to any student through an application process, which may include an interview.

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Floor Plans

Space Reservations

Those wanting to make common space room reservations in Third World/Price should contact the Program House Area Coordinator.