Theme Living

Themed Halls

As part of Residential Education and Dining Services' effort to provide unique and individual housing experiences, Theme Communities are arranged across a number of campus residence and cover a variety of interests. 

Theme Communities are created and renewed on a yearly basis. 

  • New Theme Community Application (How to Create a New Theme Community)
    • Groups must submit the New Theme Proposal Application to the Residential Education Office by 5:00 p.m. on February 3, 2017.

    • Approval of the proposal will be determined by the Housing and Dining Committee in consultation with the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services. Approval will be for the next academic year only.

  • Theme Community Renewal Application (must be completed annually by Community Leaders)
    • Requests for renewal must be received by 5:00 p.m., February 3, 2017 in the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services

The below tables presents the 2017-2018 Academic Year Theme Housing. If you would like to learn more about about what each theme community entails, please click on the links provided under "Theme Name" or use the links along the left sidebar to navigate to the theme pages. 

Themes available to students of all years:

Theme NameTheme Location 
All Female
South Hall
Asia House
Classics Wing Langston Hall
(4 or more semesters in residence)
20 East Lorain St.
LatinX Wing Langston Hall
Quiet House Zechiel Hall
Queer and Trans* People of Color Wing Langston Hall
Sci-Fi Wing Langston Hall
Substance Free Floor Burton Hall
Transfer Wing Langston Hall

Themes available to first-year students only:

Theme NameTheme Location 
All Female Wing Dascomb Hall
Community Service Wing Barrows Hall
Sustainability Hall Kahn Hall 
World Cultures Wing Dascomb Hall

Individual students interested in living in approved Theme Living communities must fill out an application (log in using Obie ID and password). 

The individual applications will list the floor and specific room numbers that the theme wing includes.