Program House & Theme Living Applications

Applications for Program and Theme Housing

As part of the Office of Residential Education’s effort to provide specialized and rewarding living
experiences, 10 Program Houses and 12 Theme Halls are available across campus and cover a
variety of interests. Program Houses typically have a connection to and support from an
academic department on campus and are based on language, culture, or lifestyle.
Students create theme halls based on broadly conceived interdisciplinary intellectual interests
beyond the classroom in the arts in sciences, local or national community service, and or a wide
range of social or political activities. A faculty member or staff advisor supports the theme halls.
Learn more about our varied housing options for new students.
Read the descriptions for Program Houses and Theme Communities.
Refer to the list below to access the supplemental application for each Program House and
Theme Communities. Once you submit your application, the faculty and staff members in charge of the
Program House or Theme Hall will review it and rank it for acceptance into the chosen housing

Program Houses

• Afrikan Heritage House
• Asia House
• Baldwin Women and Trans* Collective
French House
• German House
• Hebrew Heritage House
• Russian House
• Spanish House
• Substance Free Housing
• Third World House

Theme Halls

First-Year Students Only

• All-Female (no additional application required) 
Community Service Wing
• Sustainability Hall
• World Cultures Wing

First-Year and Upper-Class Students

• All-Female (no additional application required)  
Classics Wing
• LatinX Wing
• Queer and Trans* People of Color Wing
• Quiet House
• Science Fiction and Fantasy Wing
• Substance Free Floor
• Transfer Student Wing

Upper-Class Students Only

• EARRTH House

To receive priority placement for these housing settings, students need to complete an application.

Students must log into their Oberlin e-mail account and then within the same browser access the form.

Students may apply to more than one Program House and Theme Hall; all applications must be submitted by June 15.

Students who meet the published deadline will receive priority in the application and selection process. Available space and the strength of the application determine a student’s placement.